New Pixar Villains Vinylmations Debut At Comic Con [Updated]

Pixar Villains Vinylmation - Comic Con

Pixar films have a great collection of villains, from Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 to Hopper in A Bug’s Life to Lotso in Toy Story 3. The heroes, though, are usually the ones who get the most love (and merchandise), unsurprising because they are who the audience is meant to identify with. Still, it is nice to give the villains some love at times. Given that there is no Pixar feature film this year to release a Vinylmation line around, the Disney Store is taking advantage and releasing a series featuring Pixar villains. Get a first look at the figures after the break! (Updated with a look at the chaser.)

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Preview: ‘Monsters University’ Vinylmation

Monsters University Vinylmation

Over the years, Vinylmation figures have become very popular in the collectors market. While they were originally all shaped like Mickey Mouse, the lines have expanded to include other shapes and sizes, giving the designers and artists who work with them virtually unlimited possibilities. The Mickey-shaped figures continue to be the most widely released, which include the new Monsters University figures that are coming soon. Take a look at the monster figures after the break!

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Disney Previews New Pixar Vinylmation Figures

Vinlymation Pixar Series 1 - Remy

Back in 2008, Disney debuted a new line of collectible figures called Vinylmation, which were shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. While recent additions to the line have incorporated other shapes and sizes, the collectible nature of the figures persist. Wildly popular at Disney Parks and Stores, the vinyl figures celebrate Disney films, rides, and characters. Pixar figures have been somewhat lacking, but that is about to change as Disney has announced a new Vinylmation series that will exclusively celebrate the Emeryville-based studio. Find images about the new series of figures as well as several limited edition combo packs after the break!

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‘Brave’ Merchandise Begins To Arrive At Disney Stores

Brave Merch - Merida Doll

With Brave, there are definitely some toys and collectibles to be released that can take full advantage of the film’s characters and story. For one, Merida has a unique appearance to her, what with all that curly red hair flowing from her head. She is also quite a master at archery, having the precision to hit a target dead-on from far away. Can you say archery set? After the jump, take a look at a few pieces of Brave merchandise that have arrived and are coming soon to your local Disney Store. [Read more…]