Awesome: Toy Story Short Made Using Real-Life Toys

Toy Story Space Mission

Mattel and Disney have teamed up to create a new Toy Story short, but not the kind we are used to seeing from Disney/Pixar. This short was created using the “Toy Story: Space Mission” toys that were recently released. One of the greatest things the “toymation video short” has going for it is that a child does all the voices for the characters, including that of Buzz, Woody, and Zurg. Similar to Andy in the Toy Story feature films, this takes us inside the mind of a child and exposes us to his imagination. Take a look at the video here and learn some cool facts on how the video was made! [Read more…]

D23 2011: La Luna Will Play Before Brave, New Toy Story Toon Title Announced

D23 2011 - Pixar Shorts Panel

Pixar had a few surprises up its sleeve during their shorts panel at D23, where they showcased many of the studio’s shorts in celebration of the animation giant’s 25th Anniversary. Not only did La Luna play before one of its largest audiences – there was also confirmation from director Enrico Casarosa that the short would play before Brave. Also, while we knew that the next Toy Story Toon would play before The Muppets in November, we had not heard any details about the storyline or even the title of the short. Well, we have news on that now, too – the new short will be called “Small Fry.” Read on for more about these exciting tidbits! [Read more…]

New Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation Still Released

(L-R) Ken, Barbie, Mr. Pricklepants, Woody, Dolly

Not only is Cars 2 arriving in theaters tomorrow, but Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation will be debuting as well. While I am currently working on a review of the short, you should know that Pixar has once again turned out a great Toy Story film. It may only be about six minutes long, but it sure is nice to see the gang once again. Disney/Pixar has released a beautiful new still from the short, which you can view in hi-res here! [Read more…]

Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation Spotlighted On Pixar Website

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation recently received its own page on Pixar’s official website, providing us some details and a first look at the full logo for the short. Cycling through the short’s page, you come across three separate sections – “The Tale,” “The Characters,” and “Behind The Scenes.” While we already knew much of what is detailed in those three areas, there are small details that had not been known until now. As somebody who has already seen the short (and loved it), you can rest assured that none of this spoils the plot for the film. Take a look at the logo and some screenshots from Pixar’s website here! [Read more…]

Disney Shareholders First To See Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation

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Today, in Salt Lake City, Disney held its annual shareholders meeting, as CEO Bob Iger took the stage to discuss the company’s past success and plans for the future. The attendees were also surprised with a viewing of the upcoming short, Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation. The six-minute short is scheduled to debut in theaters alongside Pixar’s 2011 feature film, Cars 2. [Read more…]

Image: Tom Hanks Doing Voicework For Toy Story Shorts

Tom Hanks Doing Voicework

Tom Hanks Doing Voicework

Tom Hanks posted this photo online earlier today. All he had to say about the photo was:

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First Details On New Toy Story Hawaii Short?

Note: Not official image

Stitch Kingdom broke news earlier today about possible details on a brand new Toy Story short. Late last night, Disney legend Floyd Norman posted a few tweets describing a new Pixar short entitled Hawaii.

It looks like the short may center on the lovable Ken and Barbie: [Read more…]