The Pixar Perspective on The Pixar Moment in ‘Toy Story’


When this column began its theme of highlighting the so-called “Pixar moment” in various Pixar films (we’re still waiting on that patent to go through), it was predominantly about focusing on moments of powerful emotion in films that are targeted primarily at the family audience. That animation can inspire adults and kids alike to grab for a tissue isn’t terribly unique—though few modern animated films would attempt to echo its impact, let’s not forget the iconic moment in Bambi when the title character’s mother is killed by a hunter—but Pixar’s later films, such as Ratatouille and Up, reach for emotion in surprisingly mature and complex fashion. So in starting off 2014 with a look at the Pixar moment in Pixar’s first film, Toy Story, you might think this column would look for the origins of those unforgettable, tearjerking moments.

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Trailer: ‘Toy Story of Terror’

Toy Story of Terror

At the D23 Expo, Pixar surprised attendees with a screening of the first half of its upcoming television special, Toy Story of Terror, which will air on ABC in October. The preview confirmed that the special would be a send-up of the horror genre, but would also pack in plenty of laughs and heart. A commercial has just been released, providing those who were unable to make it to the Expo their first look at the groundbreaking project. After the break, check out the commercial and a brand new still featuring Mr. Pricklepants and others from the lovable cast of toys!

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Pixar Already Working On Toy Story 4?

©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

There are those times where big news is dropped by an actor. Did he or she mean to share the huge news or were they sharing information that was not fully true? Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we know that Tom Hanks (Woody in the Toy Story films) appeared on Breakfast News on the BBC this morning and was asked whether there would be a Toy Story 4. Read on for a link to the video and the full quote where Tom Hanks says that Pixar is already working on it. [Read more…]

Image: Tom Hanks Doing Voicework For Toy Story Shorts

Tom Hanks Doing Voicework

Tom Hanks Doing Voicework

Tom Hanks posted this photo online earlier today. All he had to say about the photo was:

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Film Review – Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 debuted in theaters on June 18

A few years ago when Disney and Pixar were in contract talks to extend their partnership, Disney decided to come up with their own idea for Toy Story 3. The storyline involved Buzz Lightyear getting shipped off to Taiwan and the other toys trying to rescue him. After Disney bought Pixar and made John Lasseter the CCO, Lasseter famously went and scrapped all development. Pixar took over and started from scratch. And oh boy, we should be thankful because the Toy Story 3 that was directed by Lee Unkrich and released on June 18th, 2010 is nothing short of magnificent. [Read more…]

Toy Story 3’s World Premiere

Woody having a good time

Earlier today, stars walked the red carpet to attend the premiere of the strongly anticipated Toy Story 3. The cast of the film was present, along with director Lee Unkrich, Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, and plenty more. Essentially, the premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, was the place to be today. Below are pictures from the red carpet, taken by Reuters photographer Danny Moloshok. All of the following pictures are copyrighted by Reuters.

Woody having a good time

Tim Allen gives Buzz Lightyear the "bunny ears"

John Lasseter wields Buzz and Woody

Joan Cusack, Tim Allen, and Tom Hanks stand beside their 'Toy Story 3' characters

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks pose next to their characters

Tom Hanks sizes up Buzz Lightyear

Director Lee Unkrich flashes the '3' sign, signaling the arrival of 'Toy Story 3'

Michael Keaton (voice of Ken in 'Toy Story 3') stands between Buzz and Woody

Bob Iger, President and CEO of Disney, poses between Woody and Bullseye

Don Rickles and Estelle Harris (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head) pose together

Joan Cusack stands beside Jessie. Yeeeehaw!

'Toy Story 3' composer, Randy Newman, waves to the crowd

Tim Allen poses next to lovable spaceman, Buzz Lightyear

Tom Hanks excited to see cowboy Woody

Toy Story 3 opens nationwide on June 18th. That’s less than 5 days away. That’s right. Get excited!

Source: Reuters