Pixar’s Matt Jones Teams Up With Facebook To Reinvent The Emoticon

Matt Jones

We have covered projects that Pixar employees work on their own outside of the animation studio because, similar to the films that they work on, their own projects are often creative, ambitious, and imaginative. Does reinventing the emoticon fit those characteristics? Pixar artist Matt Jones is currently working with Facebook to provide us with a broader set of emoticons to choose from. Find more details after the break!

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Unconfirmed: Untitled Pete Docter ‘Inside The Mind’ Film To Be Called ‘The Inside Out’

Pete Docter

There have been a rash untitled Pixar films that have been announced over the last few years – The Untitled Film About Dinosaurs (now called The Good Dinosaur), The Untitled Dia de los Muertos Film, and The Untitled Film That Takes You Inside The Mind. From the little that we know about these three films, I have found the Mind film to be the most intriguing, mostly because it is to be directed by Pete Docter, who sat in the director’s chair for Monsters, Inc. and Up. We had been unsure of when the film would receive its title, but a report has just emerged that the Docter film will be called The Inside Out.

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