Tree On Pixar Campus Dedicated To Steve Jobs

Pixar Tree Dedicated To Steve Jobs

While Steve Jobs‘ legacy at Apple often overshadows his significance in the formation of Pixar Animation Studios, there is no doubt that he left an indelible mark on the studio. Pixar CCO John Lasseter often credited Jobs with encouraging the employees to continue striving for great stories. Jobs famously pumped in millions of dollars to keep the then-fledgling studio afloat, long enough for Toy Story to be released, the studio’s first feature film, which went on to set a high bar critically and in box office take. After his death in October 2011, many openly wondered how Pixar would honor Jobs’ memory. The studio remembered him during the credits of its 2012 film, Brave, and recently dedicated a tree on its campus in his honor. Take a look at the beautiful tree and its plaque after the break!

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Pixar Names Building After Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs Building

Steve Jobs is often associated with Apple, but many often forgot that the visionary played a large role in the creation of Pixar. He financed the work at the studio long before it became profitable, pouring millions of his own money into keeping Pixar afloat because he believed in the work of the employees. After his death last year, some wondered how the animation studio would honor him. In the end credits of Brave, there was a brief but touching tribute to Jobs. Now, the Jobs name has a more permanent home on Pixar’s campus – above the main entrance to the studio’s main building.

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John Lasseter Remembers Steve Jobs In Latest TIME

Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, John Lasseter

When Steve Jobs passed away earlier this year, some believed that he would be a strong contender for TIME’s Person of the Year. However, no one has ever gained that title posthumously, and that streak now continues this year. Still, Jobs was given a “fond farewell” in the magazine by friend John Lasseter. The Pixar Chief Creative Officer, who met Jobs in the 1980s, remembers the Apple and Pixar co-founder “almost as a brother.” Jump ahead for some more quotes from the brief piece. [Read more…]

Former Pixar Employee Shares His/Her Time With Steve Jobs

While most of the news on the death of Steve Jobs is focused on his contributions to Apple and the consumer tech industry, he had a large effect on the entertainment industry as well. Without a doubt, one of his greatest accomplishments was funding Pixar during a time when computer animation in films was still a niche technology.

On yesterday’s post where I thanked Mr. Jobs for everything, a former Pixar employee (anonymously) shared a lengthy comment providing some amazing stories from the early days of Pixar and what Steve Jobs meant to the individuals working there.

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Pixar Issues Statement on Steve Jobs’ Passing

Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, John Lasseter

Even though we knew that Steve Jobs had become more sick recently, his death has still shocked the world. Companies and leaders have been issuing statements describing what he meant to them. As a co-founder of Pixar, Jobs played a large role in helping Pixar become the most critically acclaimed movie studio out there. Pixar’s John Lasseter and Ed Catmull have just released a statement about the passing of their friend. [Read more…]

Thanks For Everything, Steve

Steve Jobs

Apple has updated their home page to reflect the news that had seemed inevitable when Steve Jobs decided to step down as CEO of the company recently – the visionary has passed away at the age of 56. Along with being the face of Apple, he was instrumental in the foundation of Pixar Animation Studios. [Read more…]