D23 2011: First Look At Monsters University – New Details, 20+ Character Images

D23 2011 - Monsters University Art 17

Before today, Monsters University was a fairly mysterious film. Sure, we knew that it would take us on a journey through the early relationship of Mike and Sulley in a college setting, but other details were hard to come by. Additionally, the only visual we had seen for the film was the logo, which was released a few months ago. Needless to say, people were anxious for more information about this prequel to the beloved Monsters, Inc.. Read on for details on the film, the voice cast, and a look at over 20 images of the characters’ designs. [Read more…]

Video of the Day: How Pixar Movies Are Made

Pixar Employees

To be able to accurately describe the Pixar movie-making process in a short presentation sounds like a difficult concept but presenters Michael B. Johnson, Ricky Nierva, and Scott Clark did just that at the EG Conference back in April. Sure, presenting every aspect of making a Pixar film would take an incredibly long time, but the three do a fantastic job at providing the audience with snippets of the production process of Up. Read on to watch the fascinating 20-minute presentation here!

UPDATE: The video has been set to private, so it is no longer viewable.

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