July 25, 2014

‘Disney Infinity’ Launch Date Pushed Back To August

Disney Infinity

In January, after months of rumors Disney Interactive confirmed that a new gaming platform called Disney Infinity was on the way and would be released in just a few months. Featuring entire games centered around the universes of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles included in the starter pack, players can also unlock more through the purchase of additional add-ons such as character figurines and playsets that opened up more new worlds. The initial release date was reported to be June, but the gaming division has just announced that Disney Infinity will be pushed back to August.

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Disney Infinity ‘Cars’ Playset Unveiled With New Trailer and 30+ Images

Disney Infinity - Lightning & Holley Figurines

Disney Infinity is an ambitious new gaming platform that will allow gamers to venture into the world of select Disney/Pixar properties, such as Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean. Additionally, the Toy Box mode within the game lets the various characters interact with one another, potentially making this the largest Disney crossover ever. While the the three aforementioned properties will be included in the Starter Pack, there will be three more playsets that can be purchased at launch. This morning, Disney Interactive has officially unveiled the Cars playset. Get a closer look with a new trailer and more than 30 images after the break!

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Ambitious ‘Disney Infinity’ Game Unveiled

Disney Infinity

Video games on home consoles are facing a serious threat from the increasing popularity of the mobile platform, which has the ability to easily deliver new content to millions of gamers for a lower price than the next generation platforms such as the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii are used to. Disney Interactive has decided to get a bit creative and shake up the traditional disc-only model by adding collectible figurines and power discs that enhance the onscreen play. I was invited to Hollywood yesterday to see the game, Disney Infinity, up-close – find all the details I uncovered on this ambitious new gaming initiative after the break!

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Watch: Disney’s ‘Epic Mickey 2′ Characters Featurette

Epic Mickey 2 Concept Art - Train Station

The Epic Mickey video game series has become known for bringing back long-forgotten or underused Disney characters and attractions that were a great inspiration to artists at Disney, Pixar, and other animation studios. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit officially steps into the Disney spotlight once more. In a new featurette released by Disney Interactive, creator Warren Spector talks about Oswald and the various characters that appear in the game, including a strong female addition. After the break, check out the featurette and view some new concept art and images from the highly-anticipated sequel!

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Watch: Opening Of ‘Epic Mickey 2′ Features Musical Number

Epic Mickey 2 Box Art

The highly-aniticipated follow-up to Disney’s hit Epic Mickey is set to arrive in the fall. Although the first game in the series was only available for the Nintendo Wii, Epic Mickey 2 is making a big splash by debuting on all major home consoles. What is special about the games is that they honor classic and long-forgotten Disney characters and locales that we have not seen for many years like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who Walt Disney created before Mickey Mouse. Epic Mickey 2 also features musical numbers, channeling classic Disney films. After the break, watch the first musical number from the game in HD! [Read more...]

Actress Kelly Macdonald On Voicing Merida In ‘Brave’ And Its Video Game

Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar

Great acting means that viewers forget that they are watching an actor or actress playing a role – the actor fully becomes the character. In Brave, actress Kelly Macdonald voices the main character, Merida, and does a beautiful job at convincing us we are watching the journey of a teenager trying to connect with her mother. With Brave now playing in North America (and starting to expand to theaters around the world) and its video game adaptation available, Macdonald spoke about voicing the fiery redhead for the screen as well as the game console. Watch the video in HD after the break! [Read more...]

“Brave: The Video Game” Now Available For Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC and MAC

Brave The Video Game - Xbox 360 Box Art

Films of the action/adventure sort have the potential to be entertaining video games, but adaptations often fall short. Disney Interactive, though, has been on somewhat of a roll with its releases of high-quality games based on Toy Story 3 and Cars 2. Working closely with Pixar, the game developers have been focused on bringing gamers of all ages an experience that is faithful to the films, as well as an enjoyable adventure that goes beyond the film’s story. Brave: The Video Game, which hopes to continue that tradition, is now available for all major gaming consoles. [Read more...]

Watch: Go Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Epic Mickey 2′

Epic Mickey 2 - Screenshot 19

Mickey and some of the lesser-known Disney characters and attractions are returning this fall in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the sequel to the Wii-exclusive video game. The sequel will be hitting all of the major consoles this time around and will try to keep the series fresh by making the game a musical. As a fan of Disney’s properties, I cannot wait to see the unique concepts of this game come to life. We have a great behind-the-scenes video for you, which you can check out after the break!
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Premiere: Watch ‘Brave’ Video Game Trailers

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 4

Along with our fellow Pixar blogs, we are excited to exclusively premiere the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game.” The video game adaptation of the highly anticipated Pixar film looks to continue the wonderful streak of high-quality games from Disney Interactive based on Pixar properties. The action adventure takes Merida and a supporting cast that includes bears on an epic journey through ancient Scotland. Take a look at the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game” after the jump! [Read more...]

Exclusive: A Chat With The ‘Brave’ Video Game Producer

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 3

Previously categorized as cheap attempts to make money, games based on properties have come a long way over the past decade. Pixar realized the importance of the art and began working closer than ever with the teams developing video games based on its films. The Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 games are recent success stories for Disney Interactive and Pixar, smartly developed to be accessible and fun for everyone, without alienating gamers looking for more of a challenge. Recently, I had the chance to ask Brave video game producer, Glendon Dphrepaulezz, a few questions about Pixar’s involvement, the gameplay, and more. Read our exclusive interview with him after the jump! [Read more...]

First Look: New ‘Brave’ Video Game Screenshots Showcase Film’s Fantastical Side

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 2

Just when I have been thinking about how we have not seen much of the fantasy elements that will be present in Brave (outside of the monstrous bear Mor’du and the blue will-o’-the-wisp lights that hover around the forest), Disney Interactive has released some screenshots from the upcoming video game that give us glimpses into the fantastical side of the film. Take a look at the new screenshots after the jump! Just be aware that these images may very well contain spoilers for the film (you won’t know what is happening, but it displays some previously unseen forces). You can rest assured, though, that there will be some sick action sequences in the film. [Read more...]

Disney Announces ‘Epic Mickey 2′ For XBox 360, PS3, and Wii, Game To Be A Musical

Epic Mickey 2 Box Art

Those who had the chance to play though Epic Mickey for the Wii were met with an original and creative game starring Disney’s lovable mascot. Although it is not related to Pixar, Warren Specter, developer and chief designer of the game, worked with Disney as well as Pixar to ensure that the game would be an enjoyable and imaginative experience for gamers. Disney has just announced that the game is getting a sequel and it is coming to all major home consoles. Check out the trailer, box art, screenshots, and more details after the jump! [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Video Game Launching This Summer

Brave Video Game - Merida

Epic storyline. Archery. Horseback riding. Stunning landscape. Throw all of these elements together and you may have a great film, but you also have what can be an awesome video game. Disney Interactive just announced this morning that it is currently developing Brave: The Video Game and is targeting the summer for its release on the XBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and the PC and MAC. After the jump, check out the official logo and all the details on the game revealed in the press release. [Read more...]

PS3: Toy Story Collector’s Edition

Toy Story Collectors Edition is due out on Aug. 17

Toy Story Collector's Edition hits shelves on Aug. 17

Sony’s PS3 has been landing some cool exclusives lately. Hot on the heels of PS3′s exclusive Zurg playable character in Toy Story 3 The Video Game, Sony’s console will be the only place to get the Toy Story Collector’s Edition. What is it? Good question. It is essentially a Blu-Ray disc hybrid of the previously released video game and the original Toy Story film. Yep, both the video game and the movie are on one disc! [Read more...]