The Pixar Perspective On 3D Re-releases

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“Gravity’s $ucce$$ will lead to a new round of 3D films NOT conceived for 3D…” These words, from Pixar stalwart Brad Bird via Twitter last fall, are unshakably true; if we have learned anything from Hollywood over the years, it’s that they will ride a passing fad into the ground, well past its expiration date. The industry’s leaders presume that if one unique aspect represented in one popular film works, that same aspect will work in every upcoming film. Though there are various add-ons Hollywood loves to graft upon its products, such as an IMAX presentation for something that wasn’t shot in the IMAX format, the most prevalent remains 3D. There are a handful of major films, from Gravity to Avatar to Hugo, that have been aided enormously by being presented in this immersive format; however, for each Gravity, there are 10 Need for Speeds right behind, films that were post-converted to the 3D format not because they require it, but because the studios want to make a quick buck.

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‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ Being Re-Released In 3D


Disney has just issued a press release announcing that they will be re-releasing several of its films in 3D over the coming years. The films that have been confirmed for release are Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., and The Little Mermaid. Late in 2009, Disney found success with the double-feature release of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D. Now, just this past month, The Lion King has added to its already sizable box office gross, with the 3D film taking in about $80 million. Read on to view the full press release. [Read more…]