July 29, 2014

Watch: Final ‘Monsters University’ Theatrical Trailer


Monsters University is currently screening for college students and faculty around the country, and judging from the overall consensus, the film is on track to delight audiences across the globe. To raise and maintain awareness of the film’s release, which is less than two months away now, Disney/Pixar has just released the final theatrical trailer. Watch the final Monsters University trailer after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Viral Ad

Monsters University - Gates

The clever viral marketing campaign for Monsters University began with the launch of a website dedicated to the university. It provides a history of the school since its inception in the year 1313, lists school news and events, and lays out a campus map among many other details that are usually found on university websites. A commercial for the school recently debuted, and it once again effectively captures what we have come to expect from a university. Watch the commercial in HD after the break!

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Mike And Sulley On Campus In New ‘Monsters University’ Images

Monsters University - College Hijinks

The marketing campaign thusfar for Monsters University has already been quite creative, especially given that the film is not set to arrive until June 2013. Disney/Pixar opened up a creative viral website for Monsters University recently, showcasing the fictional college’s history, mission statement, campus map, and more. From what we have seen of the film, it looks like the story will be humorous, filled with many college hijinks. This morning saw the release of two new images from the film, which are centered around the time when Mike and Sulley first meet. Take a look at the great images after the break!

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International ‘Monsters University’ Poster Revealed

Monsters University

On the heels of this morning’s reveal of the new Monsters University poster that will be gracing theaters across the United States and Canada, an international poster for the film has also made its way online. Rather than character poses, it features what may be a still from the prequel film. Take a look at the French poster after the break!

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New ‘Monsters University’ Teaser Poster Features College-Age Mike and Sulley

Monsters University - Teaser Poster 2

Monsters, Inc. is a film that is beloved by many, with its hilarious characters, touching story, and of course, introduction of one of the most adorable girls to ever be seen on the big screen, Boo. Its prequel, Monsters University, which will be premiering more than 11 years after the original film, will bring us the story of when Mike and Sulley were rivals in college – that means no Boo to enchant audiences. However, it looks like Mike and Sulley may be able to carry the film on their own this time, especially in the hilarity department – take a look at the new humorous MU teaser poster after the break!

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Zombie Thriller ‘World War Z’ Rescheduled To Battle Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’


According to Variety, Paramount shuffled some release dates around yesterday, which is fairly common in the film industry. Disney and Pixar have surely taken notice as zombie film World War Z, which is being adapted from the popular Max Brooks novel, has been pushed from this holiday season to June 21, 2013, a date that Pixar’s Monsters University originally had all to itself. If the change holds up, it looks like monsters will be battling some zombies for the box office crown that weekend. [Read more...]