Watch: Final ‘Monsters University’ Theatrical Trailer


Monsters University is currently screening for college students and faculty around the country, and judging from the overall consensus, the film is on track to delight audiences across the globe. To raise and maintain awareness of the film’s release, which is less than two months away now, Disney/Pixar has just released the final theatrical trailer. Watch the final Monsters University trailer after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Japanese Trailer Reveals Much More

Monsters University - Mike Arrives HD

The trailers and ads that Disney/Pixar releases for its films in North America deliberately keep more of the film’s plot hidden from audiences. The international trailers, though, are known for being more revealing in the hopes that additional interest is generated in the increasingly important markets overseas. A new Monsters University trailer was recently released for the Japanese market and it gives away far more than its North American counterpart. Take a look at it, if you dare, after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Trailer


We have been anxiously anticipating a new trailer for Monsters University for months. Aside from the teaser trailer that was released alongside Brave way back in June, the campaign for the film has mostly involved viral marketing which included a ridiculously detailed college website for the fictional school. Today, in conjunction with Toy Fair, where Disney is previewing toys and merchandise tied to the upcoming film, a brand new trailer has been released. Check it out in HD after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Teaser Trailers + First Images

Monsters University 3D

Late last night, we had the arrival of the first piece of concept art from Pixar’s first prequel film, Monsters University, with the promise of a new teaser trailer. Early this morning, Disney/Pixar quadrupled down on that promise with the release of four different versions of the MU trailer! We won’t spoil the teaser, as it is laugh-on-the-floor hilarious, but the various versions involve slightly different lines from Mike Wazowski (once again voiced by the great Billy Crystal). Watch all the different versions of the teaser after the break, and take a look at the first stills from the film! [Read more…]

‘Monsters University’ Teaser Coming In 5 Days

Monsters University - 5 Days

After Disney/Pixar screened the teaser trailer for Monsters University at CinemaCon 2012, we had our confirmation that it would play in theaters along with Brave. Viewing teasers for the upcoming Pixar film while watching the current one has become somewhat of a tradition. However, the question of when the teaser for the prequel film would premiere online still remained. We seem to have our answer now – 5 days from now. [Read more…]

CinemaCon 2012: ‘Monsters University’ Teaser Screened, Likely Attached To ‘Brave’


Along with the plethora of announcements about Pixar’s film slate for the next four years, Disney and Pixar also previewed a teaser trailer for Monsters University, the highly-anticipated prequel to Monsters, Inc.. At the D23 Expo last summer, we were shown concept art for the younger versions of Mike and Sulley, but no footage was shown. That will change very soon, as the teaser trailer will likely play in theaters along with Brave. [Read more…]