‘Monsters University’ Teaser Coming In 5 Days

Monsters University - 5 Days

After Disney/Pixar screened the teaser trailer for Monsters University at CinemaCon 2012, we had our confirmation that it would play in theaters along with Brave. Viewing teasers for the upcoming Pixar film while watching the current one has become somewhat of a tradition. However, the question of when the teaser for the prequel film would premiere online still remained. We seem to have our answer now – 5 days from now. [Read more…]

CinemaCon 2012: ‘Monsters University’ Teaser Screened, Likely Attached To ‘Brave’


Along with the plethora of announcements about Pixar’s film slate for the next four years, Disney and Pixar also previewed a teaser trailer for Monsters University, the highly-anticipated prequel to Monsters, Inc.. At the D23 Expo last summer, we were shown concept art for the younger versions of Mike and Sulley, but no footage was shown. That will change very soon, as the teaser trailer will likely play in theaters along with Brave. [Read more…]