Preview: Limited Edition Pixar Posters Coming From Mondo

WALL-E Mondo Poster by Kevin Tong

Mondo has become the face of the movement to create limited-edition posters of films. Designing great posters requires the ability to tell a short story about what viewers can expect through a limited amount of space. Setting out to develop posters for classic films, when millions have seen them and have grown fond of them, is not as easy as it sounds, but Mondo has quite a number of talented and creative artists by its side. New limited-edition Pixar posters are coming soon, including for WALL-E and Up. Take a peek  at them after the break! (UPDATE: Online sale info has been added at the end of the post!)

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Mondo To Release Striking ‘Toy Story’ Poster Tomorrow

Toy Story Mondo Poster by Tom Whalen

Over the past year, the popularity of Mondo’s posters has soared, with many of them selling out within a few minutes. If you are a fan of the company’s work and are also a Pixar fan, then you may want to prepare your browser for tomorrow when it releases a brand new Toy Story poster. The striking poster features art by Mondo-mainstay Tom Whalen. Take a look at the awesome new poster after the jump! [Read more…]

Mondo Launches Pixar Posters, Starting With Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc Mondo Poster

Mondo is known for creating highly-stylized posters for classic films, recently creating one for a celebration of Jurassic Park. Now, Mondo has announced that they are launching a Pixar series, which has left fans of the posters’ artistic style drooling. Tomorrow, they are releasing a Monsters, Inc. poster featuring Mike, Sulley, Boo, and the conniving Randall. Read on for a look at the poster and to learn how to get one! [Read more…]