‘Toy Story – Small Fry’ Character Bios (Updated)

Toy Story Small Fry - Bozu

One of the coolest aspects of Pixar’s newest Toy Story Toon, Small Fry, is seeing all the new toy characters who grace the screen. The story of the short has Buzz Lightyear joining a support group for unwanted fast food meal toys. Anyone who has collected Happy Meal toys knows that there have been some incredibly goofy toys over the years. Through its Toy Story Facebook Page, Disney/Pixar has started releasing bios for the new characters. Check out the images and bios after the jump. [Read more…]

Short Review: ‘Toy Story – Small Fry’

Small Fry

If we’ve learned one thing from Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy of films, it is this: It’s not easy being a toy. The new Toy Story ToonSmall Fry, currently playing in theatres with Disney’s The Muppets, further emphasizes this point and expands on the idea that all a toy wants is to be played with. The setup is great – Buzz Lightyear finds himself left behind at a fast food restaurant. In his attempt to escape, he accidentally comes across a group of discarded Fun Meal toys. In the meantime, a tiny Fun Meal sized version of Buzz stows away in Bonnie’s backpack hoping to get some playtime at home. The short intercuts between the two situations. [Read more…]

New Images From ‘Toy Story – Small Fry’


On the heels of the release of Pixar’s newest short, Toy Story – Small Fry, the studio has released some more images from the seven minute film. Courtesy of IGN, we have two more images from the short, which has Buzz Lightyear being switched out with a tiny fast-food version of himself. I’ve seen the film and it is filled to the brim with a great cast of new creative characters. Take a look at the newly released images after the jump. [Read more…]

First Look: ‘Toy Story – Small Fry’

Small Fry

USA Today has a preview piece up about Pixar’s latest Toy Story Toon, entitled Small Fry, which is set to be released alongside The Muppets on November 23 in the U.S. and Canada. The first details of the short debuted at D23, where we found out that the story involved Buzz Lightyear switching places with a Happy Meal-like version of himself. At the panel, we were able to see a preview clip from the new adventure, but the general public had not yet laid eyes upon it. Today, USA Today has debuted an image from Toy Story – Small Fry, which you can check out here! [Read more…]