Billy Crystal: Mike Wazowski To Wear Retainer In Monsters University


At a 20th Anniversary screening of City Slickers on Friday night, Billy Crystal had a chance to speak about his upcoming role in the prequel film, Monsters University. Returning as the voice of the hilarious Mike Wazowski, Crystal spoke with Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog, who moderated the event. Apparently, the actor had just finished working on an extensive voicing session for the film, and his voice was a bit hoarse. Read on for some thought from Billy Crystal on the highly anticipated Monsters University! [Read more…]

The Pixar Times Is Heading To D23

D23 Expo

The D23 Expo is a baby compared to many of the conventions that have been around for years. The 2011 iteration is only the second time that this all-Disney event is being held, with 2009 being the first. Walt Disney Studios was already a huge film studio – however, add Pixar and Marvel into the equation and Disney is a monster. Disney, Pixar, and Marvel are all set to hold presentations for their films, making the 2011 D23 Expo a can’t-miss event. When all of the Pixar presentations were detailed earlier this week, the final decision was made – The Pixar Times was going to provide D23 coverage from the Anaheim Convention Center. [Read more…]

D23 Expo 2011 Pixar Presentation Schedule


Disney has updated their schedule for many of the D23 presentations that are set to occur during the convention. This includes the Pixar presentations that were announced just yesterday. I have set up a handy table below to assist those looking to attend these panels, as many of them look to be a must-see. The biggest panel of the weekend, without a doubt, will be the Walt Disney Studios panel, where Disney, Pixar, and Marvel will unveil a look at their upcoming slate of films. Stars of the films will be there, along with some of the crew, so expect a surprise or two. Check out the exciting schedule here! [Read more…]

Pixar To Preview Brave and Monsters University At D23 + More Pixar Panels

D23 Expo

Remember when fans heard that Disney and Pixar would not have a presence at Comic Con, they assumed that the studios would have some great things to show at the Disney-sponsored show, D23? This morning that was confirmed in a big way, as both of the announced Pixar productions are making their presence felt next week – Brave and Monsters University. Additionally, in honor of Pixar’s 25th Anniversary, several panels will be held talking with various creative teams from the studio. D23 just became a must-see event! [Read more…]

Pixar’s RenderMan SIGGRAPH Booth Oozes With Creativity + Pixar Speaker Schedule

Pixar RenderMan Siggraph 2011

We have come to expect the very best of Pixar when it comes to the studio’s films. Another area, we have come to expect creativity is at the studio’s RenderMan booth at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, a show highlighting computer graphics. Given the computer graphics theme, the 38th iteration of the show, taking place in Vancouver this year, features a big Pixar presence – one has to go no further than the design of their booth to know that. Take a look at the very cool booth here! [Read more…]

New Pixar Film Scheduled For 2014


First, we had an untitled Pixar film scheduled for release on November  27, 2013. Now, we have another brand new film from the animation studio, but nary a detail on what the film will be called. Box Office Mojo is reporting that Disney has updated their release schedule and plopped in a Pixar film for release on May 30, 2014. What could this film be? Original characters or a sequel? [Read more…]

Video: Take A Tour Inside The Up House In Utah

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

Herriman, Utah has been in the spotlight the past month, as Bangerter Homes recently built a great replica of the house from Up in the city. People have descended upon Utah from all over the country to lay eyes upon the home. What places this piece of architecture above all those that have been built previously is the fact that the inside of the home looks just like what we saw in the film as well. Down to the smallest details, such as the handrail and the objects upon the fireplace, this is likely the closest recreation of the Up house we will ever see in the real world. The Salt Lake Tribune, which ignited this story when it first covered it last month, now has a video tour through the inside of the amazing house. Take a peek here! [Read more…]