Actress Kelly Macdonald On Voicing Merida In ‘Brave’ And Its Video Game

Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar

Great acting means that viewers forget that they are watching an actor or actress playing a role – the actor fully becomes the character. In Brave, actress Kelly Macdonald voices the main character, Merida, and does a beautiful job at convincing us we are watching the journey of a teenager trying to connect with her mother. With Brave now playing in North America (and starting to expand to theaters around the world) and its video game adaptation available, Macdonald spoke about voicing the fiery redhead for the screen as well as the game console. Watch the video in HD after the break! [Read more…]

First Look: New ‘Brave’ Video Game Screenshots Showcase Film’s Fantastical Side

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 2

Just when I have been thinking about how we have not seen much of the fantasy elements that will be present in Brave (outside of the monstrous bear Mor’du and the blue will-o’-the-wisp lights that hover around the forest), Disney Interactive has released some screenshots from the upcoming video game that give us glimpses into the fantastical side of the film. Take a look at the new screenshots after the jump! Just be aware that these images may very well contain spoilers for the film (you won’t know what is happening, but it displays some previously unseen forces). You can rest assured, though, that there will be some sick action sequences in the film. [Read more…]