Teddy Newton, Kevin Reher Talk Day & Night and 2012 Pixar Short

Copyright Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

The year 2011 has barely begun and Pixar is already finishing production on the short we can expect to see with Brave in 2012. Day & Night director Teddy Newton and producer Kevin Reher sat down with Animation World Network to discuss their recently released film. It is an insightful interview that is a must-read, not only for its in-depth look at Day & Night, but also for the very brief mention of the 2012 short that we have not heard about until now. [Read more…]

Day & Night Book Now Available (UPDATE: Video)


When, Day & Night debuted in theaters alongside Toy Story 3, critics and fans fell in love with director Teddy Newton’s short. Now, there’s a way to own a print version as Chronicle Books has released a hardcover adaptation by Teddy Newton himself.

In my review of the short, I wrote about its genius in length. Teddy Newton gave us a piece that was not scared to challenge the ideas that we may hold. The 40-page accompanying book is another book I look forward to placing on my Pixar shelf.

UPDATE: There is a behind the scenes video that Chronicle Books has released. It’s embedded after the jump. [Read more…]

Short Film Review – Day & Night

Day & Night in theaters alongside Toy Story 3

Day & Night in theaters, alongside Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 has been the film getting all of the attention lately, overshadowing the Pixar short film, Day & Night that is playing in theaters alongside it. I wanted to wait after my second viewing to review the short, as there are so many subtleties I missed the first time around, I deemed it necessary to watch it again before writing anything.

In my write-up going behind-the-curtain of the short, I explored Pixar’s history with shorts and talked about the fascinating aspect of Day & Night, the combination of hand-drawn characters with their computer animated interiors. Reading about it when it was first announced, I was excited about the undertaking. After watching it, I can only say that director Teddy Newton is a genius. [Read more…]

Behind the Curtain: ‘Day & Night’

Day & Night

Copyright Disney/Pixar

Pixar is famous for its feature-length films, but originally they started out making shorts. It was John Lasseter’s ‘The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.’ short that raised eyebrows and brought attention to computer animated features, which had never before been able to have organic objects look and move realistically. The lamp from the short Luxo Jr. became Pixar’s mascot and now, has become famous for jumping its way past the ‘R’, ‘A’, and ‘X’ before jumping and flattening the ‘I’ in their logo prior to the start of their every film.

Lasseter and Ed Catmull, who co-founded Pixar Animation Studios, were determined to animate and release full-length computer animated films. Out of that drive emerged ‘Toy Story’, which went on to become one of the most successful and beloved animated movies of all time.

They started placing shorts before their full-length features, recalling the classic era of films, when short animated movies were rampant. The short playing with ‘Toy Story 3’ is called ‘Day & Night’ and marks Pixar artist, Teddy Newton’s first time in the director’s chair. Early descriptions have the short pegged as “mind-blowing” and “like nothing you have ever seen before”. That may be true, as there is an integration of hand-drawn animation, as well as computer animation. The two characters are Day and Night, and their movements as well as their facial expressions are all hand-drawn. The interesting angle is that their insides are computer animated. Intrigued yet?

Enough with the explaining – how about I show you? For your viewing pleasure, here is an exclusive Comcast video going behind-the-‘Day & Night’-curtain:

Teddy Newton’s ‘Day & Night’ makes its debut in theaters alongside ‘Toy Story 3’ on June 18th.