July 28, 2014

‘Inside Out’ Footage Wows CinemaCon Crowd

Inside Out

Fans have been anxiously anticipating Pixar’s next film, Inside Out, which is due in theaters next summer. It was handed the baton to represent the studio’s next film after Pixar decided to delay The Good Dinosaur, which had been scheduled to debut this May. This places extra pressure on Inside Out, but there is no better person up to beating high expectations than Pete Docter (Up, Monsters, Inc.). A screenings of a scene from the film played incredibly well at last summer’s D23 Expo, and now we hear that it received raves from the CinemaCon audience on Wednesday!

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D23 Expo: Review – ‘Monsters University’ Short ‘Party Central’


You just never know what you’ll see at Disney’s D23 Expo. The gathering has become known for its early peeks and surprise screenings of the latest and greatest Disney has to offer. This year was no exception. Before unveiling early glimpses of next year’s The Good Dinosaur and 2015′s Inside Out, John Lasseter had a special surprise for attendees of the Art and Imagination: Animation at The Walt Disney Studios arena presentation. Expo-goers were treated to a full screening of the new Pixar short Party Central. Mike’s New Car (2002), a short attached to the Monsters, Inc. DVD, was the first extension of a Pixar feature film. Party Central continues that tradition almost 11 years later, as this latest toon takes place in the world of Monsters University. Check out my review after the break!

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D23 Expo: Pixar’s Connection To Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’


Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) was on hand at the D23 Expo this past weekend as part of the Let The Adventures Begin: Live Action At The Walt Disney Studios presentation. Bird, along with co-writer Damon Lindelof (Lost), presented artifacts in their continued myth building for the 2014 Disney live-action film, Tomorrowland. The mysterious “1952″ box, which has been utilized for the last several months to tease the film, was brought out on stage and explored in front of the audience. A few enigmatic items from the Disney studios past were unveiled, a doctored picture of Walt Disney with Amelia Earhart was shown and a vintage copy of Amazing Stories was used as a key for some cryptic message decoding. But by far the most interesting and entertaining portion of the presentation – and the bit that had me most intrigued about the project – was a clip of animation that has ties to Pixar.

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D23 Expo: Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Others Reflect On Pixar Films And Source Of Their Inspiration

Pixar Panel

John Lasseter kicked off Disney’s massive D23 Expo with a look at what is coming next in the world of Disney and Pixar animation. The packed arena presentation was easily the highlight of Day 1 and offered fans a first look at the company’s upcoming slate of animated offerings. Pixar’s highly anticipated roster included next year’s The Good Dinosaur and 2015′s Inside Out. However, it wasn’t all forward thinking taking place on Friday. Late in the afternoon, a handful of Pixar creatives took some time to look back.

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D23 Expo: ‘Finding Dory’ Story Detailed, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, and Ty Burrell Join Cast


Finding Nemo was never one of the films that fans assumed would see a sequel (cue chants for The Incredibles 2). That is a point that Andrew Stanton and Produer Lindsey Collins underlined today at the D23 Expo, stating that he is usually averse to the thought of sequels. However, he also stated that if a good idea came along, he would be willing to entertain it. That happened two years ago for Finding Dory, the sequel to Nemo, as Stanton was able to develop an intriguing storyline. Learn what he cooked up after the break!

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D23 Expo: 100+ Photos Hint At New Star Wars and Avatar Land, Preview Disney Store Products, And More

D23 2013 Media Preview - Imagineering - Image 01

The D23 Expo officially kicks off on Friday, as fans will have their first opportunity to walk the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center. We had the chance, though, to get an early look at various sections of the show Thursday night as part of a media preview. The Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion teased new Star Wars and Avatar-themed lands at Walt Disney World and highlighted the cutting-edge technology that make the Disney theme parks run, while the Disney Store and Disney Consumer Products pavilion provided us with a look at some great Disney/Pixar merchandise. After the break, find over 100 photos that will take you through all three of these areas of the D23 Expo!

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Exclusive: Limited Edition Disney∙Pixar Products To Debut At D23 Expo

D23 Expo Disney:Pixar Products Peek

The D23 Expo runs from Friday through Sunday, celebrating the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. As a result, there will be a host of exclusives offered at booths throughout the show floor and at the Dream Store and Disney Store. The exclusives often create an air of excitement due to their unavailability outside of the show. Their limited nature also means attendees have to make their way to their respective locations in order to ensure they do not sell out. We are excited to reveal a brand new line of Disney∙Pixar products that will make their debut at the show’s Disney Store. Find details and images after the break!

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D23 Expo: Your Ultimate Guide To Pixar At The Show

The Good Dinosaur

The D23 Expo is essentially a dream convention for fans of Disney and Pixar. All of the various properties come together under one roof for a weekend-long celebration of Disney/Pixar films, theme park attractions, television, and, of course, merchandise. Many times when major announcements are made outside of a convention, they are shared with the press who then relay the news to fans. The Expo, like similar events such as Comic Con, allows fans to see the news and sights with their own eyes. New films will be detailed, clips will be shown, and exclusive merchandise will be available. Due to the sheer size of the show, it can also be overwhelming, which is where this guide to Pixar at the D23 Expo may help.

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Anaheim Convention Center Gets Ready For D23 Expo

D23 Expo 2013 Sorcerer Mickey

This weekend, Disney will hold the bi-annual D23 Expo, its own version of Comic Con, for the third time. The Anaheim Convention Center has been the venue of choice, for good reason, as it can pack in a sizable number of attendees without issue and its close proximity to the Disneyland Resort does not hurt either. Organizers are currently preparing the convention center and its surrounding area for the sudden influx of Disney fans. Take a look at images after the break!

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D23 Expo: Panels Take You Inside ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ ‘Toy Story of Terror,’ And Pixar

D23 Expo 2013

At the D23 Expo in 2011, Pixar had a huge presence, as it was the studio’s 25th Anniversary. The first scene from Brave was previewed almost a year before the film’s release, character art from Monsters University was unveiled, 2014′s The Good Dinosaur and 2015′s Inside Out were announced, and a retrospective panel was held with the talented pool of Pixar directors. With the 2013 iteration of the convention just over one week away, the schedule for Pixar panels has just been released. After the break, find out what the studio has in store for show attendees this time!

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Last Chance To Buy Discounted D23 Expo 2013 Tickets

D23 Expo 2013

The D23 Expo is billed as “The Ultimate Disney Fan Event” for a reason. Essentially a convention that stretches through all branches of Disney, including Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Consumer Products, and Disney Parks, the 3-day event provides attendees a look at the past and an exclusive look forward to see what is coming. Tens of thousands of people flocked to the 2011 show, which is the last time the Expo was held (it happens every two years). You have the chance to attend as well, and if you want discounted tickets time is running out!

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Video of the Day: D23 Pixar Music Panel With Michael Giacchino


Stop everything you are doing and clear your schedule for the next hour because we now have video footage from the D23 Music of Pixar panel featuring Michael Giacchino that took place a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we were unable to cover the panel as it ran too close to the Walt Disney Studios panel where Disney and Pixar showcased Brave and Monsters University and also announced two brand new films for 2013 and 2014. I was happy to find that video from the entire panel ended up online, as it turned out to be a captivating look at what brought composer Michael Giacchino to Pixar, while also providing us with a view into how he works. Take a look at the fascinating video here! [Read more...]

D23 2011: ‘La Luna’ Early Review


In all the hustle and bustle of the D23 Expo, Pixar quietly screened La Luna during a panel celebrating 25 years of shorts. For me personally, this was a highlight of the entire expo. The short, directed by Enrico Casarosa, has been playing in animation festivals around the world. It premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June of this year and will make its theatrical debut in front of Pixar’s Brave next summer. Expo goers were lucky to catch this special screening of the film amid some of the studio’s most popular short subjects. [Read more...]

D23 2011: Wrap-Up

Pixar Cupcake

Attending the D23 Expo was a last-minute decision. Jerrod was already going to the show to cover it for us, but once all the Pixar panels were announced I had a feeling this year would be special. Well, that was an understatement. At D23, we were shown previously unseen footage and artwork from Brave, learned new details about the story and the characters in Monsters University and the new Toy Story Toon, Small Fry, and were surprised with the announcement of 2 brand new (and totally original) Pixar films. That has to be a record for Pixar news over just a few days! [Read more...]

D23 2011: Andrew Stanton Previews John Carter Clips, Talks Film With Cast


Director Andrew Stanton was able to join his Pixar colleagues onstage for a celebration of the studio’s 25h Anniversary at the D23 Expo. However, he was primarily attending the show to preview the live-action film he is directing for Disney, John Carter. The film has been shrouded in secrecy for much of its development, as much of the shooting occurred in remote areas of Utah. Stanton was joined by cast members Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Lynn Collins (Princess Dejah Thoris), and Willem Dafoe (Tars Tarkas), as they all talked about the upcoming film and showed off FOUR clips from the film. Read on to see what went down! [Read more...]

D23 2011: 100+ Images Of The Merchandise

D23 2011 - Merchandise 05

Walking around the show floor of the D23 Expo, I noticed that one of the things that attendees were most excited about was the merchandise. Never have you been able to attain so many different types of Disney merchandise from one place (other than maybe the first D23). The reasoning for this was the official Disney Store and the Disney Dream Store, which both had exclusive D23 merchandise or toys that would not debut across the rest of the country for months. From “Lion King” and “It’s A Small World” Vinylmations to the cute Disney POP! Funko Figures (including Boo from Monsters, Inc.), there was enough to satisfy everybody’s appetite. There was also a preview of upcoming merchandise that will be available in the coming months. Read on to take a look at 110 images of the merchandise seen at D23! [Read more...]

D23 2011: Images From The Huge Walt Disney Studios Presentation


The Walt Disney Studios presentation on Saturday at the D23 Expo proved to be the most jam-packed of all the panels and events at the show (and was also the hardest to get into, as even those who lined up two hours before did not make it in). Featuring sneak peeks at the various films coming from Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures and Animation, and Marvel, all electronic devices (e.g. cameras, laptops) were checked in before attendees were allowed into the arena. However, official images from the event of the directors and the actors talking about their films have been released.  [Read more...]

D23 2011: A Conversation With The Pixar Creative Team Panel (Update: Video Footage Added)


In celebration of 25 years of Pixar magic, the top creatives from the studio sat down for an informal chat at the D23 Expo on Saturday.  On hand for the event were John Lasseter, Jim Morris, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, Mark Andrews, Dan Scanlon, Pete Sohn and Ronnie del Carmen.  Scheduled but missing from the panel was Lee Unkrich. The “nine young men” told stories about Pixar’s past and reminisced about their time with the studio. Each Pixarian was asked to recall their favorite memory while working at the studio.  Some of the stories were new and some famiilar. From the first SIGGRAPH convention to the production of the first Cars film, each panel member had a great story to tell. [Read more...]

D23 2011: The Art of Brave Panel

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

D23 Expo goers were given a rare and wonderful opportunity this past Sunday when Pixar presented “The Art of Brave.” The panel, hosted by production designer Steve Pilcher and shader art director Tia Kratter, offered a glimpse into the production and visual development process of the studio’s next animated feature. This really was something special. It was like personally being walked through an “Art of…” book with the artists themselves. They revealed beautiful concept images and pencil sketches featuring everything from landscapes and environments to characters and costumes.  From what was shown, it is clear that this will be one of Pixar’s most beautiful films to date. [Read more...]

D23 2011: First Look At Monsters University – New Details, 20+ Character Images

D23 2011 - Monsters University Art 17

Before today, Monsters University was a fairly mysterious film. Sure, we knew that it would take us on a journey through the early relationship of Mike and Sulley in a college setting, but other details were hard to come by. Additionally, the only visual we had seen for the film was the logo, which was released a few months ago. Needless to say, people were anxious for more information about this prequel to the beloved Monsters, Inc.. Read on for details on the film, the voice cast, and a look at over 20 images of the characters’ designs. [Read more...]