A Peek At The Latest Pixar Merchandise

Art of Sanjay's Super Team

The Pixar Times has been on an extended hiatus, mostly due to my personal/professional life ramping up over the course of the last few months. I do hope to return to posting regularly in the near future and will keep everyone updated on the status of that over on our Twitter account. In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the toys that I’ve been playing with and the books that I’ve been reading while I’ve been away from the site. In what should not be a surprise to anyone, this involves The Good Dinosaur and Toy Story products – take a look after the break! [Read more…]

First Look: ‘Art Of Inside Out’ Hardcover

Inside Out - Joy Concept Art

There is no debate as to the sheer beauty of the visuals seen in Pixar’s films – from the animation to the lighting, each sequence is stacked with tiny details that warrant repeat viewings to fully appreciate. During the development cycle of the films, an extraordinary amount of conceptual artwork is drawn up by the talented artists at the studio. The film’s art books are the best in-depth look into the gorgeous art we would otherwise rarely see. After the break, take a look at the cover of the upcoming Art of Inside Out book! [Read more…]

Review: “Movies R Fun” From Pixar’s Josh Cooley Is A Clever Nod To Famous Film Moments

Movies R Fun - The Godfather

Josh Cooley is a story supervisor at Pixar who has worked several of the studio’s films, such as The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up, and even contributed a voice to the recent TV special, Toy Story OF TERROR! Like many of us humans, though, he has other interests as well. He has collaborated with Chronicle Books to release a great little book which celebrates famous moments in film through clever artwork. The result is creative and humorous – get a preview after the break!

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‘Art of Monsters University’ Gets A New Cover Featuring Stunning Concept Art

The Art of Monsters University

As viewers, we do not get to see a thorough look at the behind-the-scenes process on Pixar films. Special features on Blu-ray/DVD releases and featurettes shared online give us but a glimpse of the years of work and thousands of pieces of artwork that are drafted up by those working on the film. The “Art of…” books for Pixar films shine a light on the concept art and other pieces of pre-production artwork, showcasing them on big glossy pages in a beautiful oversized hardcover. The art book for Monsters University is up next and its cover design was just updated with stunning new concept art, which you can see after the break!

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100 New Collectible Pixar Postcards Coming Soon

Art of Pixar Postcards Volume 2 Set

Back in 2005, Chronicle Books released a Pixar postcard set in time for the studio’s 20th anniversary. The set contained 100 postcards featuring concept art from all of the feature films and short films that had been produced by the animation studio. Now, after a seven-year wait, Chronicle is set to release a Volume 2 in the series, with 100 all-new postcards with artwork from arguably some of Pixar’s greatest films. Find more details and the press release after the break! [Read more…]

‘Art of Monsters, Inc.’ Hardcover Returns To Print After Being Unavailable For Years

The Art of Monsters Inc

One of the reasons why Monsters, Inc. is one of my favorite Pixar films is the imaginative world created by director Pete Docter and his supporting staff – the character design and architecture of Monstropolis are incredibly creative, bringing a unique bustling city to life on the screen. Back in 2001, Monsters, Inc. was the first film to receive the “Art of…” treatment from Chronicle Books, which has gone on to release a stunning art book for each subsequent Pixar release. After being unavailable for sale through retailers for years, the hardcover book is now back in print! [Read more…]

Preliminary ‘Art of Brave’ Cover Art Hits Amazon

The Art of Brave

Amazon has a tendency to list items far in advance of their release, often giving prospective buyers their first look at book covers and descriptions. This weekend, our friend Martin over at Upcoming Pixar came upon the next installment in the great “Art of” series published by Chronicle Books. “The Art of Brave” is currently set for release in June and comes in at 160 pages. The preliminary cover art features Princess Merida clutching a sword and shield. It is, as always in the case of these books, a stunning look behind the scenes of the film. Take a look at the cover after the jump. [Read more…]