July 23, 2014

Final Cars 2 Domestic and International Trailers

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Last week, Disney/Pixar unveiled what is likely to be the final full-length trailer for Cars 2. Previously, we were only presented with glimpses of the film’s storyline, with the characters’ time spent in Tokyo has received much of the focus. With this new trailer we get a large amount of new footage, including great looks at some of the other locales that will play prominently in the film. The Italian city that was created specifically for the movie, Porto Corsa, is as beautiful as we have seen in images and concept art. Take a look at the trailer here! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Commercial #2

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A brand new Cars 2 TV spot has hit the airwaves and it is full of never before seen footage. We get glimpses of the various cities around the world that will be featured in the film, as well as many of the new characters who are joining the cast. As I described in my first impressions of about 30 minutes of Cars 2 footage, this is sure to be Pixar’s most visually stunning film. Read on to take a look at the new commercial for yourself! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Celebrates The Royal Wedding

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As the marketing for Cars 2 is kicking into high gear, there have been some creative ads and posters created for the film. Apparently, there is some wedding happening tomorrow and it is such a huge event that even Cars 2 has taken notice. To mark the occasion, Disney/Pixar has released a poster, a new trailer, and a piece of concept art that are all England-centric. Read on to take a look at how Pixar is celebrating the royal wedding! [Read more...]

Cars 2: Official Trailer 3

As Disney detailed last month at their Investor Conference, a new trailer for Cars 2 was unveiled earlier today. The visuals are spectacular and the spy-themed-story is more apparent than ever.

UPDATE 1 (3/8/11 12:15 AM): It seems that MSN, who had an exclusive on the trailer debut has mysteriously pulled the trailer.

UPDATE 2 (3/8/11 10:15 AM): Disney/Pixar has posted the trailer on YouTube. You can view it below:

Make the jump to read some thoughts on the trailer, as well as to take a look at the extended UK trailer.

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Cars 2 Trailer

Michael Caine & Emily Mortimer Confirmed

Disney/Pixar has released the official full-length trailer for Cars 2. View it below:

UPDATE 1 (4:30 PM) - The Internet has been abuzz today with Sir Michael Caine’s voice (or someone who sounds much like him) in the trailer. The Pixar Blog is reporting that an anonymous source from Pixar has confirmed Caine’s role in the film. [Read more...]

New Cars 2 Trailer Attached To Tangled?

Disney-Pixar's Cars 2Well that was fast. Not even a month after the teaser trailer for Cars 2 debuted online and on the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD sets, the website, One Movie, Five Views, is reporting that a brand new trailer is attached to Disney’s newest animated film, Tangled. [Read more...]

Cars 2 Teaser Trailer

Disney/Pixar has just released the official teaser trailer for Cars 2 onto its YouTube channel! Watch it below:

Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24, 2011.

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Cars 2 Sneak Peek Goes Missing? [No]

Disney-Pixar's Cars 2Comparing the list of Toy Story 3 Blu-ray & DVD special features that were listed by retailers last month with the ones detailed by Disney in their press release, it is interesting to note a few differences. While the majority of the “missing” features have previously been seen (trailers, commercials), the absence of one special feature sticks out: the Cars 2 Sneak Peek. Where did it go? (UPDATE: The teaser trailer WILL be included)

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