Pixar Website Yields More Cars 2 Concept Art

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Pixar recently updated its official website to spotlight Cars 2, which is now due for release in just a few short weeks. Many of the details listed have been known for quite some time, but digging through the site, we came across several new pieces of concept art for the film which had not been publicly released before. The pieces are more examples of the beauty that emerges from the creative minds at the studio. We are huge fans of concept art here and think you will soak up these images, as we did. Take a look at the 11 images here but note that the images are not in hi-res. [Read more…]

Disney/Pixar Releases Plethora Of Cars 2 Concept Art

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Today was a big day for Cars 2, as Disney/Pixar has provided us with the widest look at the film yet. Over the past few months, a few images of concept art from the upcoming film have been released here and there. While they gave us glimpses at the various locales the film will visit, they were nothing like what we now have our hands upon today. Stunning really does not capture the essence of the artistic talent seen here, but take a look and see the 20 pieces for yourself! [Read more…]

Cars 2 Concept Art Showcases Re-imagined Landmarks

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ComingSoon.net exclusively debuted a few pieces of concept art for Cars 2. These are a bit different from the previous conceptual artwork that was unveiled by Disney a few months ago, as these look specifically at how the artists at Pixar reworked some of the famous landmarks that will be seen in the upcoming Cars film.

UPDATE (4:00 PM): We have added descriptions and hi-res versions of the images. Make sure to click on them to view all the spectacular minor details present in each one of these.

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New Italian Cars 2 Character Named

Cars 2 - Francesco Concept Art

With the reveal of concept art for Cars 2 merchandise arriving later this year, Stitch Kingdom has learned the name of a brand new character. The Italian racecar goes by the name of Francesco Bernoulli. His identity has been unknown so far, but if there are Francesco toys on the way, the character likely plays a decent-sized role in the film. [Read more…]

Cars 2 Concept Art Released

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Today’s Cars 2 celebration continues as not only has Disney/Pixar released a teaser trailer but they have also posted great new concept art for the upcoming film. Three of the pieces are brand new, while one of them was the first used to promote the film. View the panoramic concept art pieces below:

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