Watch: New ‘Brave’ Clip and Featurette Give Us More On Merida’s Family


Understandably, much of the marketing for Brave has been centered upon Merida’s journey and her ‘fate.’ She is facing off against tradition, but she will likely come to realize that she cannot overcome challenges alone. Her parents, King Fergus and Queen Elinor, along with her triplet brothers, may only be supporting players in the film’s story, but their time will come. Watch a new clip and featurette, and get to know Merida’s family better after the break! [Read more…]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Clip Has Merida Teaching Her Brothers Archery

Brave - Triplets Wallpaper

A new Brave clip has been available on the official Brave site and has played on Disney’s various channels over the past week. It has Merida giving her triplet brothers a few tips on how to use a bow and arrow. Of course, the three of them always have their “eyes on the pies,” constantly being on the search for sweets. They will do what they can to satisfy their sweet tooth. After the jump, find out how Merida’s advice helps them on their endless search for pies! [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Stills Feature The Bear, Swords, And Mischief


Recently, several new Brave stills have been unveiled through various outlets that bring us deeper into the story of the film. As part of its summer movie preview, MTV has released an exclusive still that is quite creepy – it has Merida walking through a foggy forest, with a bear looking on. Additionally, Disney Brazil has shared a few new stills that give us a hint at the emotion and humor that will be present. Take a look at the images after the jump! [Read more…]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Featurette Profiles Merida’s Triplet Brothers


Earlier today, Fandango debuted a new Brave featurette introducing us to the red-haired triplet brothers of Merida. Named Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, the trio don’t utter a single word in the entire film, but there is a whole lot of giggling that comes from them. Obsessed with sweets, they are a group of practical jokers who will do what they can to satisfy their drive for sugar. Check out the featurette after the jump! [Read more…]

Closer Look At More Stunning ‘Brave’ Concept Art


The downpour of Brave concept art continues! It’s Art Magazine has debuted several new pieces of concept art from the film, featuring a number of the main characters. We get to see more pre-production artwork for Merida, her family, along with the beautiful landscape of Scotland (which may as well be a character). Again, we have seen these before in the Disney World Brave exhibit, but one cannot deny that it is always better to get a better look at the art in a higher resolution format. Take a peek at the nine pieces of stunning artwork after the jump! [Read more…]