July 24, 2014

Watch: ‘Brave’ Final Theatrical Trailer


In the wee hours of the morning, Disney/Pixar unveiled the final theatrical trailer for Brave. It gives us a summary of the set-up for the film, with Merida being unhappy that she is being forced to marry. She is a fiery redhead, deadly with a bow and arrow, and just does not want to follow the traditions of the land. Mostly a collection of footage from the various trailers and clips that have been released thus far, we do get a few shots from later in the film. Watch the trailer after the jump! [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Hitting The Web Tomorrow


With the film’s release date being less than two months away now, word has arrived that the new trailer for Brave will hit the web tomorrow. Recently, we have been getting new featurettes, with them providing us some exposition on Merida’s story and her triplet brothers but also previewing some new footage. There has been a new trailer playing with Disney’s Chimpanzee, which opened on Friday, so the new trailer is likely the one playing in theaters. [Read more...]

Watch: New ‘Brave’ TV Spot Hits The Airwaves

Brave - Angus Wallpaper

Perhaps timed to show the world that Pixar has its own heroine badass who is mighty good with a bow and arrow, a new Brave TV spot has been unleashed. Along with a few glimpses of new scenes, this new spot is set to a rocking soundtrack. Most will recognize the music, Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” which is used here due to the song’s Scottish influence. Check out the new TV spot after the jump! [Read more...]

WATCH: Epic ‘Brave’ Japanese Trailer


A few days ago, Disney Japan released a new trailer for Brave, and as it normally goes, it showed off a lot (and I mean, a lot) more of the film than the American trailers have. It seems to be more in line with the gorgeous and ominous teaser trailer that was shown in theatres with Cars 2. You can watch the trailer after the jump, but be warned, while the trailer is beautiful and epic, it shows much more footage from Brave. It is packed with more spoilers, especially if you speak Japanese. If you weren’t convinced by the previous trailers, then you will be convinced by this one. Check it out after the jump! [Read more...]

WATCH: ‘Brave’ Makes Splash At Oscars With New TV Spot


This past week has been a big one for Brave, with us getting character descriptions and a new trailer (more like a clip) from the film. Just when you thought you would not hear from Pixar for the next few weeks at least, a new TV spot made a surprise debut during the Oscars last night. Accompanied with a beautiful song in the Scottish Gaelic language, the commercial gives us a haunting look into the film. Check out the great new TV spot after the jump! [Read more...]

WATCH: New Trailer/Clip From ‘Brave’

Brave Logo

As promised, early this morning, Disney/Pixar released a new Brave trailer exclusively through iTunes Movie Trailers. The trailer, though, is essentially an extended clip from the film – a moment which sets the stage for Merida and her journey. On display are her impressively sick archery skills, which would put any one of us to shame. Watch the 2 1/2 minute clip, called “The Prize,” in high resolution after the jump! [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Has Its Eyes Set On Thursday

Brave Trailer Countdown

It is that time of year again – when Pixar employees are scrambling to finish their summer film. Considering the fact that Pixar films are developed over the course of four years or more, the finish line must loom over the studio for the final few months. With production approaching the end, the marketing begins to ramp up with the release of new trailers and images sharing more information in the span of three months than we have seen in the past three years! Brave is at this stage now and it looks like we will be seeing a brand spankin’ new trailer on Thursday. Find out more details after the jump! [Read more...]

Discuss: ‘Brave’ Trailer Reactions

©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

Now that we’ve had a few days to absorb the new full-length trailer for Brave, it’s time to see what everybody thinks. The one aspect that everyone seems to agree on is the animation and the stunning look of the film. The fluidity of Merida’s hair alone should be worth the price of a movie ticket. Further, the beautiful Scottish landscapes suggest an epic scope to the storyline. However, there have also been some criticisms laid upon the trailer. Read on to see what some have said. [Read more...]

Watch: Full-Length ‘Brave’ Trailer


On Monday, along with the release of a few images from Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave, we learned that the first full-length trailer would be arriving shortly. Well, it’s here and it looks fantastic. Over the years, Pixar has made great strides in animation, and those skills are all on display here. Main character Merida features flowing locks of red hair that move with such fluidity that they look borderline realistic. Check out the stunningly beautiful trailer for Brave here. [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Officially Debuting Wednesday


We were excited to get an extended look at Brave this morning, which is when a new trailer was supposedly set to debut. Yesterday, it was the Associated Press article that marked today as the day the full-length trailer was going to bow. However, that is not the case, as Disney/Pixar took to Facebook to announce that the trailer would actually be debuting tomorrow. We have to wait another 24 hours? Cue the outrage! (Yes, if it was not already apparent, that was sarcasm) [Read more...]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Attached To ‘Muppets’?


The first (and only) Brave footage that has been publicly unveiled was the teaser trailer that arrived with Cars 2 way back in June. That was about five months ago. While Pixar showcased a few scenes from the highly-aniticipated film at the D23 Expo in August (you can read about the scenes here), attendees were the only ones who got a glimpse at them. With Disney’s The Muppets coming to theatres the day before Thanksgiving, it is the most likely time for a new Brave trailer to drop. [Read more...]

Watch: Brave Teaser Trailer


This past weekend, audiences had a sneak peek of the teaser trailer for Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave. This morning, Disney/Pixar released the trailer online and we have to warn you – it may just rock your world. This has the potential to be an epic fantasy story. It certainly looks gorgeous. Take a look at the teaser here and let us know about the level of your excitement! [Read more...]

Confirmed: Leaked Brave Image Not From Teaser Trailer


Last week, an image from the production of Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave, was leaked online. It received much attention from the online media as we had yet to see a fully rendered image from the film. In fact, the four pieces of concept art released a few months ago had been the only visual representation of the film. The leaked image created a deal of excitement for the highly-anticiapted project and had many assuming that the image was taken from the teaser trailer that will be playing with Cars 2 next month. However, the image is not from the teaser, which makes the leak that much more mysterious. [Read more...]

Brave Teaser All But Confirmed To Play With Cars 2

Brave Logo

On Sunday night, Disney held its annual International Upfronts where the studio shared news and clips from its upcoming television shows and films. As subsidiaries, ESPN, ABC Family, and Pixar often play a large role in the presentation and yesterday was no different. With Cars 2 coming next month, Disney shared a first look at the next big Pixar project, Brave. According to WorldScreen.com, Rich Ross, the Walt Disney Studios chairman, played a “clip” from the 2012 film for attendees. [Read more...]