15 New Hi-Res Images From ‘Brave’ Released


Brave is enjoying its time in the limelight, racking up over $66 million last weekend and gearing up for a box office battle with Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, which may be another good film from the famed director, but I hardly think families will be viewing the stripper-focused film together. Whether you have seen Brave or still remain unconvinced (for the record, I really enjoyed the film), Disney/Pixar has released 15 new hi-res stills from the animated film for you to gander at. Bask in their high-resolution glory after the break! [Read more…]

Merida Swings A Sword In New ‘Brave’ Stills


We have heard that Brave heroine Merida is quite the expert archer, able to nail a target dead-on from far away. She showed up her suitors one after another in a great clip released by Disney/Pixar a few months back. She is in her comfort zone when fashioning a bow and arrow, but how about when a sword comes into play? In two new Brave stills, Merida is seen swinging a sword – but do her sword skills hold a candle to her archery skills? Take a look at the stills after the jump! [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Stills Feature Merida And A Few Bears


Disney/Pixar premiered the final theatrical trailer for Brave yesterday, giving us a few more hints as to where the story will go. Three hi-res stills from the trailer have now been released, two of which are likely strong hints as to where the story is heading in acts two and three. As always, if you would rather stay in the dark about even small story hints, no one is forcing you to take a look at these. For all others, take a look at the gorgeous stills after the jump! [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Stills Feature The Bear, Swords, And Mischief


Recently, several new Brave stills have been unveiled through various outlets that bring us deeper into the story of the film. As part of its summer movie preview, MTV has released an exclusive still that is quite creepy – it has Merida walking through a foggy forest, with a bear looking on. Additionally, Disney Brazil has shared a few new stills that give us a hint at the emotion and humor that will be present. Take a look at the images after the jump! [Read more…]

New Brave Still Features Redheads Galore


With the calendar turning over to 2012, Pixar’s efforts are now fully set on completing Brave for its release in the summer. The film is the first from the studio to feature a female protagonist, which has the public anticipating it even more. Amidst a preview of the upcoming films of the year, a new still has been released today by USA Today (via ComingSoon). The redheaded Princess Merida and her family are seated around a table and once again, her mother the Queen, seems to be looking on disapprovingly. Must be the fact that she’s the only one who’s not a redhead…or not. Take a look at the image after the jump! [Read more…]