July 29, 2014

Film Review: ‘Brave’


With most reviews written today for Pixar films, there is this innate drive to compare the studio’s latest with its fantastic catalog. The Pixar name has become synonymous with more than just great animated films – a story that is layered so that both children and adults can enjoy it, characters that you can relate to, smart and creative humor, beautiful visuals – over the last decade, Pixar has become a brand that brings in droves of people expecting another great film. The challenge that arises from that expectation is that instead of weighing the films on their own merits, they are endlessly compared to the films that came before. Brave arrives in theaters tomorrow with much hype about whether it makes for a film worthy of the Pixar name – Pixar film or not, Brave is first and foremost an impressive feature, with a compelling mother-daughter relationship that sits at its core. After the break, you can find my full spoiler-free thoughts on the film. [Read more...]

First Impressions: 30 Minutes From ‘Brave’


I have had a few days to think about the Brave footage that I was able to view on Tuesday night, and there has been no fall in my level of excitement about the film. In fact, it has increased. Pixar screened the first 30 minutes from the film for a select group of bloggers, and while some of the scenes were unfinished (with respects to lighting, animation, etc.), it blew me away. From its stunning look to its epic and hearty story, I have little doubt that Brave will impress. [Read more...]