New ‘Brave’ Japanese Poster Gives Us A Rare Look At The Witch, May Contain Spoilers

Brave Japanese Poster 2

In North America, Disney and Pixar have mostly protected us from the main story aspects of Brave. However, overseas it seems that Disney is pushing more story details to convince audiences in other parts of the world to see the film. The Japanese trailer showed a ton of new footage (good for those eagerly anticipating Brave, but maybe not quite as good for those avoiding spoilers). Now, Disney Japan has unveiled a new poster which gives us a rare look at the witch. The poster may very well contain spoilers, so take a peek at your own risk. [Read more…]

Four ‘Brave’ Character Posters, New Details Revealed

Brave Character Poster - Merida

This morning, Entertainment Weekly posted four exclusive Brave character posters, featuring several of the main players from Pixar’s highly anticipated new film. The four hi-res posters feature Princess Merida, her parents Queen Elinor and King Fergus, her similarly red-haired brothers, and Lords of the Kingdom. Additionally, in an interview with director Mark Andrews, several new details about the film were revealed. Check out the images and the full (spoiler-free) scoop after the jump! [Read more…]

Gorgeous New ‘Brave’ Poster Rolled Out


With the new trailer debuting tomorrow, the updates on Brave are continuing to roll in. Yesterday, Disney/Pixar relaunched the official website for the film, with new images, character descriptions, and more. Today, Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers has exclusively debuted the new poster for Brave and it is quite gorgeous. The colors and lighting, along with the detail make this a very special poster. Check it out in hi-res after the jump! [Read more…]

First Look At Brave Teaser Poster


[UPDATE 1: EW has released a higher-resolution image]

[UPDATE 2: Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we now have an actual hi-res image]

A forum user on DVDizzy came across the official teaser poster for Brave at their local movie theater. Featuring a beautiful usage of colors and greenery, we think the poster looks epic. With the teaser trailer arriving in theaters with Cars 2, this seems like the perfect time for another look at Princess Merida. Feast your eyes upon the beautiful new one-sheet poster that will be making its way to movie theaters around the world!

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New Brave Logo [Updates]

Disney/Pixar's Brave coming June 15, 2012

At the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Walt Disney World, the Toy Story 3 poster was removed, and a teaser poster (essentially the logo art) for Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave, has been put in its place:

Disney/Pixar's Brave coming June 15, 2012

We await a high-resolution version of the poster.

Special thanks to @PaulChadkin on Twitter for posting the picture.

UPDATE 1: 2 Easter eggs have been found in the poster.

UPDATE 2: Disney/Pixar has released a higher resolution image.

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