‘Brave’ Easter Eggs – Pizza Planet Truck, Sulley From ‘Monsters University’


Aside from the fun of enjoying a new Pixar film every year, fans have grown accustomed to hunting down easter eggs hidden by Pixar employees. After its debut in Toy Story, the Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar film, aside from The Incredibles. Additionally, we are regularly provided with a hint of a character from the studio’s next film. With Brave seeing release on June 22, many fans have found some of the cleverly hidden easter eggs. After the break, check out hi-res images showing where these gems are hidden! [Read more…]

Discuss: Will The Pizza Planet Truck Be Able To Cameo in Brave?

Pizza Planet truck in 'Toy Story'

Sometimes a question arises that is just too good not to discuss in a group. Today that question has to do with the Pizza Planet truck. Pixar has managed to have the truck appear in every one of its feature films (except for The Incredibles) and you can bet that it will once again grace the big screen in the vehicle-focused Cars 2. However, Brave is a fairy tale that takes place in a “rugged and mythic Scotland.” It might be a bit difficult to fit in a Pizza Planet truck, let alone references to other Pixar films. Do you think the famed truck will appear in the film? If so, then how would the film team squeeze it in? Comment below and discuss! [Read more…]