Watch: Full-Length ‘Brave’ Trailer


On Monday, along with the release of a few images from Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave, we learned that the first full-length trailer would be arriving shortly. Well, it’s here and it looks fantastic. Over the years, Pixar has made great strides in animation, and those skills are all on display here. Main character Merida features flowing locks of red hair that move with such fluidity that they look borderline realistic. Check out the stunningly beautiful trailer for Brave here. [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Attached To ‘Muppets’?


The first (and only) Brave footage that has been publicly unveiled was the teaser trailer that arrived with Cars 2 way back in June. That was about five months ago. While Pixar showcased a few scenes from the highly-aniticipated film at the D23 Expo in August (you can read about the scenes here), attendees were the only ones who got a glimpse at them. With Disney’s The Muppets coming to theatres the day before Thanksgiving, it is the most likely time for a new Brave trailer to drop. [Read more…]