Watch: New ‘Brave’ Clip Gives Us A Peek At Merida’s Family

Brave - Merida At Table With Family

In Brave, Merida’s family is quite the interesting bunch – her father (King Fergus) would rather joke than fulfill his obligations; her mother (Queen Elinor) is the serious one, ruling over the kingdom from behind-the-scenes; her triplet brothers silently partake in mischief on an endless drive to consume pies and other sweets. A new clip from the film was released earlier today, which gives us a glimpse at every single one of these characteristics. Take a look at the video after the break! [Read more…]

Watch: ‘Brave’ Clip Has Merida Teaching Her Brothers Archery

Brave - Triplets Wallpaper

A new Brave clip has been available on the official Brave site and has played on Disney’s various channels over the past week. It has Merida giving her triplet brothers a few tips on how to use a bow and arrow. Of course, the three of them always have their “eyes on the pies,” constantly being on the search for sweets. They will do what they can to satisfy their sweet tooth. After the jump, find out how Merida’s advice helps them on their endless search for pies! [Read more…]

Watch: New ‘Brave’ Featurette Talks Merida’s Story, Shows New Footage

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A new Brave featurette was posted early this morning on the Walt Disney Studios France YouTube channel. It serves as a primer for what the story of the film will be, giving us a look at some previously unseen scenes. The video also provides us with Merida’s motivation for why she wants things to change in her kingdom. She may think that what she is doing is best for her, but there are going to be some serious repercussions. Take a look at the video after the jump! [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Has Its Eyes Set On Thursday

Brave Trailer Countdown

It is that time of year again – when Pixar employees are scrambling to finish their summer film. Considering the fact that Pixar films are developed over the course of four years or more, the finish line must loom over the studio for the final few months. With production approaching the end, the marketing begins to ramp up with the release of new trailers and images sharing more information in the span of three months than we have seen in the past three years! Brave is at this stage now and it looks like we will be seeing a brand spankin’ new trailer on Thursday. Find out more details after the jump! [Read more…]

Discuss: ‘Brave’ Trailer Reactions

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Now that we’ve had a few days to absorb the new full-length trailer for Brave, it’s time to see what everybody thinks. The one aspect that everyone seems to agree on is the animation and the stunning look of the film. The fluidity of Merida’s hair alone should be worth the price of a movie ticket. Further, the beautiful Scottish landscapes suggest an epic scope to the storyline. However, there have also been some criticisms laid upon the trailer. Read on to see what some have said. [Read more…]

Watch: Full-Length ‘Brave’ Trailer


On Monday, along with the release of a few images from Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave, we learned that the first full-length trailer would be arriving shortly. Well, it’s here and it looks fantastic. Over the years, Pixar has made great strides in animation, and those skills are all on display here. Main character Merida features flowing locks of red hair that move with such fluidity that they look borderline realistic. Check out the stunningly beautiful trailer for Brave here. [Read more…]

New ‘Brave’ Trailer Attached To ‘Muppets’?


The first (and only) Brave footage that has been publicly unveiled was the teaser trailer that arrived with Cars 2 way back in June. That was about five months ago. While Pixar showcased a few scenes from the highly-aniticipated film at the D23 Expo in August (you can read about the scenes here), attendees were the only ones who got a glimpse at them. With Disney’s The Muppets coming to theatres the day before Thanksgiving, it is the most likely time for a new Brave trailer to drop. [Read more…]