July 23, 2014

The Pixar Perspective on the Importance of Continuity

Monsters University - Teaser Poster 2

Over the last year or so, there’s been a trend online where people create short videos in which they list a series of problems they spotted in a mainstream movie, from Skyfall to Looper to The Dark Knight Rises. These videos all have received a disturbing amount of traction, as if their creators deserve a pat on the back for seeing what the rest of us, apparently, didn’t see or chose to ignore. These bite-sized excuses for modern film criticism are created by people who presume they’re being insightful, which is far from the truth. Better still, when they’re called out for their unnecessary whining, as happened when Looper’s director, Rian Johnson, got audibly frustrated at one of these videos, they half-heartedly shield themselves behind the “Oh, it’s just a joke!” excuse. Among Pixar films, Brave avoided this nitpicking—at least on such a grand scale. But if this video is any hint, we may need to batten down the virtual hatches because the nitpickers are already unloading on Monsters University. [Read more...]

Billy Crystal Reveals ‘Monsters University’ Plot Details


In Monsters, Inc., it is alluded that Mike and Sulley were not always an inseparable pair. In the first teaser for the prequel, Monsters University, we got confirmation of that as Sulley pranks Mike to hilarious results. With the prequel film taking us on a college campus, it seemed that Pixar was prepared to unleash its interpretation of the “college movie.” In a new interview Billy Crystal elaborates on the plot of the film and has revealed a few significant details. Find out what he said after the break!

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New ‘Monsters University’ Images Showcase Mike and Sulley’s Rivalry

Monsters University Research - 1

After grossing more than $200 million in North America alone, Brave‘s domestic run is beginning to come to a close. While the 13th feature film from Pixar is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, with its Blu-ray/DVD release and award season still to come, eyes will soon start to turn towards the studio’s 14th film, Monsters University. The Monsters, Inc. prequel created some buzz in June with the release of beautiful concept art and a hilarious teaser trailer. Now, we’ve stumbled upon a few new images from the film, which you can take a look at after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Teaser Trailers + First Images

Monsters University 3D

Late last night, we had the arrival of the first piece of concept art from Pixar’s first prequel film, Monsters University, with the promise of a new teaser trailer. Early this morning, Disney/Pixar quadrupled down on that promise with the release of four different versions of the MU trailer! We won’t spoil the teaser, as it is laugh-on-the-floor hilarious, but the various versions involve slightly different lines from Mike Wazowski (once again voiced by the great Billy Crystal). Watch all the different versions of the teaser after the break, and take a look at the first stills from the film! [Read more...]

First Look: ‘Monsters University’ Concept Art [Updated]

Monsters University Concept Art

The highly anticipated prequel to Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, is only a year away, but we have yet to see much from the film. We saw some character artwork at the D23 Expo last summer, and the teaser trailer for the film has been playing with early screenings of Brave. The teaser should be debuting online soon, but to prepare for that, we have a special piece of concept art from the film. Take a peek after the jump! [Read more...]

D23 2011: Images From The Huge Walt Disney Studios Presentation


The Walt Disney Studios presentation on Saturday at the D23 Expo proved to be the most jam-packed of all the panels and events at the show (and was also the hardest to get into, as even those who lined up two hours before did not make it in). Featuring sneak peeks at the various films coming from Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures and Animation, and Marvel, all electronic devices (e.g. cameras, laptops) were checked in before attendees were allowed into the arena. However, official images from the event of the directors and the actors talking about their films have been released.  [Read more...]

Billy Crystal: Mike Wazowski To Wear Retainer In Monsters University


At a 20th Anniversary screening of City Slickers on Friday night, Billy Crystal had a chance to speak about his upcoming role in the prequel film, Monsters University. Returning as the voice of the hilarious Mike Wazowski, Crystal spoke with Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog, who moderated the event. Apparently, the actor had just finished working on an extensive voicing session for the film, and his voice was a bit hoarse. Read on for some thought from Billy Crystal on the highly anticipated Monsters University! [Read more...]