LEGO Announces WALL-E Set Is On The Way


LEGO allows fans to submit ideas for new sets, and boy are there some incredibly creative designs that are put together. Once 10,000 people support a project, the company puts it through a lengthy review phase along with other projects. Only a limited number of designs ever receive final approval to move ahead to the manufacturing stage. A few months back, a WALL-E set made it to the review phase – LEGO has now announced that it has been approved and it will be released in stores! [Read more…]

Watch: Pixar Does 2D Animation With Hilarious ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Extra

Toy Story of Terror - Combat Carl Extra

While Pixar films have a great track record and often generate wide acclaim due to their heartwarming stories and complex characters, their home video releases remain underrated. Almost all of the studio’s Blu-ray and DVD releases come with a bevy of special features that not only enlighten audiences about the production process but also dive into discussing the identity of the animation studio. Beyond that, there are also routinely a selection of brilliant extras included that make owning the Pixar discs a must. For Toy Story OF TERROR!, we think that the retro Combat Carl ad will fill that role. Take a look at it after the break! [Read more…]

Help Make LEGO WALL-E A Reality


WALL-E is considered among the best of Pixar’s feature films. It also happens to feature one of the greatest characters to come out of the Emeryville-based studio. The titular character won the hearts of millions from the moment he started appearing in brief promos prior to the release of the film. He may not talk, but his penchant for making beeps and boops where you knew exactly what he was trying to say, along with the gorgeous visuals from Pixar that brought him to life, made him instantly relatable. With the film’s release a few years removed, new merchandise featuring the character is rare, but you can help make a new LEGO WALL-E set a reality. Find out how after the break!

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‘Toy Story of Terror’ Hits Blu-ray/DVD On August 19 [Updated]

Toy Story Of Terror Bluray

In October last year, Pixar unveiled its first-ever television special, Toy Story OF TERROR! There was little doubt that it would be successful, given the power of the Pixar and Toy Story brands – over 10 million people tuned in to watch it, not counting re-airings on other networks. As we await the next TV special, Disney has announced that Toy Story OF TERROR!, which was directed by Pixar veteran Angus MacLane, is arriving on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download this summer. After the break, find more details about the special features and everything else that will be included!

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‘Monsters University’ and ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Win Pixar 5 Annie Awards

Monsters University - College Hijinks

Animation’s biggest night is often considered to be represented by the Annie Awards, which focuses solely on honoring achievements in the world of animation. Pixar’s 2013 feature film, Monsters University, and television special, Toy Story OF TERROR!, were major hits among audiences but also garnered a combined fourteen Annie nominations. The awards were held last night in Hollywood, and the animation studio walked away with five trophies! See the categories Pixar’s projects won after the break!

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Watch: Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Toy Story Of Terror’


Pixar has conquered the big screen and is now ready to tackle television with its first TV special, Toy Story OF TERROR!. With the entire cast from the film franchise returning, along with the large production team at Pixar working for over two years to produce the special, there is no doubt that this is the next major release from the animation studio. Although its 21-minute running time is considerably shorter than the 90+ minutes we are used to seeing from Pixar’s feature releases, it still allows the studio to pack in enough thrills and heart. Learn more about the special and go behind the scenes in a new video that has just been released. Watch it after the break!

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D23 Expo: ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Is Pixar’s First Horror Film

'Toy Story of Terror'

Toy Story, Pixar’s first feature film, was initially imagined as a television special. After the film’s path led it into theaters, the studio’s focus turned to releasing films theatrically. After the success of the Cars Toons shorts, Pixar has decided to revisit the idea of a TV-special. Toy Story OF TERROR!, a half-hour special scheduled to air in tandem with the Halloween season, is the studio’s first attempt at a project fully inspired by the genre of horror. At the D23 Expo this past weekend, the first 10 minutes was shown and an air date was announced. Read my thoughts after the break!

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