PixArt Spotlight: Andrew Kolb

Andrew Kolb

Fans of this site definitely know the work of Andrew Kolb. We here at PixArt haven’t exactly been shy about our love for his fantastic illustrations. He is always such a great sport when it comes to our little section of The Pixar Times – contributing original pieces of fan art to almost all of our call-to-artists. His Cars 2 submission was highlight – combining the worlds of Cars, Back to The Future and Ghostbusters. And of course, who can forget the amazing Pixar pet shop piece he did. Like all of his work, the images were thoughtful, clever and fun. His work truly elevates the concept of fan art. Using his distinct style, he brings an energy to these existing properties and really makes them his own. A quick look through his body of work and it’s evident how much effort and heart he puts into each image. His epic “Picture Book Set In Space” is a marvel and shows just how skilled a visual storyteller he has become.

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PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 1 Mixes With The Worlds of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, More

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We’re just a few weeks away from the debut of Pixar’s first prequel – Monsters University opens June 21 in theaters everywhere. To celebrate, we asked you to submit your best Monsters Mash-Up. Take any of the characters from the ‘Monsters’ universe and smash ’em up with just about anything else. The results have been unsurprisingly entertaining! In this first batch alone, we see monsters invading the worlds of Star Wars, The Incredibles and The Lord of The Rings.

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PixArt: October 2012 Feature – A Monstrous Halloween


It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Andrew Kolb‘s work. His images have been featured often on these pages both as a featured artist and in our tributes. We are extremely pleased to welcome him back to PixArt – he has provided us with a wonderful Halloween-themed Monsters image, which features Mike, Sulley, and Boo celebrating the holiday in style. Kolb never disappoints. As always, we are so charmed by his work and sincerely grateful for the contribution. View his fantastic artwork in hi-res after the jump!

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PixArt: Cars 2 Countdown – 10…

Art by Andrew Kolb

With only 10 days to go until Cars 2 arrives, we are continuing to count down to the film in style. Today, we have an illustrator who has already been seen on our PixArt page and the sheer creativity of his piece led it to become one of the biggest hits on the Pixar fan art page since its launch last year! Andrew Kolb has created another fantastic piece of artwork, which features two very iconic cars from 1980’s films Ghostbusters and Back To The Future. Check out the artwork here! [Read more…]

PixArt: April 2011 Feature – Pet Store Full of Pixar Easter Eggs

Art by Andrew Kolb

We were thrilled when artist Andrew Kolb agreed to do a piece for us. But we were not expecting this! Wow! With many references to Pixar’s films and shorts, make sure you enlarge the image and take your time to try to find them all. This wonderfully clever piece is practically poster-ready. You’ll definitely want to check out more of Andrew’s great work. We’ll let Andrew tell you more about his work and where you can find it.  [Read more…]