Pixar’s 2012: Year In Review – ‘Brave,’ Cars Land, ‘Partysaurus Rex,’ ‘Finding Nemo 2’ and More

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2012 was a big year for Pixar, as the studio saw three of its feature films make its way into theaters. Granted, two of the films were re-releases (Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc.), but it was definitely a historic year for the animation subsidiary of Disney. Coming off of 2011, a year in which Cars 2 failed to wow critics and left some worried about Pixar’s future catalog of films, there was a lot riding on the studio’s 2012 entry, Brave. Additionally, there were a few news breaks about what we will be seeing in 2013 and beyond from Pixar. Catch up on Pixar’s 2012 after the break!

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D23 2011: Wrap-Up

Pixar Cupcake

Attending the D23 Expo was a last-minute decision. Jerrod was already going to the show to cover it for us, but once all the Pixar panels were announced I had a feeling this year would be special. Well, that was an understatement. At D23,¬†we were shown previously unseen footage and artwork from Brave, learned new details about the story and the characters in Monsters University and the new Toy Story Toon, Small Fry, and were surprised with the announcement of 2 brand new (and totally original) Pixar films. That has to be a record for Pixar news over just a few days! [Read more…]