July 30, 2014

WALL-E Up For Spot In Robot Hall Of Fame


Pixar’s WALL-E was released more than four years ago but the titular character has been a mainstay in the news – just a few weeks ago, word spread about a devoted fan who had brought the robot to life with a superbly designed recreation. Recognizing the character’s position in pop culture, Carnegie Mellon University has nominated the robot for a spot in its Robot Hall of Fame. After the break, find more on how you can vote in the poll!

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100 New Collectible Pixar Postcards Coming Soon

Art of Pixar Postcards Volume 2 Set

Back in 2005, Chronicle Books released a Pixar postcard set in time for the studio’s 20th anniversary. The set contained 100 postcards featuring concept art from all of the feature films and short films that had been produced by the animation studio. Now, after a seven-year wait, Chronicle is set to release a Volume 2 in the series, with 100 all-new postcards with artwork from arguably some of Pixar’s greatest films. Find more details and the press release after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: Real-Life WALL-E Comes Alive


Audiences around the world have connected with WALL-E, with many movie buffs ranking the film at the top of their list of favorite Pixar films (or even films in general) – that is no mistake as though WALL-E is a robot, there is something truly humane that can be seen in the character’s eyes and personality. Mike Senna, who lives in Orange County, California, is a big fan of the character – so much so that he decided to bring WALL-E to the real world. Take a look at his faithful creation after the break! [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine – Batch 3


Today is the day! Finally, Brave has been unleashed upon the public here in North America.  What better way to celebrate Merida’s grand debut in theaters than with a super-sized tribute to the many heroines of Pixar films. We’re back with Batch 3 of artwork from our amazing readers. Check out their work and make sure to visit their sites for more samples of their amazing talents. Our thanks to all of the artists in this week’s post: Yosiell Lorenzo, Wayne Harris, Viviane Yamabuchi, SaMtRoNiKa, Phillip Light, Nilah Magruder, Miriam Bos, Marco Luna, Kylea Phillips, Keelin Quigley, Jonathan Jimison, Jackie Williams, Genevieve Santos, Dave Mott, Danny Clark, Courtney Godbey Wise, Bob Ostrom, Andrew Kolb and Alice Reka. Check out the 20 pieces after the break! [Read more...]

Cafe Where Pixar Came Up With ‘A Bug’s Life,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ and ‘WALL-E’ Shuts Down

Hidden City Cafe

Hidden City Cafe is well-known in Pixar lore, as it is the location of a very special lunch that studio employees had – a lunch where they came up with the ideas for four of its films. Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft (RIP) gathered for a memorable meal at the cafe, as they outlined ideas that went on to become A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL-E. The cafe has often been visited by Pixar fans, to get a taste of the birthplace of so many of the studio’s films. However, when one fan recently dropped by, he discovered that the place had been shut down. [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine


We couldn’t be more excited about Brave hitting theaters on June 22. By now, we’ve all heard that this is the first Pixar film to feature a female lead. But it’s certainly not the first Pixar heroine. In fact, there’s been quite a few strong female personalities in just about all of Pixar’s films – including Up‘s Kevin. So in honor of Merida and company joining the Pixar family, we thought we’d salute the Pixar heroines in the best way we know how – fan art. All this month we will be featuring your artwork celebrating our favorite females from the Pixar Universe. As always, you guys and gals delivered. We can’t wait to show you all the great work. And keep it coming. We will be posting new art throughout the month of June. [Read more...]

Pixar Classics To Return To AMC Theatres For One Weekend

Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

There is something special about enjoying a film in a theater, surrounded by fellow film lovers. Although there has been an increase in annoying cellphone usage in theaters over the past decade, many of us have fond memories of viewing classic films on the big screen. If you are looking to rekindle your appreciation for some Pixar classics, there’s good news, everyone – AMC and Disney/Pixar are teaming up to return four Pixar films to theaters for one weekend only. Find more details after the break! [Read more...]

Awesome: Minimalist Pixar Posters Exude Character

Pixar Poster by Wonchan Lee - Incredibles

The creative characters and imaginative worlds of Pixar films provide plenty of opportunity for artists to create something special. Wonchan Lee has done just that, designing minimalist posters for several characters from films such as Up, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and The Incredibles. Even better is that these posters are on sale on Lee’s website. Check out the 10 awesome posters after the jump! [Read more...]

Video of the Day: WALL-ETHEUS (‘Prometheus’ Parody)


I don’t tend to pay a large amount of attention to parody trailers, because the vast majority of them are not that great. However, there are a select few that hit the right note, mostly due to its creator’s close attention to detail. One of those is called WALL-ETHEUS and it is exactly what it sounds like – a WALL-E trailer, featuring the music and design from the trailer of the much-anticipated Alien prequel, Prometheus. The video comes to us from Brad Hansen of CraveOnline. Check it out after the jump! [Read more...]

PixArt: December 2011 Feature I – WALL-E


Take a look at that. This wonderfully detailed piece comes to us from the amazing hands of Brooklyn, NY artist Kevin Stanton. Check out Kevin’s site for more beautifully crafted paper cuts and keep on reading for more about the artist in his own words. [Read more...]

Video of the Day: The Sounds of WALL-E

When the main character of your film does not say anything other than “WALL-E” and “Eva,” other aspects of the film have to step up to the plate. Even though WALL-E may not say much, many people would tell you that he is still one of Pixar’s greatest characters. With the lack of speech, his other sounds and the other sounds around him become that much more important. For a film that required an expert in sound, who did Pixar bring in? – Ben Burtt, the man who is essentially the father of R2-D2. The sound genius talks about creating sound for a brand new world. Take a trip behind the scenes of WALL-E and watch how the sound for the film came together. [Read more...]

Video of the Day: Real-Life WALL-E


When WALL-E arrived in theaters in 2008, the adorable robot for which the film is named captured the hearts of filmgoers all over. We have seen some great toys created that mimicked the character’s movements, but DJ Sures may have just created one of the cooler models. In a new video, he shows off many of his modified WALL-E’s voice recognition abilities. I assure you, the results are rather hilarious. DJ Sures also shares how he put the cute little thing together. Watch the video here! [Read more...]

Disney Universe Trailer, Images Showcase The World Of WALL-E

Disney Universe

Disney Interactive Studios is commemorating the 42nd anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the moon by unveiling the space-set world that is inspired by Disney•Pixar’s WALL•E for their upcoming multiplayer action-adventure game, Disney Universe.  Newly unveiled images of the environment and characters give players yet another glimpse into the mischievous world of Disney Universe, the first video game that brings together characters and worlds inspired by both animated and live action films from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. [Read more...]

Mash-up: Pixar And The X-Men

Art by Mike Henderson

Mash-ups are fairly simple to create. One simply needs to take characters from one property and insert them into another. However, making them creative is another thing entirely. Artist Mike Henderson, a freelance illustrator for Marvel, took a handful of Pixar characters and threw them into the iconic X-Men Days of Future Past cover. Read on and take a look at the fantastic (and hilarious) artwork. [Read more...]

iOS Developer Cites WALL-E And EVE As Influences


Tapbots has been taking the iOS developer community by storm, as they have become known for the stunning visual aspect and ease of use of their iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Most recently, the company has released Tweetbot, a new Twitter app which in a matter of a few days has already garnered much praise from critics and users. Looking to create “utility robot” apps, the team of Paul and Mark have cited the famous robots of WALL-E as a clear influence. [Read more...]

Video of the Day: ‘The Office’ Makes A WALL-E Joke

The Office is no stranger to Pixar humor. Most recently, an hour-long episode centered around a guest-starring appearance by everybody’s favorite sheriff, Woody from the Toy Story franchise. The writing on the show made what could have easily been a mere reference into a creative use of the character. Last night, the NBC show had another Pixar reference, albeit a much smaller one. However, it was still hilarious. If you are an avid watcher of the show and have not seen the episode yet, you are welcome to turn around and come back once you have seen the full episode. Read on for the quote and a link to video.

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Video of the Day: Down to Earth A Cappella

Remember the song that plays while the credits roll at the end of WALL-E? That really catchy one? The Grammy Award-winning song, “Down to Earth,” performed by Peter Gabriel, had audiences around the world tapping their feet while they enjoyed one of the most creative end credits in recent years. A few days ago, The Disney Blog posted a video of the Amazin’ Blue Man Group from the University of Michigan performing the song a cappella. View the video of the performance below:

Even with passing time, it is clear that the song is still as great as ever.

Pixar Stamps Coming From The USPS

Pixar Stamps

Want to share your love of Pixar with friends and business partners? You’re in luck, as the USPS has announced plans to release five postal stamps commemorating several Pixar films: Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Up, and WALL-E.

The USPS had this to say in their press release: [Read more...]

Wall-E Named Best Movie Of The Decade By TIME


Toy Story 3 has been getting a ton of recognition lately. Yesterday, Richard Corliss of TIME put together a ‘Best of 2010′ list, naming Toy Story 3 the best movie of the year. TIME is also featuring their ‘best of the decade’ lists from last year and WALL-E is sitting pretty right at the top of the movies list. That’s right. Pixar’s own, WALL-E, was crowned the best movie of the 2000′s!

“A romance and an adventure, like all Pixar movies, director Andrew Stanton’s masterpiece here represents the decade’s full Pixar oeuvre, including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille and Up. It also stands in for all the glories of animation, whether CGI, traditional or stop-motion, that provided the greatest measure of joy in the new cinematic millennium.”

It is amazing to see WALL-E continue to be recognized for the fantastic film that it was. Easily one of the most original ideas to come from Pixar, it was a film that made us believe that robots can fall in love too. Now, I’m tempted to go watch it again!

Note: It is true that this list was actually compiled by TIME last year. With 2010 ending, they are featuring their lists once again, so I thought I would feature it as well. Doesn’t hurt to honor the great WALL-E again, right?

To read Corliss’ full thoughts on Wall-E and to see all the other films that made last year’s list, click here.