July 30, 2014

Watch: Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Toy Story Of Terror’


Pixar has conquered the big screen and is now ready to tackle television with its first TV special, Toy Story OF TERROR!. With the entire cast from the film franchise returning, along with the large production team at Pixar working for over two years to produce the special, there is no doubt that this is the next major release from the animation studio. Although its 21-minute running time is considerably shorter than the 90+ minutes we are used to seeing from Pixar’s feature releases, it still allows the studio to pack in enough thrills and heart. Learn more about the special and go behind the scenes in a new video that has just been released. Watch it after the break!

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Watch: Creepy ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Clip

Toy Story OF TERROR!

The marketing campaign for Toy Story OF TERROR!, Pixar’s first-ever television special, is ramping up which means a bevy of new images and footage are making the rounds online. Recently, several new images were unveiled, all of which had a darker tone than we are used to seeing from the Toy Story franchise. The animation studio has essentially created a send-up of the horror genre, but has promised the trademark humor and heart we have come to expect from Pixar projects. A brand new clip was released last week, and it again provides that mix of creepy and funny. Watch the 65-second clip in full after the break!

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Watch: A Four-Minute Tribute To 13 Pixar Films

13 Pixar Films

There are numerous great moments in Pixar films, from the first time Woody blinks his eyes to reveal he is a living character in Toy Story to the heartfelt conclusion of Monsters University. Unsurprisingly, great filmmaking inspires passion amongst moviegoers. That passion then inspires…tribute videos on YouTube? There is no shortage in the number of videos posted online that try to capture the greatness of Pixar films by bundling scenes into montages, but once in a while there is one that catches our attention. Watch a four-minute tribute to Pixar’s feature films after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Sound Comes To Life


In speaking about the technical aspects of Pixar films, the animation is always the first to be mentioned. There are many other departments that work on these animated films, without which the films would not look or sound as great. The sound design is sadly, often overlooked, but from a Monsters University video recently released, you can see the importance and complexity of sound in a film. A scene from the first challenge of the Scare Games is used to demonstrate how the sound came together. Watch the video after the break!

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Watch: Build Your Own Racing Tracks In ‘Disney Infinity’

Disney Infinity Track Builder - 1

Since the announcement of Disney Infinity, the new gaming platform that utilizes both Disney and Pixar franchises, much of the focus has been on the customizability of the initiative. The Toy Box mode allows gamers to mix characters from the distinct Disney/Pixar worlds and build a world for them to play in. Today, Disney Interactive has given us another idea of how huge the scope of the level of customization will be – you can build your own tracks for the characters to race on. After the break, you can check out video, photos, and more details of the track builder in Disney Infinity!

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Watch: ‘What Is Disney Infinity?’ Episode 2 Breaks Down Starter Pack Characters

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is an upcoming gaming platform that will combine the characters from various Disney and Pixar properties for the first time. Aside from the opportunity to make these distinct characters interact, the platform will also be a venue for entire games starring these characters in their own worlds – Sulley will be able to go around the campus of Monsters University scaring fellow students, while Mr. Incredible can save the citizens of Metroville from harm. Disney Interactive has released Episode 2 of its video series taking a look at the game. Get a better understanding of the game’s starter pack after the break!

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Watch: ‘What Is Disney Infinity?’ Episode 1 Provides An Overview Of The Play Sets

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity differs from the traditional video game in several arenas, but hardware is where the big difference lies. Physical figurines interact with the software to bring characters to life in the game and power discs are utilized as well to enable power-ups and unlock items, backgrounds, vehicles, and more. Disney Interactive is smartly launching a video series on YouTube that explains the intricacies of the game. Watch Episode 1 after the break!

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Watch: New ‘Monsters University’ Viral Ads Feature More Film Footage

Monsters University Concept Art

Many viral ads for films that are created today fail in several areas – they are not creative, they do not generate interest in the film, or the general public has no idea that the advertisement is even a viral ad. The marketing team at Disney/Pixar has set up a campaign for Monsters University that definitely falls on the clever side. Today, two new viral ads were released, which again promote the fictional university. Watch the ads, which feature new footage, after the break!

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Watch: Pixar Celebrates ‘Brave’ Oscar Victory [Updated]


On Sunday night, Brave returned Pixar to the Oscar podium once more, as the film won the Best Animated Feature award. While director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian were present at the show, most of those who worked on the film were not in attendance. Andrews and Sarafian returned to Pixar on Monday, carrying the golden statuette, ready to celebrate with their co-workers. Watch a news clip showing their celebrated return after the break!

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Watch: Helen Mirren Narrates ‘Monsters University’ Viral Ad

Monsters University - Message From The Dean

Pixar’s 2012 hit, Brave, continues to bring in awards, but the studio’s animation and technical departments are firmly focused on completing Monsters University in time for its summer release. Although the prequel film is still four months away, the marketing team at Disney/Pixar is already hard at work with a creative campaign revolving around the fictional university. A viral ad and website have already hit the web, and now we have another fantastic video narrated by actress Helen Mirren, no less. Watch the newest video in HD after the break!

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Watch: Complete ‘Toy Story’ Film In Live-Action

Toy Story Logo

Over the last two years, a small crew passionate about Toy Story has been painstakingly shooting the film in live-action form, assembling toys and building their own sets. They recently finished their lengthy shoot, but remained cautious about sharing the film publicly, as they did not want the Disney/Pixar legal team to descend upon them. The crew seems to have been been given some sort of go-ahead as they published the entire project on YouTube yesterday. Watch their labor of love after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Viral Ad

Monsters University - Gates

The clever viral marketing campaign for Monsters University began with the launch of a website dedicated to the university. It provides a history of the school since its inception in the year 1313, lists school news and events, and lays out a campus map among many other details that are usually found on university websites. A commercial for the school recently debuted, and it once again effectively captures what we have come to expect from a university. Watch the commercial in HD after the break!

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Awesome: Hilarious ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ No Talking PSA


When filmmakers put together a movie, they try to fully immerse the audience into the storyline – great films are able to transport us out of the theater and into the film world so that actors are no longer actors, but the characters they are portraying. However, even a great film is susceptible to distractions within a theater, such as talking and smartphone usage. Disney/Pixar has teamed up with AMC to create an awesome new PSA that shows us the danger of talking on a mobile phone while a film such as Finding Nemo 3D is playing. Watch the hilarious PSA after the break!

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Watch: Trailer For Live-Action ‘Toy Story’

Toy Story Logo

The team behind the Live-Action Toy Story Project has been working for years to develop an authentic experience for viewers who know the original Pixar film backwards and forwards. They have painstakingly recreated the film shot-for-shot using their own toys and materials. To spread word about its recent completion, they have used their live-action footage to mirror the first trailer released for the film back in 1995. Take a look at it after the break!

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Watch: Real-Life WALL-E Comes Alive


Audiences around the world have connected with WALL-E, with many movie buffs ranking the film at the top of their list of favorite Pixar films (or even films in general) – that is no mistake as though WALL-E is a robot, there is something truly humane that can be seen in the character’s eyes and personality. Mike Senna, who lives in Orange County, California, is a big fan of the character – so much so that he decided to bring WALL-E to the real world. Take a look at his faithful creation after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: Opening Of ‘Epic Mickey 2′ Features Musical Number

Epic Mickey 2 Box Art

The highly-aniticipated follow-up to Disney’s hit Epic Mickey is set to arrive in the fall. Although the first game in the series was only available for the Nintendo Wii, Epic Mickey 2 is making a big splash by debuting on all major home consoles. What is special about the games is that they honor classic and long-forgotten Disney characters and locales that we have not seen for many years like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who Walt Disney created before Mickey Mouse. Epic Mickey 2 also features musical numbers, channeling classic Disney films. After the break, watch the first musical number from the game in HD! [Read more...]

Awesome: Behind The Scenes Of Live-Action ‘Toy Story’


A group of ambitious young filmmakers has been shooting a live-action version of Pixar’s first feature film, Toy Story. This is not simply a retelling of the groundbreaking animated film in live-action form – it is a shot-for-shot remake of the Pixar film. During production of their challenging project, they have been sharing behind-the-scenes clips along the way. After the break, watch them shoot some scenes with Scud the dog, and another scene where Slinky gets stretched! [Read more...]

Actress Kelly Macdonald On Voicing Merida In ‘Brave’ And Its Video Game

Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar

Great acting means that viewers forget that they are watching an actor or actress playing a role – the actor fully becomes the character. In Brave, actress Kelly Macdonald voices the main character, Merida, and does a beautiful job at convincing us we are watching the journey of a teenager trying to connect with her mother. With Brave now playing in North America (and starting to expand to theaters around the world) and its video game adaptation available, Macdonald spoke about voicing the fiery redhead for the screen as well as the game console. Watch the video in HD after the break! [Read more...]

Watch: 13-Minute Doc Tells The Story Of Cars Land

Cars Land - Now Open

Prior to its opening two weeks ago, Cars Land at Disney California Adventure had been in development for over five years. Disney Imagineers wanted visitors to the new section of the park to feel as if they had been transported into the film. To achieve that feat, years of meticulous research and planning were essential. The Blue Sky Cellar, the park’s preview center for upcoming attractions has been playing a short documentary, featuring stories from Cars creator (and Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering) John Lasseter, along with many of the Imagineers who worked on the extensive project. Take a look at the touching video after the break! [Read more...]

Cafe Where Pixar Came Up With ‘A Bug’s Life,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ and ‘WALL-E’ Shuts Down

Hidden City Cafe

Hidden City Cafe is well-known in Pixar lore, as it is the location of a very special lunch that studio employees had – a lunch where they came up with the ideas for four of its films. Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft (RIP) gathered for a memorable meal at the cafe, as they outlined ideas that went on to become A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL-E. The cafe has often been visited by Pixar fans, to get a taste of the birthplace of so many of the studio’s films. However, when one fan recently dropped by, he discovered that the place had been shut down. [Read more...]