July 28, 2014

PixArt: January Feature – Pixar Street

Pixar Street by Mario Graciotti

Often times, a location or structure can be just as much of a character in a Pixar movie as any monster, superhero or bug.  This is particularly evident in our first PixArt feature of 2013. Artist and designer Mario Graciotti (aka Mr-Bluebird on DeviantArt) brings us this beautifully designed tribute to some of the iconic buildings from Pixar films.  Take a close look at each carefully constructed location. Graciotti’s attention to detail is what makes this and all of his other work such a feast for the eyes. Take a closer look at Mario’s artwork and read his story after the break!

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PixArt: December Feature II – Carl Claus


What’s not to love about this fantastic Holiday-themed Up illustration from artist Keith Frawley? This super talented New York-based artist has a real passion for character-based storytelling. Take a look at his website – it’s packed with terrific character designs and illustrations for a wide variety of clients across several industries. After the break, take a closer look at his great artwork and read more about him in his own words!

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PixArt: November Feature II – Mr. Fredricksen’s Wild Ride


Looks like Up‘s Carl, Russell, Kevin and Dug have made their way to Disney World! This whimsical mash-up comes to us from Orlando-based illustrator and designer Ignacio Alfonzo. Check out his website to see the diverse projects he’s been involved with. Read on for more about this talented guy in his own words!

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Video of the Day: Tour The Real-Life ‘Up’ House

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

Last year, the Hamblin family purchased a faithful reproduction of the iconic Up house. The unique exterior of the home was recently in danger of being repainted, as the neighborhood was considering whether it violated the “rules” put forth by the community. Thankfully, it was decided that the house’s paint colors would be kept as-is. What about the interior? While we have seen images and brief tours of the inside of the house, we have been unable to get an in-depth look. The Hamblins are aiming to change that, as they have posted a video providing an extensive tour of the rooms and how they have added to the space. Watch it after the break!

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‘Up’ House In Utah Does Not Have To Be Repainted, Gets To Keep Its Colors

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

About one year ago, Bangerter Homes built a faithful replica of the Up house in Utah, bringing an influx of visitors to the small town of Herriman. Already searching for a new home and being big fans of Disney and Pixar films, two of those visitors, Lynette and Clint Hamblin, decided to buy the house. However, we reported back in December that that the house was in danger of losing its colorful charm due to the homeowners association’s rules on the exterior appearance of homes in the neighborhood. The decision has finally been made and the iconic home will stay as-is. Read what the Hamblins told us about the ruling after the break!

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100 New Collectible Pixar Postcards Coming Soon

Art of Pixar Postcards Volume 2 Set

Back in 2005, Chronicle Books released a Pixar postcard set in time for the studio’s 20th anniversary. The set contained 100 postcards featuring concept art from all of the feature films and short films that had been produced by the animation studio. Now, after a seven-year wait, Chronicle is set to release a Volume 2 in the series, with 100 all-new postcards with artwork from arguably some of Pixar’s greatest films. Find more details and the press release after the break! [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine – Batch 4

Jay Rogers

What an incredible month of PixArt it has been! We are back with our final post featuring art honoring Pixar’s female characters. Pixar fans – not to mention fans of this blog in particular – are the best, and we’ve got the art to prove it. Check out this last batch of talented tributes, which contains 12 pieces of artwork! Make sure to check out their personal websites for more art. Our thanks this week to Jay RogersMartin GeeVirginie Taravel, Dave Mott, Jenelle Huddleston, Elizabeth Duncan, Chavah Billin, Chris Kennett, Ciara Panacchia, Jonathan Jimison, Jon Lousie Paramel and Cat Oshiro. [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine – Batch 2


We’re back with more great art celebrating Pixar heroines, as part of our countdown to Brave. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed. We will continue posting new art throughout the entire month of June. Deadline for submissions is June 15th so make sure to get us your piece soon! Contact us if you have any questions about submission requirements or deadlines. After the jump, check out Batch 2 of our artistic salute to Pixar heroines! [Read more...]

PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroine


We couldn’t be more excited about Brave hitting theaters on June 22. By now, we’ve all heard that this is the first Pixar film to feature a female lead. But it’s certainly not the first Pixar heroine. In fact, there’s been quite a few strong female personalities in just about all of Pixar’s films – including Up‘s Kevin. So in honor of Merida and company joining the Pixar family, we thought we’d salute the Pixar heroines in the best way we know how – fan art. All this month we will be featuring your artwork celebrating our favorite females from the Pixar Universe. As always, you guys and gals delivered. We can’t wait to show you all the great work. And keep it coming. We will be posting new art throughout the month of June. [Read more...]

PixArt: May 2012 Feature II – Carl and Ellie

marloes de vries

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. This adorable take on Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from UP comes to us all the way from the Netherlands. Illustrator and Designer Marloes de Vries has submitted this precious piece and we think it captures the relationship perfectly. Check out the other great images on Marloes’ site and read on to learn more about the artist in her own words. [Read more...]

Pixar Classics To Return To AMC Theatres For One Weekend

Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

There is something special about enjoying a film in a theater, surrounded by fellow film lovers. Although there has been an increase in annoying cellphone usage in theaters over the past decade, many of us have fond memories of viewing classic films on the big screen. If you are looking to rekindle your appreciation for some Pixar classics, there’s good news, everyone – AMC and Disney/Pixar are teaming up to return four Pixar films to theaters for one weekend only. Find more details after the break! [Read more...]

Awesome: Minimalist Pixar Posters Exude Character

Pixar Poster by Wonchan Lee - Incredibles

The creative characters and imaginative worlds of Pixar films provide plenty of opportunity for artists to create something special. Wonchan Lee has done just that, designing minimalist posters for several characters from films such as Up, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and The Incredibles. Even better is that these posters are on sale on Lee’s website. Check out the 10 awesome posters after the jump! [Read more...]

PixArt: January 2012 Feature I – Babysitting Boo


The first PixArt piece for the new year comes to us from Florida illustrator and designer Mandy France. Check out Mandy’s great work at her site, which includes some fun Disney stuff. Keep reading for more about this talented artist in her own words. Our thanks to Mandy for contributing this wonderful piece! [Read more...]

New Disney/Pixar Game ‘Rushing’ Over To XBox 360

Kinect Rush

With the addition of its motion control ‘Kinect’ device, more innovative types of games suddenly became possible for the XBox 360. While uses of the tech have been hit-or-miss (even Nintendo has only just started to fully realize motion control’s potential with its release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword), attempts to innovate are always welcome. With new game “Kinect Rush: A Disneyž•Pixar Adventure,” Microsoft and Disney/Pixar are giving gamers a chance to step into the shoes of characters from Pixar films such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up. Jump ahead to check out official details, the first trailer, and some screenshots from the game. [Read more...]

‘Up’ House In Danger Of Losing Its Colorful Charm

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

The real-life Up house, built in Herriman, Utah, has captured the hearts of people all over the world. It captivated Clinton and Lynette Hamblin so much that they went out and bought the house. The dedicated fans of the film that they are, they prefer to keep the exterior of the house as-is, with its bright colors shining years into the future. However, there is now a real danger that the house will have to be repainted to fall in line with the rules of the homeowners association. [Read more...]

‘Up’ House Sold To Disney/Pixar Fans

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

The town of Herriman in Utah has been abuzz the last few months as thousands of people have flocked to the town to visit the real-life Up house built by Bangerter Homes. The company had received special permission from Disney (with some help from film director Pete Docter) to build the one-of-a-kind home that would be sold for about $400,000. The Salt Lake Tribune is now reporting that the house has been sold, breaking the hearts of some prospective buyers. After the jump, read about the couple that purchased it, and you may just realize that it is now in great hands. [Read more...]

PixArt: September 2011 Feature I – Up For The Birds


We’ve certainly seen our share of mash-ups with our PixArt pieces. All of them have been fun homages to the many worlds of Pixar characters. This month’s first feature is no different. Argentinian artist Sergio Kechu brings us this colorful piece featuring the characters from Up and the short For The Birds. Make sure to check out Sergio’s website and blog. He’s got some gorgeous character designs and illustrations. I must admit, I couldn’t read a word of it, but the beautiful images speak for themselves. Keep on reading to learn more about Sergio and his great piece! [Read more...]

Rejoice! – Up Soundtrack Released On Limited-Edition CD

Up Soundtrack

A few years ago, there was a decision made that the soundtrack for Up would not be getting a physical CD release. Depending on your preference for formats, you may have been deeply saddened by the news – many collectors were certainly heartbroken about it. There has been an exciting development in relation to this, as we have just learned of a limited-edition CD release for the Michael Giacchino-scored soundtrack! Read on for details on the number of CDs that have been produced and more importantly, how you can get your hands on one of them. [Read more...]

NY Times: Pete Docter Helped Make Real-Life Up House A Reality

Pete Docter

The New York Times is reporting that a studio executive told the paper that Up director Pete Docter played a crucial role in the painstaking process to get the Up house recreation built in Utah. When Blair Bangerter, the designer of the Utah house, came up with the idea to bring the home to life, it was widely assumed that Disney, who has been known to strongly protect its properties, would reject the offer. However, Docter learned of the plans and apparently stepped in. [Read more...]

PixArt: August 2011 Feature II – Up’s Russell

Art by Wayne Harris

Who could that be knockin’ on PixArt’s door? Why, it’s everybody’s favorite Wilderness Explorer! We have UK artist Wayne Harris to thank for this really fun take on Russell from Up. We love Harris’ style and character designs. Make sure to check out his personal site for more great and often hilarious takes on some famous characters and personalities. Read on for more about the artist in his own words here! [Read more...]