July 30, 2014

Pixar Developing ‘Cars 3′?


There was only a matter of time before speculation of a third Cars film started. While the first two Cars films are easily the most divisive films in the Pixar catalog, they have their dedicated fans. The franchise is also a beast when it comes to merchandise, with Cars toys and other tie-ins bringing in billions. After the release of Cars 2, new shorts have steadily been released, but there has been no news on a continuation of the films’ story of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the town of Radiator Springs. Now, an actor who also served as a consultant for the films has stated that a new Cars film is in development. Read on for more details after the break.

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Unconfirmed: Bob Peterson No Longer Directing ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Bob Peterson

There is no film studio that is recognized for its emphasis on perfecting a story as much as Pixar. “Story is king” is a mantra that is oft-repeated by the filmmakers that walk the buildings of the studio campus in Emeryville. That focus on story has also been known to raise tension behind-the-scenes, with last-minute reworking of scripts and storyboards and even the replacement of directors. Jan Pinkava and Brenda Chapman were famously removed from Ratatouille and Brave respectively, even though they pitched the films originally. Now, a report has emerged that The Good Dinosaur director Bob Peterson has been removed from the project.

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More ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Story Details Revealed?

The Good Dinosaur

It has been almost two years since Disney/Pixar officially announced the development of The Good Dinosaur at the D23 Expo, which is essentially Disney’s version of Comic Con. We have practically come full circle because the next time we will likely hear more about the film is at the 2013 Expo, set to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in August. We already know that the film will follow the friendship between a dinosaur and a child. We recently learned a few more small details about the characters and the story. Read about them after the break!

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Why The Rumor That ‘Toy Story 4′ Is Coming In 2015 Must Be False

Toy Story 3 raked in over $1 billion worldwide

After the Toy Story trilogy was neatly wrapped up, many have wondered if Pixar would release a fourth film even though Andy’s story had come to an end. Rumors have been swirling ever since the third film was nearing completion and making its way to theaters, as the press often questioned director Lee Unkrich and others on the prospects of another follow-up. Back in 2011, actor Tom Hanks, the voice of Woody in the series, commented that he thought Pixar was already at work on a fourth film. However, that statement did not amount to much and the rumor fell by the wayside. Today, another rumor has emerged and this one is as unsubstantiated as they come. Find out more after the break!

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Unconfirmed: Untitled Pete Docter ‘Inside The Mind’ Film To Be Called ‘The Inside Out’

Pete Docter

There have been a rash untitled Pixar films that have been announced over the last few years – The Untitled Film About Dinosaurs (now called The Good Dinosaur), The Untitled Dia de los Muertos Film, and The Untitled Film That Takes You Inside The Mind. From the little that we know about these three films, I have found the Mind film to be the most intriguing, mostly because it is to be directed by Pete Docter, who sat in the director’s chair for Monsters, Inc. and Up. We had been unsure of when the film would receive its title, but a report has just emerged that the Docter film will be called The Inside Out.

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Ellen Degeneres Reportedly In Talks To Reprise Role As Dory In ‘Finding Nemo 2′

Finding Nemo

Ever since Finding Nemo made its way into theaters, Ellen Degeneres, voice of scene-stealer Dory in the film, has made it quite clear that she would like Pixar to make a sequel. She may get her wish, as last month it was reported that the animation powerhouse had started exploring a follow-up after director Andrew Stanton came up with a great idea. While that remains unconfirmed by both Pixar and Disney, another report has emerged that claims Degeneres is in talks to reprise her role as the blue fish.

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Andrew Stanton Chimes In On ‘Finding Nemo 2′ Speculation

Finding Nemo

Yesterday, the Internet was whipped up into a frenzy over the news that director Andrew Stanton had developed an idea for a follow-up to his Oscar-winning Finding Nemo. Deadline reported that Stanton had worked out a deal with Disney where if he directed Finding Nemo 2, the studio would allow him to direct a live-action film. The big news took over Twitter yesterday, becoming a top trending topic for much of the day, and generated thousands of comments across the web. Stanton stayed quiet on the speculation until late yesterday when he tweeted a semi-response. Find out what he said after the break! [Read more...]

‘Finding Nemo 2′ Reportedly In Development


Andrew Stanton has a fantastic track record at Pixar, having directed Oscar winners Finding Nemo and WALL-E. He ventured into live-action recently with John Carter, which was dubbed a flop before it even made it into theaters but still made around $300 million worldwide. It may have lost Disney money, but it was a notably ambitious take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs series that many tried to bring to the big screen yet failed. Now, in the shadow of Finding Nemo 3D‘s release in September, there are reports that Andrew Stanton has returned full-time to Pixar and is working on bringing a sequel to Finding Nemo to theaters in 2016. [Read more...]

Brave Director Mark Andrews Reveals New Plot Details

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Many are fascinated by Pixar’s 2012 film, Brave, as it is the studio’s first film where the protagonist of the story is a female. Not only that, but it is the first fantasy film to come out of the Emeryville-based studio. The teaser trailer and the concept art that have been displayed show off a darker tone than we have gotten from other films such as Monsters, Inc. and Ratatouille. Plot details have been scarce – we know that Princess Merida unleashes a curse upon her kingdom and she must set things right. Director Mark Andrews spoke with The Daily Record about the film, and he revealed a few more details about the film’s story. Read on but beware of possible spoilers (at least for those who want to know nothing about the plot), as Disney/Pixar has not released some of these details. [Read more...]

Pixar Already Working On Toy Story 4?

©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

There are those times where big news is dropped by an actor. Did he or she mean to share the huge news or were they sharing information that was not fully true? Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we know that Tom Hanks (Woody in the Toy Story films) appeared on Breakfast News on the BBC this morning and was asked whether there would be a Toy Story 4. Read on for a link to the video and the full quote where Tom Hanks says that Pixar is already working on it. [Read more...]

Unconfirmed: Monsters, Inc. 2 Reportedly Headed By New Director

Monsters Inc

Oh, Floyd Norman. In the past, the Disney Legend has often posted Pixar-related news on Twitter that has not officially been announced by Disney and Pixar. In the past few days, we have heard more about the Monsters, Inc. 2 crew from Norman than we have over the past few years from Disney/Pixar. The film is one of two Pixar films due to be released in 2012, and according to the Disney animator it will be led by a new Pixar director.

UPDATE (4/1/11): It has been confirmed that Dan Scanlon will be directing the film.

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The Incredibles Blu-ray Details, Cover Image

The Incredibles Blu-ray

DVDizzy has managed to get some details on the item on everybody’s most wanted list: the Blu-ray release of The Incredibles! The Blu-ray is set to officially go on sale on April 12, (which is confirmed by Amazon, who already has it available for pre-order).

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First Info On Monsters, Inc. 2 Story?

This morning, rumors have been floating around that possibly shed some light on where Pixar is planning to take Monsters, Inc. 2, the highly anticipated sequel due in theaters in 2012. Before I go any further, please note that this is not an official synopsis, as this information purportedly appeared in a theater catalog distributed by Disney. I shall also state that I will not be revealing specific details from the plot, since they may contain spoilers. Read on for my analysis of some of what was revealed. [Read more...]

First Details On New Toy Story Hawaii Short?

Note: Not official image

Stitch Kingdom broke news earlier today about possible details on a brand new Toy Story short. Late last night, Disney legend Floyd Norman posted a few tweets describing a new Pixar short entitled Hawaii.

It looks like the short may center on the lovable Ken and Barbie: [Read more...]

New Cars 2 Trailer Attached To Tangled?

Disney-Pixar's Cars 2Well that was fast. Not even a month after the teaser trailer for Cars 2 debuted online and on the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray and DVD sets, the website, One Movie, Five Views, is reporting that a brand new trailer is attached to Disney’s newest animated film, Tangled. [Read more...]

Editorial: Brenda Chapman No Longer Directing Brave [Confirmed]

On Monday, citing “reliable sources,” animation website Cartoon Brew reported exclusively that Brenda Chapman was not directing Brave any longer and had left Pixar. There has been no confirmation by Disney or Pixar, so details are not fully known. What we do know is that Pixar is going to do everything in its power to give us a great film. Read on for my full take on how I feel about all this. (UPDATE: The New York Times has confirmed Chapman’s removal as director, but she will remain at the studio.) [Read more...]

The Truth About Planes?

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Last week, Movieline reported that Pixar was putting out a DVD-spinoff of Cars entitled Planes. The site ran it as an exclusive and did not provide a source for the information. Overall, I think the news got blown way out of proportion after the mainstream media picked up on the story. Some began to question Pixar. “Why?” they asked. “How could Pixar go into the DVD-sequel business when they were doing so well?” was another common question. How quickly we forget about a feature such as Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. [Read more...]

John Lasseter To Co-Direct Cars 2?

John Lasseter Portrait

John Lasseter

Jim Hill Media is reporting that John Lasseter is being brought aboard the production of Pixar’s next release, Cars 2, to co-direct. Lasseter had stepped back from day-to-day duties at Pixar when he became Chief Creative Officer at Disney, as well as the Principal Creative Advisor for their theme parks around the world. [Read more...]