First Details: New ‘Toy Story’ Christmas Special Coming This Year

Toy Story 3 - Trixie

Back in October last year, ABC aired the first ever television special from Pixar, Toy Story OF TERROR!, which allowed us the most time with the great toy characters than we’ve been afforded since the release of Toy Story 3. The animation studio had delivered several humorous Toy Story shorts, but after spending just a few minutes with Woody, Buzz, Rex, and the rest of the gang, you were left wanting more. The special provided that without infringing on the toes of the feature film trilogy. ABC has now announced that a Toy Story Christmas special is coming later this year. Find more details after the break!

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Pixar Creates ‘Toy Story Nutcracker’ Short For Holiday ‘World of Color’ Show At Disney California Adventure

World of Color - Toy Story Nutcracker Test

Pixar collaborates closely with the Disney Parks teams often, whether a new Pixar ride is being built or a new show utilizing the studio’s characters is being developed. Obviously, for a task as enormous as building Cars Land at Disney California Adventure (DCA), many Pixar employees contributed to bring Radiator Springs to life. Disney Parks has recently been working on a new holiday-themed edition of its World of Color show, a nightly show at DCA that projects images on massive water effects. A Toy Story segment is being developed, for which Pixar created new animation. Learn more and go behind-the-scenes at Pixar in a new video after the break!

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‘Toy Story’ Play Set Heading To ‘Disney Infinity’

Disney Infinity Toy Story In Space - Image 4

Toy Story is easily one of the most popular franchises at Disney, so it is only fitting that the series would receive its very own play set for Disney Infinity. Plans to release a play set for the huge property were announced at the D23 Expo in August. Now, we have more details and many more images featuring Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the gang. After the break, take a look at a collection of new images from the play set, watch a video delving into the set, and find out when you can pick one up!

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‘Toy Story’ Named One Of The Greatest Movies Of All-Time By Entertainment Weekly


“Greatest of all-time” lists are destined to inspire debate because they are incredibly subjective and no two people have the same taste. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine set out to list the 100 greatest movies, TV shows, music albums, books, and musicals/plays. Pixar cracked the greatest movies list with its first feature film, Toy Story, also the first feature film produced fully with computer animation. Read on to find out where the film landed on the list!

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First Look: ‘Toy Story of Terror’ TV Special

Toy Story of Terror

Following the conclusion of the Toy Story feature film trilogy, there was a question as to how Disney/Pixar would manage the huge property. The cast of toys is too memorable and popular to simply allow to disappear forever, so a smart decision was made to create shorts that continued the story of these characters without treading on the trilogy’s foot. In addition to shorts that were released theatrically, we learned that there would a TV special called Toy Story of Terror featuring Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. Today, this has been confirmed, as the short has been announced to premiere on ABC in October.

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PixArt: January Feature – Pixar Street

Pixar Street by Mario Graciotti

Often times, a location or structure can be just as much of a character in a Pixar movie as any monster, superhero or bug.  This is particularly evident in our first PixArt feature of 2013. Artist and designer Mario Graciotti (aka Mr-Bluebird on DeviantArt) brings us this beautifully designed tribute to some of the iconic buildings from Pixar films.  Take a close look at each carefully constructed location. Graciotti’s attention to detail is what makes this and all of his other work such a feast for the eyes. Take a closer look at Mario’s artwork and read his story after the break!

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Watch: Complete ‘Toy Story’ Film In Live-Action

Toy Story Logo

Over the last two years, a small crew passionate about Toy Story has been painstakingly shooting the film in live-action form, assembling toys and building their own sets. They recently finished their lengthy shoot, but remained cautious about sharing the film publicly, as they did not want the Disney/Pixar legal team to descend upon them. The crew seems to have been been given some sort of go-ahead as they published the entire project on YouTube yesterday. Watch their labor of love after the break!

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