July 23, 2014

How A Pixar Short Is Brought To Life

The Blue Umbrella Concept Art

Getting the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain for a look at how a film is brought to life is enlightening. In the switch from VHS tapes to DVDs, studios began releasing more behind-the-scenes material for packaged films and television shows, providing audiences with additional inside access to productions. For art lovers, this has become an integral part of collecting. DVD and Blu-ray releases of Pixar films have usually included a great assortment of extra features taking us inside the studio and into the minds of the filmmakers. Now, on the web, you can get the closest look at the production of a Pixar film that we have ever seen.

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Five Things I Learned About ‘The Blue Umbrella’ From Director Saschka Unseld (Exclusive Image)


Pixar has been quietly producing inspirational shorts and attaching it to their feature films since the original Toy Story. The shorts consist of four to seven minutes of magic and have single-handedly pushed several other studios to bring back the celebrated practice of having a short lead into the feature presentation. This year’s Pixar short is The Blue Umbrella and its story, characters, music, and visuals are all incredible. In a conversation with the short’s director, Saschka Unseld, I learned several fascinating details about the short film’s development. Read on for more about the short’s history and take a look at an exclusive image from the short we are debuting today!

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Fantastic Design For ‘The Blue Umbrella’ Poster

The Blue Umbrella Poster

The Blue Umbrella, the newest short from Pixar, just had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Those who attended the special screening had a chance to participate in a Q&A with the director of the short film, Saschka Unseld. They were also the first to take a look at the film’s poster, which has a creative and fantastic design element. You can take a closer look at the poster after the break!

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‘The Blue Umbrella’ To Have North American Premiere At SXSW Film Festival


There are only a few more days until Pixar’s newest short The Blue Umbrella enjoys its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Following in the footsteps of the last original short from the studio, the heart-warming La Luna, the new short will be touring film festivals around the globe. After its premiere in Germany, where director Saschka Unseld previously attended the Animation Institute, the short film will come home to North America to screen at the SXSW Film Festival next month. Find more details after the break!

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First Look: Pixar’s New Short ‘The Blue Umbrella’ [Updated]

The Blue Umbrella

A few months ago, we discovered a blog on Tumblr entitled Rainy City Tales that was sharing development of an animated short. After examining the posts, and coming across rather convincing evidence, it became apparent that we were looking at the genesis of a brand new short from Pixar – all we had to wait for was the official reveal from the studio. That day has now come, as the short has been unveiled. Learn more about the short and watch a clip after the break!

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Next Pixar Short To Be Scored By ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Composer Jon Brion

Jon Brion

Two weeks ago, I came across a blog named Rainy City Tales 332 that seemed to be virally marketing a brand new Pixar short. I found various clues scattered throughout the blog, such as a Pizza Planet reference and a supposed hint at Monsters University. While there was strong evidence that Rainy City Tales was throwing us hints about the next Pixar short, a new article from The Playlist seems to solidify the blog’s nature even further, confirming that the short film will revolve around an umbrella and will be scored by great composer Jon Brion. [Read more...]

Exclusive: Viral Marketing Reveals New Pixar Short?

Rainy City - Rain

Throughout its success with feature-length films, Pixar has maintained focus on short films as well. Last year’s La Luna was arguably one of the best shorts from the animation studio, receiving widespread critical praise and an Oscar nomination. Around this time last year, we knew that the stunning Enrico Casarosa-directed short would be the studio’s next – but, what is to be the next Pixar short? We have come across some viral marketing that may very well allude to what it may be. [Read more...]