Mike Goes For A Ride In New ‘Monsters University’ Still


The re-release of Monsters, Inc. 3D will be hitting theaters next week, which makes it the perfect time for Disney/Pixar to build some more awareness about the film’s prequel that is set for release in 2013, Monsters University. In addition to two new images from the film that debuted earlier this week, we are also likely to get a full-length trailer for MU soon. To hold us over for that footage, another new still has been released. Take a closer look at it after the break!

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Mike And Sulley On Campus In New ‘Monsters University’ Images

Monsters University - College Hijinks

The marketing campaign thusfar for Monsters University has already been quite creative, especially given that the film is not set to arrive until June 2013. Disney/Pixar opened up a creative viral website for Monsters University recently, showcasing the fictional college’s history, mission statement, campus map, and more. From what we have seen of the film, it looks like the story will be humorous, filled with many college hijinks. This morning saw the release of two new images from the film, which are centered around the time when Mike and Sulley first meet. Take a look at the great images after the break!

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New ‘Toy Story Partysaurus Rex’ Images Contrast New Toys With The Old

Partysaurus Rex

Toy Story‘s Rex has consistently been one of the funniest characters in the series due to his exaggerated anxious personality and preference in avoiding confrontations. In the newest Toy Story Toon, Partysaurus Rex, the green dinosaur is given the spotlight in a story where he starts up a party with toys who are stuck at the bottom of the bathtub. Two stills have already been released, along with a 30-second clip, but we now have two more stills that give us a closer look at the new bath toys and also confirm that Woody and the gang are back. Take a look at the hi-res stills after the break!

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New ‘Toy Story’ Short ‘Partysaurus Rex’ Revealed

Partysaurus Rex

When Toy Story 3 came to an end (spoiler alert!), Andy’s story was finished as he donated his toys to the adorable Bonnie. Pixar has found a way to continue to tell stories involving Buzz, Woody, Barbie, Ken, and the rest of the gang without stepping on the toes of the fantastic trilogy – they have been releasing Toy Story Toons, shorts starring the lovable toys. Attached to Pixar and Disney films, we have already seen two, and now a third has been officially announced. Take a look at the first images and find out the first details of Toy Story: Partysaurus Rex after the break! [Read more…]

New ‘Monsters University’ Images Showcase Mike and Sulley’s Rivalry

Monsters University Research - 1

After grossing more than $200 million in North America alone, Brave‘s domestic run is beginning to come to a close. While the 13th feature film from Pixar is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, with its Blu-ray/DVD release and award season still to come, eyes will soon start to turn towards the studio’s 14th film, Monsters University. The Monsters, Inc. prequel created some buzz in June with the release of beautiful concept art and a hilarious teaser trailer. Now, we’ve stumbled upon a few new images from the film, which you can take a look at after the break! [Read more…]

‘Brave’ Easter Eggs – Pizza Planet Truck, Sulley From ‘Monsters University’


Aside from the fun of enjoying a new Pixar film every year, fans have grown accustomed to hunting down easter eggs hidden by Pixar employees. After its debut in Toy Story, the Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar film, aside from The Incredibles. Additionally, we are regularly provided with a hint of a character from the studio’s next film. With Brave seeing release on June 22, many fans have found some of the cleverly hidden easter eggs. After the break, check out hi-res images showing where these gems are hidden! [Read more…]

15 New Hi-Res Images From ‘Brave’ Released


Brave is enjoying its time in the limelight, racking up over $66 million last weekend and gearing up for a box office battle with Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, which may be another good film from the famed director, but I hardly think families will be viewing the stripper-focused film together. Whether you have seen Brave or still remain unconvinced (for the record, I really enjoyed the film), Disney/Pixar has released 15 new hi-res stills from the animated film for you to gander at. Bask in their high-resolution glory after the break! [Read more…]