Behind the Scenes of ‘Brave’


The publicity train for Brave keeps on chugging, which is a good thing for those who cannot wait to find out more about Pixar’s latest animated film. Yesterday, Disney/Pixar released a 2 1/2 minute clip from Brave, which showed us how fierce Merida can be with her bow and her attitude. Today, TIME has published an article going behind the scenes of the film, with pictures of the research process and a storyboard that goes along with the clip unveiled yesterday. Check out the images after the jump! [Read more…]

D23 2011: The Art of Brave Panel

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

D23 Expo goers were given a rare and wonderful opportunity this past Sunday when Pixar presented “The Art of Brave.” The panel, hosted by production designer Steve Pilcher and shader art director Tia Kratter, offered a glimpse into the production and visual development process of the studio’s next animated feature. This really was something special. It was like personally being walked through an “Art of…” book with the artists themselves. They revealed beautiful concept images and pencil sketches featuring everything from landscapes and environments to characters and costumes.  From what was shown, it is clear that this will be one of Pixar’s most beautiful films to date. [Read more…]

Cars 2 Research: Pixar’s Trip To Tokyo

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We have often heard about the research trips that members of Pixar’s creative tam take to various locations to try to develop a better understanding of how to bring those settings to the animated world. Disney/Pixar has released many images from the trips made to research Cars 2, which include visits to London and Tokyo. Today, we are sharing pictures from Tokyo which provide us a view at the influences of the animated counterpart of the city. Take a look at the hi-res images here. [Read more…]