July 28, 2014

First Look At Brave Teaser Poster


[UPDATE 1: EW has released a higher-resolution image]

[UPDATE 2: Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we now have an actual hi-res image]

A forum user on DVDizzy came across the official teaser poster for Brave at their local movie theater. Featuring a beautiful usage of colors and greenery, we think the poster looks epic. With the teaser trailer arriving in theaters with Cars 2, this seems like the perfect time for another look at Princess Merida. Feast your eyes upon the beautiful new one-sheet poster that will be making its way to movie theaters around the world!

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Disney: John Carter Teaser Poster, Concept Art Released

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Finding Nemo and WALL-E director Andrew Stanton is venturing into live-action with the upcoming Disney production, John Carter (formerly titled John Carter of Mars) and while it is not a Pixar film, we will be covering the sci-fi film since we figured that many fans of Pixar films are anxiously awaiting to see Stanton’s vision once again. After all, WALL-E was Pixar’s foray into a science-fiction inspired story, and it was easily one of the studio’s most original pieces of work. Considering the man who brought us that unique perspective is the one in charge of John Carter, and looking at the fantastic concept art for the film that has been released, this certainly has the potential to be a great film. [Read more...]

La Luna Poster Rolled Out


Disney/Pixar France has unveiled a beautiful new poster for Pixar’s new short, La Luna, which just debuted at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival yesterday. According to director Enrico Casarosa, the short was the final film of the festival’s opening night, which we are sure was a great honor. Take a look at the simple yet dazzling hi-res poster for the short. [Read more...]

Cars 2 3-D International Posters

Cars 2 International 3D Poster

In Germany, Disney/Pixar has released a few Cars 2 posters highlighting the fact that the film will be released in 3-D. The posters themselves are familiar, as they are based on the final poster for the Cars sequel. The only difference is the 3-D glasses that now accompany each character’s face. Thanks to Christian from the German Pixar Blog for pointing them out. Take a look at the hi-res images here (and disregard the release date listed on them, as North America will see the film released on June 24)! [Read more...]

Cars 2 Celebrates The Royal Wedding

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As the marketing for Cars 2 is kicking into high gear, there have been some creative ads and posters created for the film. Apparently, there is some wedding happening tomorrow and it is such a huge event that even Cars 2 has taken notice. To mark the occasion, Disney/Pixar has released a poster, a new trailer, and a piece of concept art that are all England-centric. Read on to take a look at how Pixar is celebrating the royal wedding! [Read more...]

Seven Great Cars 2 Russian Posters Unveiled (Update)

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It is always interesting to view movie posters that are released internationally, as they often bring a perspective that North American audiences do not always see. While we have seen quite a few stunning Cars 2 posters released here, we have to say that the Russian posters that have just been released are beautiful as well (thanks to The Daily BLAM! for picking up on them). Take a look at the seven of them and view them in glorious hi-res here!

UPDATE: Hollywood.com exclusively debuted the English language international posters, which you can see below their Russian counterparts. [Read more...]

New International Cars 2 Retro Posters Released

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Earlier today, Disney/Pixar unveiled several new British characters from Cars 2 (in time for the royal wedding perhaps?), and now we have gotten our hands upon some great new promo art for the film. The retro-style pieces of artwork are part of a series of posters that have been revealed over the past few months, giving us a unique perspective from the upcoming film. Read on to take a look at the posters, which highlight London and some of the other international destinations for the cars. [Read more...]

Apple Unveils Exclusive Cars 2 Triptych Poster

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Apple has exclusively debuted a monstrous Cars 2 Triptych poster that is as stunning as it is huge. It includes artwork from the four major countries that the characters drive through: Japan, England, France, and Italy. There are also some nice clues to the storyline of the film. Read on and take a look at the hi-res image. [Read more...]

Japanese Characters Drive Into Cars 2. Plus Retro-Style Japanese Posters.

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A number of Cars 2 characters were unveiled today by Disney/Pixar, along with several new pieces of retro-style artwork promoting the film. The one commonality between the characters and the artwork is that they are all related to Tokyo, Japan. With the city being a major stop in the World Grand Prix for racers, it is not surprising to see that there will be a large Japanese influence in the film. Read on to view hi-res images and descriptions of the characters in addition to some gorgeous new artwork. [Read more...]

Three New Cars 2 Retro Posters Debut

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Cinema Blend exclusively debuted three new Cars 2 ‘vintage-inspired’ posters earlier today, which continue to display the creative artwork that has been created to promote the film. These posters had just been put up in the Pixar atrium before our arrival at the studio last week for a Cars 2 press junket. Actually, we shared two of the following posters with you back in February, when Disney displayed a great collection of promo art for a Cars 2 event at Toy Fair. View the images here – and to view them in glorious hi-res, check out Cinema Blend. [Read more...]