July 29, 2014

Michael Giacchino Returns To Pixar To Score ‘Inside Out’

Photographed by Brett Butterstein. ©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

When I attended “Pixar In Concert” at Lincoln Center in NY a few weeks back, I was struck by how many memorable scores there are in the Pixar film catalog. The score that played just before intermission, arguably the most stunning piece of music in any Pixar film, was that from Pete Docter’s Up, the film that only needs mentioning to induce tears. The score went on to win an Oscar for composer Michael Giacchino, and has developed a life of its own. Docter and Giacchino are now reuniting once more, for Inside Out, which is due out next year!

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‘Toy Story of Terror’ TV Special To Be Scored By Michael Giacchino

Toy Story of Terror

Pixar has worked with a select few composers on its feature films, all of who are incredibly talented. Randy Newman’s Toy Story score is instantly recognizable, Thomas Newman’s WALL-E score soars, and Michael Giacchino‘s work on Up is simply breathtaking. Giacchino, who has also gone on to become a huge talent in the world of live-action films, has also contributed music to Pixar shorts, including La Luna (2011) and Day & Night (2010). We have now learned that he was tapped by the animation studio to pen the score for its first TV special, Toy Story of Terror!

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Thomas Newman All But Confirmed To Score ‘Finding Dory’

Finding Dory

The animation, characters, and script may get a lot of the glory in Pixar films, but it would be a mistake to overlook the role that the music plays. A prime example would be the opening sequence in Up, which took a somber turn right after we fell in love with the characters – it broke our hearts, but combine that with Michael Giacchino‘s superb score, and we were left devastated. Composer Thomas Newman has collaborated with director Andrew Stanton twice before, is reportedly working on next year’s The Good Dinosaur, and we have just learned that he will likely return for Finding Dory. Find more details after the break!

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Thomas Newman To Score ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Thomas Newman

If you go down the list of Pixar films, many stick out as having memorable scores, including the Toy Story trilogy, WALL-E, and, of course, The Incredibles. The studio has released 13 feature films, but only four composers are responsible for them – Randy Newman, Michael Giacchino, Thomas Newman, and Patrick Doyle. Clearly, Pixar has developed close relationships with the composers. Newman is now returning to collaborate with Pixar once more, on next year’s film, The Good Dinosaur.

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Download BT’s ‘PartySaurus Rex’ Track

PartySaurus Overflow

Pixar films are often praised for their soundtracks in addition to their stories and characters. While we have access to soundtracks for the feature films, it is rare for the music from a Pixar short to be distributed outside of the studio. That changes with the latest Toy Story ToonPartySaurus Rex, for which Grammy award-winning artist BT contributed the catchy tub-thumping music. Today, Disney and Pixar made the track available for download!

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Next Pixar Short To Be Scored By ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Composer Jon Brion

Jon Brion

Two weeks ago, I came across a blog named Rainy City Tales 332 that seemed to be virally marketing a brand new Pixar short. I found various clues scattered throughout the blog, such as a Pizza Planet reference and a supposed hint at Monsters University. While there was strong evidence that Rainy City Tales was throwing us hints about the next Pixar short, a new article from The Playlist seems to solidify the blog’s nature even further, confirming that the short film will revolve around an umbrella and will be scored by great composer Jon Brion. [Read more...]

‘Brave’ Soundtrack To Transport Moviegoers To Ancient Scotland

BRAVE Soundtrack

Pixar has an attachment to the composers that it works with, only hiring three to work on its eleven released feature films. However, director Mark Andrews and his team wanted something different for Brave, which is why the Scotland-born Patrick Doyle (Composer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Thor) was given the job. Doyle, Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, British folk rock group Mumford & Sons, singer Birdy and Pixar’s own songwriter Alex Mandel contributed to a soundtrack which houses three original songs. Find some images and more details after the break! [Read more...]

Video of the Day: D23 Pixar Music Panel With Michael Giacchino


Stop everything you are doing and clear your schedule for the next hour because we now have video footage from the D23 Music of Pixar panel featuring Michael Giacchino that took place a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we were unable to cover the panel as it ran too close to the Walt Disney Studios panel where Disney and Pixar showcased Brave and Monsters University and also announced two brand new films for 2013 and 2014. I was happy to find that video from the entire panel ended up online, as it turned out to be a captivating look at what brought composer Michael Giacchino to Pixar, while also providing us with a view into how he works. Take a look at the fascinating video here! [Read more...]

Rejoice! – Up Soundtrack Released On Limited-Edition CD

Up Soundtrack

A few years ago, there was a decision made that the soundtrack for Up would not be getting a physical CD release. Depending on your preference for formats, you may have been deeply saddened by the news – many collectors were certainly heartbroken about it. There has been an exciting development in relation to this, as we have just learned of a limited-edition CD release for the Michael Giacchino-scored soundtrack! Read on for details on the number of CDs that have been produced and more importantly, how you can get your hands on one of them. [Read more...]

Harry Potter Composer Patrick Doyle Scoring Brave

Patrick Doyle

A few months back, Film Music Reporter broke news that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire composer Patrick Doyle would be scoring Brave for Pixar. After Disney/Pixar recently confirmed the composer’s hiring, The Scotsman (via First Showing) had a chance to speak with the Scotland-native about his approach to scoring the film. Read on for more on the research trips that Doyle took, how he would like to honor the land of Scotland, and why he wants to avoid using bagpipes. [Read more...]

Press Junket: Class With Professor Michael Giacchino

Photographed by Brett Butterstein. ©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

Back in late March, I went out to Pixar Animation Studios for a press event for Cars 2 and went on to participate in many roundtables with a variety of individuals who worked on the film. Directly after watching some half-an-hour of footage, we were whisked away to sit in on a discussion with the awesome composer Michael Giacchino. He had already been working on the music for the film and was actually set to start recording that weekend. What followed was one of the highlights of the entire junket, as it was almost like sitting in a class with Professor Giacchino teaching students about how to write music and create memorable themes. Class is in session, so get ready to learn from the brilliant Michael Giacchino. [Read more...]

Cars 2 Soundtrack Available For Pre-order On iTunes & Amazon [Update: Download It Now!]

Cars 2 Soundtrack

What do Lost, Star Trek, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up have in common? If you said that they are all a nice thing to watch for a great time, you would be correct. One of the reasons they are that great is the music playing with the footage – music that can make you laugh, smile, or even cry. Composer Michael Giacchino is the genius behind the curtain on those films and his music is currently playing with Super 8. In a few weeks, his music will grace movie theaters around the world when Cars 2 debuts. However, the original soundtrack will be released a week before the film and is now available for pre-order.

UPDATE: The soundtrack is officially available for download:

  • Click here to check it out on iTunes
  • Click here to check it out on Amazon

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Exclusive: Composer Michael Giacchino Talks Cars 2, The Incredibles, Lost, Inspirations

Photographed by Brett Butterstein. ©Disney/Pixar.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to participate in a roundtable with Cars 2 composer Michael Giacchino. The Academy Award winner has earned much praise throughout the last decade for his work on Alias, Lost, Star Trek, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and of course Up, the film for which he won the Oscar. This year, the incredibly busy Giacchino has composed the music for Fringe, Super 8, and still managed to find time to return to Pixar to score Cars 2. Check out my exclusive questions for Michael Giacchino, where he discusses his inspirations, his past work, and his time on the upcoming Cars 2. [Read more...]

Final Cover Art For Cars 2 Soundtrack Revealed?

Cars 2 Soundtrack

Over the weekend, The Pixar Blog stumbled upon Amazon and shared what may very well be the final cover art for the “Cars 2 soundtrack album.” After the soundtrack for Toy Story 3 was only released digitally, it seems that Disney has decided to return to releasing an Audio CD as well. While we do not have any official details as to who will be providing their voice to the music tracks, composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Up) is set to return to Pixar once more. Read on to take a look at the newest artwork for the Cars 2 album! [Read more...]

Composer Michael Giacchino Talks Storytelling

Michael Giacchino

Demand for Michael Giacchino, composer for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up has skyrocketed in recent years. Previously working on scoring soundtracks for video games (like Medal of Honor), he made the transition to television with the popular Lost. Now, he is one of the busiest composers in the industry, often working with J.J. Abrams and Pixar. He has a packed slate, as he will be composing music for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and this year’s Pixar film, Cars 2.

At Pepperdine University, he sat down to talk about his career and his approach to outputting those beautiful medleys that we have become accustomed to listening to – the “Married Life” sequence in Up, anyone? Click on over to the Pepperdine Graphic to read the fascinating article.

Contest: Win Tickets To See Randy Newman Live In San Francisco! [Closed]

Randy Newman Live

Randy Newman has played an integral role in Pixar films, composing and singing many of the studio’s famous musical pieces. He is a 2-time winner at the Academy Awards, most recently winning for the song “We Belong Together” on the Toy Story 3 soundtrack. Additionally, in his illustrious career he has also won 5 Grammy Awards.

In April, he is on tour, playing concert venues throughout the United States. Not only will Randy Newman play some of his own music, but he is also set to play many songs from his work at Pixar. On April 22, he is playing the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, which is part of the SFJazz Spring Season, and The Pixar Times is pleased to announce that we are giving away four pairs of tickets to the show! (UPDATE: The contest is now closed) [Read more...]