July 29, 2014

Video of the Day: Tour The Real-Life ‘Up’ House

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

Last year, the Hamblin family purchased a faithful reproduction of the iconic Up house. The unique exterior of the home was recently in danger of being repainted, as the neighborhood was considering whether it violated the “rules” put forth by the community. Thankfully, it was decided that the house’s paint colors would be kept as-is. What about the interior? While we have seen images and brief tours of the inside of the house, we have been unable to get an in-depth look. The Hamblins are aiming to change that, as they have posted a video providing an extensive tour of the rooms and how they have added to the space. Watch it after the break!

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‘Up’ House In Utah Does Not Have To Be Repainted, Gets To Keep Its Colors

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

About one year ago, Bangerter Homes built a faithful replica of the Up house in Utah, bringing an influx of visitors to the small town of Herriman. Already searching for a new home and being big fans of Disney and Pixar films, two of those visitors, Lynette and Clint Hamblin, decided to buy the house. However, we reported back in December that that the house was in danger of losing its colorful charm due to the homeowners association’s rules on the exterior appearance of homes in the neighborhood. The decision has finally been made and the iconic home will stay as-is. Read what the Hamblins told us about the ruling after the break!

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WALL-E Up For Spot In Robot Hall Of Fame


Pixar’s WALL-E was released more than four years ago but the titular character has been a mainstay in the news – just a few weeks ago, word spread about a devoted fan who had brought the robot to life with a superbly designed recreation. Recognizing the character’s position in pop culture, Carnegie Mellon University has nominated the robot for a spot in its Robot Hall of Fame. After the break, find more on how you can vote in the poll!

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Watch: Trailer For Live-Action ‘Toy Story’

Toy Story Logo

The team behind the Live-Action Toy Story Project has been working for years to develop an authentic experience for viewers who know the original Pixar film backwards and forwards. They have painstakingly recreated the film shot-for-shot using their own toys and materials. To spread word about its recent completion, they have used their live-action footage to mirror the first trailer released for the film back in 1995. Take a look at it after the break!

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Watch: Real-Life WALL-E Comes Alive


Audiences around the world have connected with WALL-E, with many movie buffs ranking the film at the top of their list of favorite Pixar films (or even films in general) – that is no mistake as though WALL-E is a robot, there is something truly humane that can be seen in the character’s eyes and personality. Mike Senna, who lives in Orange County, California, is a big fan of the character – so much so that he decided to bring WALL-E to the real world. Take a look at his faithful creation after the break! [Read more...]

Awesome: Story Rules In Lego And Infographic Form

Pixar Story Rules - Lego 12

During her time at Pixar, story artist Emma Coats learned several rules about how to tell a story. While they are not expressly rules that Pixar developed, one can say that these are definitely questions that Coats and other Pixar employees asked themselves before proceeding. The 22 rules that Coats put into words on Twitter went viral in June and continue to make the rounds online. Many have commented on how the rules have inspired them to focus on the importance of story. Others have been inspired to display the rules in artistic form (Lego, infographic), which you can take a look at after the break! [Read more...]

Comic-Con 2012: Pixar Costumes

SDCC 2012 - Merida Costume 2

Each year, about 130,000 people descend upon San Diego to attend Comic-Con, which has evolved into a massive event focused on film, TV, comics, and pop culture. Many cosplay (definition for those who may not know: they wear costumes) and put together incredibly intricate designs to bring their favorite characters to life. Brave‘s Merida is the first female lead in a Pixar film, so it comes as no surprise that there are fans who have donned costumes, bringing the red-haired princess to the real world. Take a look at some Merida cosplayers, as well as a costume mash-up of two Pixar films from San Diego Comic-Con after the break! [Read more...]

‘Up’ House In Danger Of Losing Its Colorful Charm

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

The real-life Up house, built in Herriman, Utah, has captured the hearts of people all over the world. It captivated Clinton and Lynette Hamblin so much that they went out and bought the house. The dedicated fans of the film that they are, they prefer to keep the exterior of the house as-is, with its bright colors shining years into the future. However, there is now a real danger that the house will have to be repainted to fall in line with the rules of the homeowners association. [Read more...]

‘Up’ House Sold To Disney/Pixar Fans

Paul Fraughton  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

The town of Herriman in Utah has been abuzz the last few months as thousands of people have flocked to the town to visit the real-life Up house built by Bangerter Homes. The company had received special permission from Disney (with some help from film director Pete Docter) to build the one-of-a-kind home that would be sold for about $400,000. The Salt Lake Tribune is now reporting that the house has been sold, breaking the hearts of some prospective buyers. After the jump, read about the couple that purchased it, and you may just realize that it is now in great hands. [Read more...]

Videos of the Day: Finding Nemo Blu-ray Teaser, Pixar Veteran Bud Luckey Surprises Child With Visit

Bud Luckey

Yesterday, Disney and Pixar announced that both Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. would return to theaters to play in the 3D format. Nemo is the last feature film in the Pixar library to not make the transition to Blu-ray, but that is about to change, as today Disney has released a teaser trailer for the high-definition release. On a different front, we have another video, but this one is grounded in the real world. A young boy named Evan in Billings, Montana, who is seeking a heart transplant, received a visit from retired Pixar animator Bud Luckey. Needless to say, it is pretty emotional. Watch the videos here. [Read more...]

Help Group Build Real Pizza Planet Truck

Pizza Planet Truck Campaign

One needs to go no further than the real-life Up house that was built in Utah recently to see the amount of joy people experience from seeing objects from Pixar films come to life. That house has received an incredible amount of media attention and has also brought a huge influx of visitors to the neighborhood of the home’s locale. A different group wants to bring another iconic piece of Pixar to the real world – the Pizza Planet truck. Read on to watch a video where they talk about what they plan to do, and find out how you can help! [Read more...]