Pixar Film Festival Headed To Australia

Pixar Film Festival

Film festivals mostly tend to feature a wide collection of upcoming indie films, including many of which that are seeking out major studios for distribution to audiences around the world. Sometimes, though, festivals are put together to celebrate a certain theme or genre, with the moviegoing public allowed to enjoy previously released acclaimed films. There is a film festival comprised solely of Pixar films that is on the way – thing is, though, you’ll have to live in or travel to Australia to experience it! [Read more…]

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ To Be Previewed At Annecy Film Festival

Inside Out

Pete Docter is a Pixar veteran who has been with the company since before the original Toy Story. Although he has only directed Monsters, Inc. and Up for the studio, the passion those two projects have inspired among critics and fans has made Docter one of the most highly-regarded directors at the studio. His next film, 2015’s Inside Out, has understandably garnered high expectations, given that it will be the first Pixar feature film since 2013’s Monsters University, but also because a short scene screened at the D23 Expo and CinemaCon generated immense praise. This summer, you can learn more about the film from Docter himself at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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Tour Pixar This May Through Cartoon Art Museum Benefit

Cartoon Art Museum 2014 Event

If there is one question that is asked of Pixar more than any other, it is whether the studio allows people to visit and tour its beautiful campus. The studio is closed to the general public, as it can’t have thousands of people walking its halls every day while employees are working away on upcoming films. Still, there are fundraising events held throughout the year, which invite people to support a worthy cause and tour Pixar’s campus. The annual Cartoon Art Museum benefit is being held this May – find out more details after the break!

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Get Feedback On Your Work From Pixar’s Daniel Arriaga


Attention character artists! Have you ever wanted your work critiqued by an actual Pixar artist? This could be your chance. Pixar character designer Daniel Arriaga will serve as a guest instructor for Steven Silver‘s online character design course through Schoolism.com. Over the course of nine lectures presented over 14 weeks, Silver offers insight into the industry as well as covering all the basics for great character design. In addition to these lectures, guest artist Daniel Arriaga will provide personal video feedback for the work students produce during the course.

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‘Monsters University’ Toy Line To Be Unveiled At Toy Fair

Monsters University

There are some films within the Pixar catalog that were accompanied by a large amount of merchandise, including the Toy Story and Cars films and Brave. Other films from the studio, such as Up, were not as easily adaptable to toy lines (or at least not as marketable) – Toy Story and Cars practically begged for film-related toys, while toys for Up, which starred a senior citizen, required a bit more creativity to produce. Where will Monsters University fall? We shall know soon, as Disney laid out plans today to formally introduce a product line for the film. Find more details after the break!

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Pixar-Themed Disney Cruises Launch In September

Disney Cruise Line Pixar-Theme

Pixar films are incredibly popular among families, children and adults alike, which is why the films have an ever-growing presence at Disney Parks around the world. Disney California Adventure has added several big Pixar rides over the last few years, culminating in the grand opening of Cars Land this past June. Now, Disney Cruise Line is about to be taken over by Pixar, as there are several Pixar-themed cruises set to sail starting this September. Find all the details after the break! [Read more…]

Pixar Classics To Return To AMC Theatres For One Weekend

Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

There is something special about enjoying a film in a theater, surrounded by fellow film lovers. Although there has been an increase in annoying cellphone usage in theaters over the past decade, many of us have fond memories of viewing classic films on the big screen. If you are looking to rekindle your appreciation for some Pixar classics, there’s good news, everyone – AMC and Disney/Pixar are teaming up to return four Pixar films to theaters for one weekend only. Find more details after the break! [Read more…]