April 24, 2014

Tour Pixar This May Through Cartoon Art Museum Benefit

Cartoon Art Museum 2014 Event

If there is one question that is asked of Pixar more than any other, it is whether the studio allows people to visit and tour its beautiful campus. The studio is closed to the general public, as it can’t have thousands of people walking its halls every day while employees are working away on upcoming films. Still, there are fundraising events held throughout the year, which invite people to support a worthy cause and tour Pixar’s campus. The annual Cartoon Art Museum benefit is being held this May – find out more details after the break!

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Get Feedback On Your Work From Pixar’s Daniel Arriaga


Attention character artists! Have you ever wanted your work critiqued by an actual Pixar artist? This could be your chance. Pixar character designer Daniel Arriaga will serve as a guest instructor for Steven Silver‘s online character design course through Schoolism.com. Over the course of nine lectures presented over 14 weeks, Silver offers insight into the industry as well as covering all the basics for great character design. In addition to these lectures, guest artist Daniel Arriaga will provide personal video feedback for the work students produce during the course.

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‘Monsters University’ Toy Line To Be Unveiled At Toy Fair

Monsters University

There are some films within the Pixar catalog that were accompanied by a large amount of merchandise, including the Toy Story and Cars films and Brave. Other films from the studio, such as Up, were not as easily adaptable to toy lines (or at least not as marketable) – Toy Story and Cars practically begged for film-related toys, while toys for Up, which starred a senior citizen, required a bit more creativity to produce. Where will Monsters University fall? We shall know soon, as Disney laid out plans today to formally introduce a product line for the film. Find more details after the break!

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Pixar-Themed Disney Cruises Launch In September

Disney Cruise Line Pixar-Theme

Pixar films are incredibly popular among families, children and adults alike, which is why the films have an ever-growing presence at Disney Parks around the world. Disney California Adventure has added several big Pixar rides over the last few years, culminating in the grand opening of Cars Land this past June. Now, Disney Cruise Line is about to be taken over by Pixar, as there are several Pixar-themed cruises set to sail starting this September. Find all the details after the break! [Read more...]

Pixar Classics To Return To AMC Theatres For One Weekend

Pixar Summer Movie Weekend

There is something special about enjoying a film in a theater, surrounded by fellow film lovers. Although there has been an increase in annoying cellphone usage in theaters over the past decade, many of us have fond memories of viewing classic films on the big screen. If you are looking to rekindle your appreciation for some Pixar classics, there’s good news, everyone – AMC and Disney/Pixar are teaming up to return four Pixar films to theaters for one weekend only. Find more details after the break! [Read more...]

Visit Pixar’s Studio, Help Cartoon Art Museum

Pixar Cartoon Art Museum Benefit 2011

Once a year, Pixar throws open its doors to the general public to hold a fundraiser for the Cartoon Art Museum. For most, this is a rare chance to visit the animation giant’s home, as Pixar is a closed studio. They’d never get any work done over there if there were thousands of people walking through every day! The annual Cartoon Art Museum Benefit sells out every year, so read on to learn more on how you can visit the Emeryville campus on December 10th! [Read more...]

Go Behind The Scenes Of ‘La Luna’

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

La Luna was screened on Sunday evening at the Japan Society in New York City in conjunction with the Films For Hope Festival. The one-day festival was held as a benefit for those affected by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11. As part of the centerpiece, the Pixar short was screened along with Dai Sato’s Five Numbers, a short anime piece. La Luna director Enrico Casarosa was there, along with Sato, to provide the audience with an in-depth look at the behind the scenes process of bringing the short to the big screen. Read on for some snippets from his presentation! (Note: I have kept it spoiler-free.) [Read more...]

Pixarpalooza 3 Rocking Pixar’s Campus Today (Update: Images Added)

Pixarpalooza 3 Poster

Preparations for the third annual Pixarpalooza are currently underway, with the event taking place later today. For those who have never heard of the event, it is a place for musicians from the various departments at the studio to perform for their co-workers, friends, and family members. Previous iterations of the show have been wildly successful, so there is no doubt that this year will be any different. Animators, technical directors, shaders (and more) may be the title of many of their positions – but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to rock out! [Read more...]

D23 Expo 2011 Pixar Presentation Schedule


Disney has updated their schedule for many of the D23 presentations that are set to occur during the convention. This includes the Pixar presentations that were announced just yesterday. I have set up a handy table below to assist those looking to attend these panels, as many of them look to be a must-see. The biggest panel of the weekend, without a doubt, will be the Walt Disney Studios panel, where Disney, Pixar, and Marvel will unveil a look at their upcoming slate of films. Stars of the films will be there, along with some of the crew, so expect a surprise or two. Check out the exciting schedule here! [Read more...]

Pixar To Preview Brave and Monsters University At D23 + More Pixar Panels

D23 Expo

Remember when fans heard that Disney and Pixar would not have a presence at Comic Con, they assumed that the studios would have some great things to show at the Disney-sponsored show, D23? This morning that was confirmed in a big way, as both of the announced Pixar productions are making their presence felt next week – Brave and Monsters University. Additionally, in honor of Pixar’s 25th Anniversary, several panels will be held talking with various creative teams from the studio. D23 just became a must-see event! [Read more...]

Pixar’s RenderMan SIGGRAPH Booth Oozes With Creativity + Pixar Speaker Schedule

Pixar RenderMan Siggraph 2011

We have come to expect the very best of Pixar when it comes to the studio’s films. Another area, we have come to expect creativity is at the studio’s RenderMan booth at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, a show highlighting computer graphics. Given the computer graphics theme, the 38th iteration of the show, taking place in Vancouver this year, features a big Pixar presence – one has to go no further than the design of their booth to know that. Take a look at the very cool booth here! [Read more...]

Disney Consumer Products To Showcase Pixar Stamps, Toy Story and Cars 2 Exclusives At D23

Pixar Stamps

This year, D23 is set to be bigger than ever, with Disney and Pixar having a large presence at the show. Back in late-2010, we learned of very cool Pixar postage stamps being released by the Post Office to highlight the animation studio’s extensive collection of popular films. Well, the time for their release is now coming up rapidly. The USPS and Disney will co-unveil the stamps in a special presentation on August 19. Additionally, there will be exclusive D23 merchandise available at the expo, such as a Toy Story Woody action figure and a Cars 2 Finn McMissile collectible. Read on to check out the full press release detailing Disney Consumer Products at the D23 Expo! [Read more...]

Pixar Artists Team Up To Create Creator-Driven Comic Con Event


Over the past 15 years, San Diego Comic Con has evolved into a monstrous convention. The positive side of that is there has been an explosion of interest in the summer show, also bringing more attention to the comics industry. However, the downside is that Hollywood has swooped in and taken much of the buzz away from the creators who were the primary focus in years prior. The big story in the weeks leading up to the year’s biggest convention was how films such as The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, and The Avengers would not be presenting panels in the famed Hall H, leading many to believe that Hollywood was abandoning Comic Con. [Read more...]

Pixar Skips Comic Con, John Lasseter Coming To D23 Expo

D23 Expo

Over the years, San Diego Comic Con has evolved into a pop culture behemoth. Originally envisioned to be a comic book convention, movie studios have arguably taken over and now fight to create buzz for their products. In the past, Pixar has held a panel promoting its upcoming film, such as when Andrew Stanton led a WALL-E panel in 2007. However, this year, Disney is taking its subsidiaries, Pixar and Marvel Studios, out of Comic Con and moving them over to its own D23 Expo, to be held a few weeks later. Read on for more details! [Read more...]

Autism-Friendly Cars 2 Screening In NYC On June 11

Cars 2 Updated Logo

John Ratzenberger, the only actor to voice a character in every one of Pixar’s feature films, is hosting an early Cars 2 screening for those with autism. Movie theaters can be very unfriendly to people with autism, as the loud noises and the darkness can make for an unbearable experience. Movie theaters are increasingly beginning to put on “autism-friendly” screenings where the lights are not shut off completely and the sound from the film is lowered. On June 11 in New York City, Autism Speaks, an organization that Ratzenberger often works with, has put together a screening for people with autism. That is a full 13 days before the film’s official release. Read on for more details from the event! [Read more...]

La Luna Debuting At Annecy International Animated Film Festival

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Attendees of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France are in for a real treat this year, as Disney/Pixar has chosen the venue to debut La Luna, a brand new short from the studio. Directed by Enrico Casarosa, the short will premiere on Monday, June 6, giving the general public its first look at the film in action. It was only last month that La Luna was announced to the world, with it officially wrapping production just recently. The first image from the short created a great deal of buzz, as it was a stunning view into what we have heard is a beautiful film. [Read more...]

Pixar Artists Masterclass 2011 Tour Heads To United States

VanArts Pixar Artists Masterclass

The successful VanArts Pixar Artists Masterclass is coming to the United States, with stops in New York City and Austin before heading back up north to Montreal. Pixar employees Matthew Luhn and Andrew Gordon are the instructors for the in-depth 2-day course. In collaboration with VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts), the class focuses on animation and story development. The course is open to beginners and the more experienced, making it a fantastic option for those interested in animation. Read on for more details about the masterclass! [Read more...]

Special Cars 2 Panel Held In New York City

Cars 2 Event - Michael Caine & Emily Mortimer Image 1

In conjunction with the New York International Toy Fair, Disney Consumer Products held a Cars 2 panel, where they spoke about the film, a few new characters, and (of course) the more than 300 toys that will tie in to Pixar’s upcoming movie. Film stars Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer were also on hand to discuss Pixar and their time spent shooting the film. I have kept this article largely spoiler-free, but there are a few plot details (nothing substantial) that are discussed.

[UPDATE 1: Added a gallery of high-resolution photos from the media event at the bottom of the post.]

[UPDATE 2: Added a video recap of yesterday's event below.]

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A Family’s Trip To Pixar Animation Studios

Sierra Exif JPEG

On November 6, Sharon Condiracci and her family went on a trip of a lifetime – they got to spend the day at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA. Sharon was kind enough to send in a report of the day’s events. A big thanks to Sharon for the write-up and the many pictures!

Read her full report below:

Our trip to Pixar for the 7th Annual Cartoon Art Museum Benefit was an experience we will never forget. My husband and I surprised our son and daughter (Michael and Katelyn) with a trip of a lifetime!  You see, our son, Michael, has been saying since he was 5 that he is going to work for Pixar (he’s 10 now) someday and we truly believe that he will make it happen, so this trip was something we could not pass up. [Read more...]

Mother Hen Project Features Many Pixar Artists

Pete Docter Art

Those at Pixar have always generously donated their time and talent to support numerous charities. On November 20, the Mother Hen Project will feature artists’ work for auction. The great part? Many of the contributors work (or have previously worked) at Pixar! [Read more...]