PixArt: Monsters Mash-Up Round 1 Mixes With The Worlds of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, More

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We’re just a few weeks away from the debut of Pixar’s first prequel – Monsters University opens June 21 in theaters everywhere. To celebrate, we asked you to submit your best Monsters Mash-Up. Take any of the characters from the ‘Monsters’ universe and smash ’em up with just about anything else. The results have been unsurprisingly entertaining! In this first batch alone, we see monsters invading the worlds of Star Wars, The Incredibles and The Lord of The Rings.

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PixArt: May Feature II – Buzz Lightyear Reimagined As 70s Sci-Fi Action Hero


Combine comics, monsters, and pop culture and you arrive at the fantastic art of Chris Raimo.  This talented east coast based illustrator has a distinct style and a wicked sense of humor. I was immediately drawn to Chris’ ability to adapt existing properties to his whimsical drawing style. Check out his website for really fun takes on everything from Mickey Mouse to wrestling zombies! While you’re there, check out his other Pixar-themed illustrations and mash-ups. Chris is currently a designer at NECA/Wizkids and also does freelance and commission. Read on for more about Chris in his own words!

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PixArt: May Feature I – ‘Dory’s Birthday’ Comic Strip

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I first discovered the work of artist Jonathan Santoro on the website for the Bottleneck Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). I thought his piece “The Orphan and The Daughter” for the “Get A Room” show was a fantastic tribute to Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. So we asked him to contribute a piece to the site. We were thrilled when Jonathan said yes. He delivered this wonderful Finding Nemo-themed piece that also has the distinction of being our first comic strip featured in this section. Check out Jonathan’s website for more great images. Read on for more about the artist in his own words.

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PixArt Call To Artists: Monsters Mash-Up

Monsters Mash-Up

With summer quickly approaching, the last thing you’d think we’d be excited about is school. But when that school is Monsters University, there’s plenty to be happy about.  We’re counting down the days ’til Pixar’s latest release hits the big screen on June 21, 2013. While we can’t wait to see Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan take on the world of college, it got us thinking about what other worlds they could wreak havoc on. Can you think of any? We want to see your Monsters Mash-Up. Find out how you can join in on the fun after the break!

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PixArt: April Feature II – Remy’s Delight


This month’s second PixArt feature comes to us from the mind of UK artist James Burlinson. James has a unique and fun style that shines through with this great Ratatouille piece. Check out his site and explore his fantastic character-based illustrations and images. We’re so pleased that James took the time to contribute this great image. Read on for more about him in his own words!

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PixArt: April Feature I – Toy Box


Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. When I stumbled upon the work of artist Michael Hirshon, I was immediately impressed with his visual language. He might not be the first person you think of when it comes to Pixar fan art, but I just had to ask him to contribute. We are so grateful he said yes! It’s easy to be drawn into his gorgeous compositions. While the subject matter varies wildly, his sense of color,  beautiful line work and strong sense of atmosphere are staples in his impressive body of work for a variety of clients such as the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. We are constantly  on the look-out for artists who bring a fresh perspective to PixArt and Michael certainly does that. Make sure to check out his website and blog for more of his great work. After the break, learn more about Michael’s inspirations and more.

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PixArt: March Feature – PartySaurus Rex


What up fishes?! This month’s PixArt features everybody’s favorite dinosaur in party mode. Inspired by last year’s Toy Story Toon, PartySaurus Rex, this fun and t-shirt-ready image comes to us from the very talented Greg Gosline. The New York-based artist is very talented which you can see from the great designs he has up on his site, including a tribute to the Evil Dr. Pork Chop. Read on for more about Greg in his own words!

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