July 23, 2014

PixArt: May 2012 Feature II – Carl and Ellie

marloes de vries

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. This adorable take on Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from UP comes to us all the way from the Netherlands. Illustrator and Designer Marloes de Vries has submitted this precious piece and we think it captures the relationship perfectly. Check out the other great images on Marloes’ site and read on to learn more about the artist in her own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: May 2012 Feature I – Dory, Marlin, and the Light

Bruno Chekerdimian

Does this image make you feel strangely happy? From Brazillian storyboard and character artist Bruno Chekerdimian Barreto comes this wonderful tribute to Finding Nemo. See more of Bruno’s great work at his blog and read on for more about this talented artist in his own words. [Read more...]

Call To Artists: PixArt Salutes The Pixar Heroines


We can’t wait until Pixar unleashes its latest release to audiences this summer. Brave, opening June 22, promises to be something exciting and new from the studio. Much of the buzz about the Lamp’s thirteenth feature has revolved around the film’s lead – Merida.  This will be the first Pixar film to feature a female lead. While this may be true, fans know Pixar films have always featured great female characters. So, in honor of Merida, PixArt will salute the many great female characters of Pixar films throughout the month of June. [Read more...]

PixArt: April 2012 Feature II – Monsters Elementary

first day of school_by libz

Next year’s Monsters University will go back in time and show us Monsters, Inc.‘s Mike and Sulley in College. Today’s PixArt piece goes back just a little bit further. From the creative mind of artist Eliane Horie comes this fun take on the little monsters’ first day of school. The whole gang is here in this beautifully crafted and irresistibly adorable image. Like much of the work you’ll find on her site, this colorful piece is a true labor of love. Read on for more about this super talented Pixar fan in her own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: April 2012 Feature I – Remy Meets ‘Harry Potter’

This Paper Ship

This month’s PixArt is a first for us – a husband and wife team. It features a mash-up between Ratatouille and Harry Potter. Who needs the Hogwarts Express Tea Trolley when your pet rat is Remy?  The creators Joel and Ashley Selby, AKA This Paper Ship, run an Illustration and Art Direction studio that turns out truly wonderful work. Make sure to check out their site, store and portfolio for information about their beautifully crafted images. What started out as an Etsy shop has transformed into an international business with an impressive list of clients. Read on for more about This Paper Ship in their own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: March 2012 Feature – Anyone Can Cook

Anyone Can Cook

If you’re a fan of pop culture, you really need to check out the work of Ian Glaubinger. His online gallery is chock-full of great images celebrating everything from Star Wars and superheroes to Ferris Bueller and The Big Lebowski. Don’t miss his John Candyland and a great line of cereal boxes – available on his Etsy shop! Read on for more about the artist in his own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: February 2012 Feature – Monster Sickling

Mike Wazowski & Sicklings

We couldn’t be more thrilled to feature this great piece from Oakland artist Yosiell Lorenzo. You might know Lorenzo from his wonderfully creepy line of Sicklings. If you haven’t seen or heard of these little guys make sure to check out his site and see them for yourself. A new batch will be for sale this week so don’t wait. Read on for more about the artists in his own words. Our thanks to Yosiell for his time and talent! [Read more...]

PixArt: Knick Knacks Series 1 – Wave 4

For The Birds

We’re back with more Knick Knack designs for you. Big thanks to all the great artists who once again contributed their time and talent to this fun project. We’re so happy it continues to inspire such great art. If you’d like to design a Knick Knack, send us a link to your portfolio and we’ll send you the templates and guidelines. Read on and check out contributions from Matt Kaufenberg, Brooke Condolora, Donny Yankellow, GUTURO, Tim Luecke, Vencys Lao, JEC, Tip Top Tap, MUD! and Roseycheekes.

[Read more...]

PixArt: January 2012 Feature I – Babysitting Boo


The first PixArt piece for the new year comes to us from Florida illustrator and designer Mandy France. Check out Mandy’s great work at her site, which includes some fun Disney stuff. Keep reading for more about this talented artist in her own words. Our thanks to Mandy for contributing this wonderful piece! [Read more...]

PixArt: December 2011 Feature II – Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Chie Boyd

We know a thing or two about cute here at PixArt and that’s why we’re such fans of artists like Chie Boyd! Her adorable creations and cute takes on favorite characters are a joy. Make sure to check out her links to see exactly what I am talking about. We’re so thrilled to have this special Holiday image from Chie and would like to thank her for her time and effort on this sweet piece of art. Read on to learn more about the artist in her own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: December 2011 Feature I – WALL-E


Take a look at that. This wonderfully detailed piece comes to us from the amazing hands of Brooklyn, NY artist Kevin Stanton. Check out Kevin’s site for more beautifully crafted paper cuts and keep on reading for more about the artist in his own words. [Read more...]

PixArt: Knick Knacks Series 1 – Wave 3

Amy Mebberson

We’re back with some more PixArt Knick Knack fun! Here’s a few more designs from the many artists who have asked to participate in our little project. Thank you to everyone for their time, effort and talent, especially during this very busy time of year. This will be the last posting of 2011. But don’t worry – we’ve got a lot more artists with templates in their possession. 2012 will bring another impressive line-up of contributing artists. Have you designed yours yet? [Read more...]

PixArt: Knick Knacks Series 1 – Wave 2


All we can say is WOW! The response to the Pixar Knick Knack project has been spectacular! We are thrilled that so many of you have been inspired to create and participate. The images are still rolling in and getting more impressive each day. Today, we are happy to unveil another group of Knick Knacks from some fantastic artists. Big thanks to the amazing artists who contributed their time and talent to this release.

In this posting, you will see Knick Knack designs from our artist friends Rob McClurkanAlfredo CáceresMike MoranSascha Preuß, Adam Grason and Chris Dicker. Check out all their designs below and make sure to visit their sites to see more of their amazing work. [Read more...]

PixArt: Introducing Pixar Knick Knacks


We here at PixArt are constantly on the look-out for new ways to inspire our artists. And what could be more inspiring to an artist than toys? It’s a match made in creative heaven. From classic action figures to the new wave of vinyl collecting, we love it all. We wanted to bring some of that charm and fun to PixArt. So, after months of planning, we’re happy to announce a new project here at the blog – KNICK KNACKS! [Read more...]

PixArt: October 2011 Feature II – Little Mike


There’s plenty of Pixar in today’s PixArt piece… and a little Disney too. Artist Adam Grason brings us this adorable take on Mike Wazowski in younger days – much younger days. This could be the prequel to the prequel. Adam is a talented artist and designer with a strong passion for what he does. It’s evident in all the work he does. Make sure to check out his site for more great art. Keep on reading to learn more about just what drives this talented guy. Our sincere thanks to Adam for taking time out of his busy schedule to create this for us! [Read more...]

PixArt: October 2011 Feature I – Fatherhood

"Fatherhood" By Rogie King

Hey, Mr. Incredible – you just saved the world from the evil powers of Syndrome. What are you going to do next? This fun piece from Montana Artist Rogie King has caught The Incredibles in more relaxed times – Bob, decked out in a John Lasseter-like Hawaiian shirt, and little baby Jack-Jack take in the Dumbo attraction. For more great art make sure you check out Rogie’s site and blog. It’s filled with beautiful designs and some really inspirational posts. Read on for more about the artist in his own words. [Read more...]

Have You Heard The Buzz?


[Read more...]

PixArt: September 2011 Feature II – Monsters Day & Night


This could very well be the perfect mash-up - Monsters, Inc. meets Day and Night! Thank Canadian artist Ridd Sorensen for this delightful piece. So many wonderful little details. We were thrilled when Ridd agreed to submit something to our little gallery and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Surely you know his work – but if by chance you don’t, you’re in for a real treat. Read on for more about the artist in his own words and find out where you can see more of his great work. We sincerely thank Ridd for his time, talent and effort on this wonderful contribution! [Read more...]

PixArt: September 2011 Feature I – Up For The Birds


We’ve certainly seen our share of mash-ups with our PixArt pieces. All of them have been fun homages to the many worlds of Pixar characters. This month’s first feature is no different. Argentinian artist Sergio Kechu brings us this colorful piece featuring the characters from Up and the short For The Birds. Make sure to check out Sergio’s website and blog. He’s got some gorgeous character designs and illustrations. I must admit, I couldn’t read a word of it, but the beautiful images speak for themselves. Keep on reading to learn more about Sergio and his great piece! [Read more...]

PixArt: August 2011 Feature II – Up’s Russell

Art by Wayne Harris

Who could that be knockin’ on PixArt’s door? Why, it’s everybody’s favorite Wilderness Explorer! We have UK artist Wayne Harris to thank for this really fun take on Russell from Up. We love Harris’ style and character designs. Make sure to check out his personal site for more great and often hilarious takes on some famous characters and personalities. Read on for more about the artist in his own words here! [Read more...]