July 24, 2014

Pixar Collaborated With Disney Parks Team To Transform Spaceship Earth Into Massive Mike Wazowski

Spaceship Earth - Mike Wazowski 2

Last week, Walt Disney World held a press event to detail its “Monstrous Summer,” including plans to integrate Pixar’s upcoming film Monsters University into Disney Parks. The campaign is also a way for Disney to raise awareness of the exciting attractions that were recently completed/updated. The event culminated in the temporary-but-still extraordinary transformation of Spaceship Earth at Epcot into Mike Wazowski. Take a look at how Disney was able to implement this tremendous spectacle, and learn who at Pixar helped make this a reality!

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New ‘Monsters University’ Concept Art Unveiled At Walt Disney World

Monsters University Concept Art at Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World celebrates the golden age of the film industry, with its beautiful structures and classic theme. The park grounds used to house the home of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, which was responsible for the development of such films as Mulan and Lilo & Stitch. That production building was later converted into an attraction where guests can visit and learn how Disney animated characters come to life. There is also a showroom inside that displays concept art for upcoming films. Monsters University concept art was recently added, and you can take a look at the beautiful pieces after the break!

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Preview: ‘Monsters University’ Vinylmation

Monsters University Vinylmation

Over the years, Vinylmation figures have become very popular in the collectors market. While they were originally all shaped like Mickey Mouse, the lines have expanded to include other shapes and sizes, giving the designers and artists who work with them virtually unlimited possibilities. The Mickey-shaped figures continue to be the most widely released, which include the new Monsters University figures that are coming soon. Take a look at the monster figures after the break!

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Spaceship Earth Turns Into Mike Wazowski To Announce Disney Parks Will Stay Open 24 Hours May 24-25

Spaceship Earth - Mike Wazowski

With a test video of Mike Wazowski taking over Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park leaking out yesterday, we were left wondering just what the spectacle was tied to. With Epcot closed for the night except to the press, a huge Mike projection was shined upon the iconic Epcot structure, to share the announcement that the Magic Kingdom park at Disney World and the Disneyland and California Adventure parks in California would all remain open for a 24-hour stretch at the start of Memorial Day weekend. Watch the gigantic Mike Wazowski make the announcement after the break!

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Walt Disney World To Reportedly Turn Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Into Giant Mike Wazowski For One Night

Walt Disney World - Mike Wazowski Projection

Just yesterday, Walt Disney World debuted the “monsterail,” a monorail at the resort that has been covered with Monsters University characters to promote the release of the upcoming film. Also tying into the film is the “Monstrous Summer” campaign that is currently underway, to not only showcase the Pixar film, but to also emphasize the enormity of the various attractions and events around Disney resort this summer season. There is a press event being held at Disney World through Friday that discusses these aspects of the campaign. Connected to the event, a report has emerged that, in order to help launch the Monstrous Summer campaign, Mike Wazowski will be projected onto the iconic Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Watch how it will look in a video after the break!

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Watch: Final ‘Monsters University’ Theatrical Trailer


Monsters University is currently screening for college students and faculty around the country, and judging from the overall consensus, the film is on track to delight audiences across the globe. To raise and maintain awareness of the film’s release, which is less than two months away now, Disney/Pixar has just released the final theatrical trailer. Watch the final Monsters University trailer after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Director Dan Scanlon Explains Why Sulley Was Not Jealous Of Mike’s Good Looks In The 4th Grade


In early April, I was invited to visit Pixar to preview its upcoming films for the year, Monsters University and The Blue Umbrella, and to speak to the filmmakers that worked on them. One of the concerns (translation: nitpicks) that some Monsters, Inc. fans had after the announcement of prequel Monsters University was the comment Mike made to Sulley in the original film that inferred they knew each other in the fourth grade. With the prequel film revolving around the story of how Mike and Sulley met in college, there was a vocal minority that complained about what seemed to be a contradiction. After the break, read what MU director Dan Scanlon had to say about that!

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Walt Disney World Monorail Cleverly Covered With ‘Monsters University’ Characters

Monsters University - Disney World Monorail Close-Up

Pixar’s parent company, Disney, has more resources to promote its upcoming films than rival studios. The Disney Parks and various Disney channels allow the company to extend its arm beyond the promotion that we see most often, such as trailers and commercials. In addition to organizing “meet and greets” with film characters at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the company has recently started to theme its park monorails in a creative fashion. Earlier today, Disney World debuted a monorail that is covered with Monsters University characters. Take a look after the break!

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CinemaCon 2013: Positive Reactions Emerge From Early ‘Monsters University’ Screening

Monsters University Concept Art - School Road

Yesterday, Disney held a presentation at CinemaCon, the event where studios preview their upcoming films as a way to rally support among members of the movie theater industry. The studio confirmed that Pete Docter‘s 2015 film that takes place inside the human mind would be called Inside Out. Additionally, attendees were lucky to be one of the first audiences outside of Pixar to view a near-complete version of Monsters University. Given that the film is a prequel to Monsters, Inc., which starred several beloved characters, expectations are high. Based on the brief reactions from the press present in the audience, it looks like the prequel film is on the way to being another Pixar hit.

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‘Monsters University’ Character Posters, Bios, Voice Cast Revealed

Monsters University Character Poster - Terri & Terry

Monsters, Inc. was only the fourth feature film to come out of Pixar. Almost twelve years later, the studio is set to release the prequel, Monsters University. In that time period, animation technology has evolved, and allows for far more detail to appear on the big screen than ever before. The Monsters prequel, which takes place on a campus, will have hundreds of characters share the screen, making for an expansive cast. Today, we have posters and details for twelve of those characters, along with the actors who will be voicing them. Enjoy information overload after the break!

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Get To Know The ‘Monsters University’ Fraternities and Sororities

Monsters University - Oozma Kappa

Fraternities and sororities can often have a major impact on student life, especially if those joining are far away from home. There is a reason why group members come to call each other brothers and sisters - pledges can develop close bonds with one another that are of immense help through college and afterwards. Given that Monsters University has been described as a “college movie,” it comes with little surprise that the college groups will play a major role in the upcoming film. After the break, find details and images on all the fraternities and sororities of Monsters University!

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Creative ‘Monsters University’ Window Clings Appear At Movie Theaters

Monsters University - Mike Window Cling

With the sheer number of ads that we are presented with while at movie theaters, it is normal for the marketing of some films to be overshadowed by others. One of the important concepts in advertising is to create something different and memorable so the products get noticed, but it sometimes requires the advertising company to be bold. Disney/Pixar has done a great job at creating a Monsters University marketing campaign that capitalizes on the school that the film is based around. The film’s in-theater advertising, which first emerged in February, has also been creative. After the break, take a look at some more fun displays that have started to appear in movie theaters.

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Gorgeous ‘Monsters University’ Concept Art Showcases Beautiful School Campus

Monsters University Concept Art - Gate Sketch

Getting a new Pixar film means that we also get to take another peek at the beautiful pre-production art that the talented artists at the studio put together to help them tell the story. We get to see the finished product in animation form, but it takes a lot of work to make the words leap from the script into the visual world. Art is created to help the filmmakers narrow their scope, a task that can be even more helpful in the case of Monsters University, a unique world limited solely by the imagination of those who work at Pixar. There is a new set of concept art pieces that have been released and they are as gorgeous as any artwork we have seen come out of the Emeryville-based studio. Take a look at their beauty after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Screening Early For College Students and Faculty (Updated)

Monsters University Poster

Pixar’s films are known to generally play well with children as well as adults, with stories containing complex characters and genuine heart. Back in 2010, Disney/Pixar screened a “cliffhanger edition” of Toy Story 3 for college students around the country months before its official release, fully understanding that many students enrolled in universities at the time grew up with the Toy Story franchise. Given that Monsters University is arriving almost 12 years after the original film, I had little doubt that we would see similar early screenings for the prequel. That has now been confirmed, as the film will be screened for those with a college ID in select cities starting next week. Find more details after the break!

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Watch: New ‘Monsters University’ TV Spot Debuts At Kids’ Choice Awards


Major entertainment events are often seen as the go-to place for studios to debut TV spots for films that are still several months out from seeing release. The Super Bowl is the biggest of them all, a venue where many highly-anticipated films provide audiences with a first look. The Kids’ Choice Awards is appealing to studios for the show’s ability to draw the younger crowd, with last year’s presentation bringing in over 11 million viewers. Disney/Pixar chose the awards show, which was held this weekend, to debut a brand new commercial for Monsters University. Watch the TV spot after the break!

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New ‘Monsters University’ Viral Site ‘The Grumblr’ Mimics Tumblr Blogs

Monsters University

Viral marketing has emerged as a major form of building interest in upcoming films, with many studios employing creative campaigns, some better than others. The marketing team at Disney/Pixar has been working around the clock, having released an incredibly detailed viral website for the Monsters University school and viral ads spoofing college commercials. We have now learned of another viral site that has been sharing Instagram-like photos and Twitter-style updates from a so-called student at the school. Take a look after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Benefit Screening At Pixar On June 15

Monsters University - Teaser Poster 2

Several fundraisers are held on Pixar’s Emeryville campus throughout the year, where attendees can tour the beautiful studio, bid on original pieces of artwork, and watch film screenings, all to benefit a great cause. Two years ago, the JDRF,  an organization that leads the way in research on Type 1 Diabetes, held a gala at the studio and screened Cars 2 a week before its general release. Over $1 million was raised that evening, demonstrating the power of such an event. This year, the JDRF fundraiser at Pixar will include a Monsters University pre-release screening, again one week before it opens in North America. Find more details after the break!

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Watch: New ‘Monsters University’ Viral Ads Feature More Film Footage

Monsters University Concept Art

Many viral ads for films that are created today fail in several areas – they are not creative, they do not generate interest in the film, or the general public has no idea that the advertisement is even a viral ad. The marketing team at Disney/Pixar has set up a campaign for Monsters University that definitely falls on the clever side. Today, two new viral ads were released, which again promote the fictional university. Watch the ads, which feature new footage, after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Topiaries Invade Epcot

Monsters University - Epcot Topiary 1

Every spring, Epcot hosts a Flower & Garden Festival at Walt Disney World and places intricately trimmed topiaries of various Disney characters throughout the park. The appearance of Pixar characters such as Buzz, Woody, and Lightning McQueen is a given every year, with the level of their popularity. This year, with the release of Monsters University rapidly approaching, the theme park has put up a great display featuring main characters Mike and Sulley. Take a look at the topiaries after the break!

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Watch: ‘Monsters University’ Japanese Trailer Reveals Much More

Monsters University - Mike Arrives HD

The trailers and ads that Disney/Pixar releases for its films in North America deliberately keep more of the film’s plot hidden from audiences. The international trailers, though, are known for being more revealing in the hopes that additional interest is generated in the increasingly important markets overseas. A new Monsters University trailer was recently released for the Japanese market and it gives away far more than its North American counterpart. Take a look at it, if you dare, after the break!

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