A Peek At The Latest Pixar Merchandise

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The Pixar Times has been on an extended hiatus, mostly due to my personal/professional life ramping up over the course of the last few months. I do hope to return to posting regularly in the near future and will keep everyone updated on the status of that over on our Twitter account. In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the toys that I’ve been playing with and the books that I’ve been reading while I’ve been away from the site. In what should not be a surprise to anyone, this involves The Good Dinosaur and Toy Story products – take a look after the break! [Read more…]

New Pixar Product Line Arrives At Disney Store Online

D23 Expo Disney:Pixar Products - WALL-E Mug

During the D23 Expo last month, the Disney Store at the show debuted an exciting new Disney/Pixar line of products. The release of great new Pixar merchandise is always a welcome sight, but it was the beautiful design featured on the line that propelled the products into must-haves. I hear from my sources at the Disney Store that the products were “extremely well-received by fans” at the Expo. Those who were unable to make it to Anaheim for the Expo did not have to wait long, as the product line has been rolled out to the Disney Store online and is making its way to retail stores soon!

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D23 Expo: 100+ Photos Hint At New Star Wars and Avatar Land, Preview Disney Store Products, And More

D23 2013 Media Preview - Imagineering - Image 01

The D23 Expo officially kicks off on Friday, as fans will have their first opportunity to walk the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center. We had the chance, though, to get an early look at various sections of the show Thursday night as part of a media preview. The Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion teased new Star Wars and Avatar-themed lands at Walt Disney World and highlighted the cutting-edge technology that make the Disney theme parks run, while the Disney Store and Disney Consumer Products pavilion provided us with a look at some great Disney/Pixar merchandise. After the break, find over 100 photos that will take you through all three of these areas of the D23 Expo!

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Exclusive: Limited Edition Disney∙Pixar Products To Debut At D23 Expo

D23 Expo Disney:Pixar Products Peek

The D23 Expo runs from Friday through Sunday, celebrating the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. As a result, there will be a host of exclusives offered at booths throughout the show floor and at the Dream Store and Disney Store. The exclusives often create an air of excitement due to their unavailability outside of the show. Their limited nature also means attendees have to make their way to their respective locations in order to ensure they do not sell out. We are excited to reveal a brand new line of Disney∙Pixar products that will make their debut at the show’s Disney Store. Find details and images after the break!

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‘Ratatouille’ Vinylmation Figures Coming To Epcot’s 2013 Food and Wine Festival

Ratatouille Vinylmation - Gusteau

Wherever you have passionate fans, you have a group of collectors. Disney has a strong fan base and makes many products that cater directly to it. Vinylmation, a line of vinyl figures often shaped in the form of the company’s mascot Mickey Mouse, is certainly an example of a product that brings out the inner-collector of many Disney fans. Remy from Ratatouille, the critically-acclaimed 2007 Pixar film directed by Brad Bird, got his own Vinylmation figure as part of the Pixar series which was released last November. At this year’s Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World’s Epcot, Disney is set to release two more Vinylmation figures honoring a certain chef from the film. Take a peek after the break!

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‘Monsters University’ Toy Line To Be Unveiled At Toy Fair

Monsters University

There are some films within the Pixar catalog that were accompanied by a large amount of merchandise, including the Toy Story and Cars films and Brave. Other films from the studio, such as Up, were not as easily adaptable to toy lines (or at least not as marketable) – Toy Story and Cars practically begged for film-related toys, while toys for Up, which starred a senior citizen, required a bit more creativity to produce. Where will Monsters University fall? We shall know soon, as Disney laid out plans today to formally introduce a product line for the film. Find more details after the break!

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Disney Previews New Pixar Vinylmation Figures

Vinlymation Pixar Series 1 - Remy

Back in 2008, Disney debuted a new line of collectible figures called Vinylmation, which were shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. While recent additions to the line have incorporated other shapes and sizes, the collectible nature of the figures persist. Wildly popular at Disney Parks and Stores, the vinyl figures celebrate Disney films, rides, and characters. Pixar figures have been somewhat lacking, but that is about to change as Disney has announced a new Vinylmation series that will exclusively celebrate the Emeryville-based studio. Find images about the new series of figures as well as several limited edition combo packs after the break!

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