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Exclusive: Kelsey Mann On Directing ‘Party Central’


Kelsey Mann joined Pixar in recent years, working on the studio’s 2013 hit Monsters University. He was appointed Story Supervisor on the film, quite a feat for his first official gig at Pixar. Then he was handed the responsibility of directing Party Central, a Monsters University short that is playing in theaters now with Muppets Most Wanted. I had the chance to speak with him about the short – read what I learned from him about the short and the studio after the break!

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Exclusive: Limited Edition Disney∙Pixar Products To Debut At D23 Expo

D23 Expo Disney:Pixar Products Peek

The D23 Expo runs from Friday through Sunday, celebrating the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. As a result, there will be a host of exclusives offered at booths throughout the show floor and at the Dream Store and Disney Store. The exclusives often create an air of excitement due to their unavailability outside of the show. Their limited nature also means attendees have to make their way to their respective locations in order to ensure they do not sell out. We are excited to reveal a brand new line of Disney∙Pixar products that will make their debut at the show’s Disney Store. Find details and images after the break!

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Exclusive: Meet A Few Of The Voice Actors That Helped Bring ‘Monsters University’ To Life

Monsters University - Voiced By Lori Alan

Pixar has a reputation for casting actors that work for its characters, rather than simply searching for celebrities to fill its roles. The studio has understood, from its first feature film, that a strong story and memorable characters are necessary to make a great film, and that those characters need to connect with the audience. Although you may recall the voices of veterans like Tom Hanks (Toy Story) and Albert Brooks (Finding Nemo), there are many other voices that are essential in bringing the story to life. Learn more about these other voices and the talented group that provides them after the break!

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Five Things I Learned About ‘The Blue Umbrella’ From Director Saschka Unseld (Exclusive Image)


Pixar has been quietly producing inspirational shorts and attaching it to their feature films since the original Toy Story. The shorts consist of four to seven minutes of magic and have single-handedly pushed several other studios to bring back the celebrated practice of having a short lead into the feature presentation. This year’s Pixar short is The Blue Umbrella and its story, characters, music, and visuals are all incredible. In a conversation with the short’s director, Saschka Unseld, I learned several fascinating details about the short film’s development. Read on for more about the short’s history and take a look at an exclusive image from the short we are debuting today!

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Exclusive: Viral Marketing Reveals New Pixar Short?

Rainy City - Rain

Throughout its success with feature-length films, Pixar has maintained focus on short films as well. Last year’s La Luna was arguably one of the best shorts from the animation studio, receiving widespread critical praise and an Oscar nomination. Around this time last year, we knew that the stunning Enrico Casarosa-directed short would be the studio’s next – but, what is to be the next Pixar short? We have come across some viral marketing that may very well allude to what it may be. [Read more…]

Exclusive: ‘Brave’ Production Designer Steve Pilcher Talks Change In Directors, Mythical Side of Scotland, And Setting A Mysterious Tone

Steve Pilcher working in his office. (Photo by Deborah Coleman/Pixar)

Back in April, I was invited to Pixar to preview the first half-hour of Brave, and speak in-depth with several of the filmmakers. I had the opportunity to sit down with the film’s production designer, Steve Pilcher, who worked on the film for almost seven years. That may sound like a frustrating amount of time on one film, but Pilcher loves what he does. After the jump, read my exclusive interview with him, where he talks about the job of a production designer, the change in directors that Brave went through, the mythical aspects of Scotland, the importance of mystery to the film’s look, and more! [Read more…]

Premiere: Watch ‘Brave’ Video Game Trailers

Brave Video Game Next Gen - 4

Along with our fellow Pixar blogs, we are excited to exclusively premiere the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game.” The video game adaptation of the highly anticipated Pixar film looks to continue the wonderful streak of high-quality games from Disney Interactive based on Pixar properties. The action adventure takes Merida and a supporting cast that includes bears on an epic journey through ancient Scotland. Take a look at the trailers for “Brave: The Video Game” after the jump! [Read more…]