‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Easter Eggs Include Pizza Planet Truck

Pizza Planet truck in 'Toy Story'

Pixar’s second television special, Toy Story That Time Forgot, premiered on television yesterday. Like many other projects from the studio, fans who rewatch the 22-minute special will notice the attention to detail given to the dialogue as well as the environments. Chief among the cool surprises is the collection of easter eggs spread throughout. We have found quite a number of them (and we are sure there are more to be found). Take a look at the easter eggs in Toy Story That Time Forgot after the break! [Read more…]

‘Toy Story of Terror’ Easter Eggs – Pizza Planet Truck, The Good Dinosaur, The Blue Umbrella, WALL-E, More

Luxo lamp in 'Toy Story of Terror'

We have grown accustomed to expecting a wealth of easter eggs in Pixar films, references to other films in its catalog. The Pizza Planet truck and A113 symbol are the most abundant, with both appearing in almost every Pixar feature film. The most challenging easter eggs tend to be those that reference upcoming films, as it is difficult to know what to look for. It is a tradition to hunt for easter eggs and one that has continued with the studio’s first television special, Toy Story of Terror. Take a look at images of the easter eggs we found after the break!

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Easter Egg: Pixar Ball Found In Mickey Mouse Short

Mickey Mouse Short - Pixar Ball

Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable characters in the world, having captivated generations for decades. Although his popularity has never faded, the Disney mascot has recently experienced a bit of a resurgence due to great new shorts starring the character. The artistic style of the shorts has been gorgeous, mixing classic character designs and humor with a modern setting. In the most recent short, while admiring the beautiful backgrounds, a familiar Pixar easter egg could be seen. Take a look at it after the break!

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‘Monsters University’: The Easter Eggs – Pizza Planet Truck, ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ A113

Monsters University - Winds of Change

Animators have a long-standing history of hiding small easter eggs for audiences to find, including references to the real world, to other films, and to famous figures. While many film studios do it (including those that produce live-action films), Pixar’s easter eggs tend to generate the most publicity. That is because there are several easter eggs that the studio hides in every single one of its films, including a nod to its upcoming films. Through personal observations and help from the fans, I have compiled a preliminary list of the easter eggs in Monsters University, which you can see after the break!

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More ‘Brave’ Easter Eggs – A113, The Late Joe Ranft

Brave Easter Egg - Joe Ranft (Zoomed Out)

Pixar films are renowned for their compelling characters as well as their gorgeous animation. The studio is also known to have a bit of fun, hiding “easter eggs” in hard-to-find places that can often only be found on repeat viewings. In Brave, the latest film from the animation powerhouse, audiences quickly found two hidden references that we have come to expect in all of its feature films – the Pizza Planet truck and a nod to the next film down the line (in this case, Monsters University). However, the A113 code that has appeared in every one of Pixar’s feature films has proven to be elusive – until now, that is. Take a look at the find after the break!

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‘Brave’ Easter Eggs – Pizza Planet Truck, Sulley From ‘Monsters University’


Aside from the fun of enjoying a new Pixar film every year, fans have grown accustomed to hunting down easter eggs hidden by Pixar employees. After its debut in Toy Story, the Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar film, aside from The Incredibles. Additionally, we are regularly provided with a hint of a character from the studio’s next film. With Brave seeing release on June 22, many fans have found some of the cleverly hidden easter eggs. After the break, check out hi-res images showing where these gems are hidden! [Read more…]

‘Brave’ References Canceled Pixar Film ‘Newt?’

©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Back in 2010, there came shocking news (at least for those who follow Pixar) that the highly-anticipated film, Newt, had been cancelled. Employees had done years of work developing the film, so it was surprising to see the film taken off the production schedule indefinitely. Pixar likely realized how much of the employees’ great work would never be seen, and released concept art online (seen here and here). The film has lived on, though, in the form of an easter egg in Toy Story 3. We have also found what may very well be another easter egg for the now-deceased film in Brave. Take a look at the evidence after the break! [Read more…]